Synbiont Kennel Wash 128oz

Synbiont Kennel Wash 128oz

Item # 24213
  • Protect your four legged friends from harmful micro-organisms for 7-21 days
  • Safe, non-toxic cleaner is effective against canine parvo virus
  • Keeps kennels or play areas free of viruses, bacteria and fungus
  • Helps ‘sweeten’ the odor of cat and dog urine easily and safely
  • Increases the efficacy of pyrethrins that are used in flea/flea egg control
  • Safe to use around ears, eyes, nose and mouth of animals
  • Lifts dirt and oil from pet’s coat to keep it free from fungus
  • Helps clean up ringworm and to promote quick regrowth of hair
  • 128 oz. concentrate -1 gallon of concentrate = 50 gallons of wash
  • Made in the USA
  • Also available Synbiont Agricultural Wash

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We recommend item #24212 Synbiont Agricultural Wash 128oz

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How Does Synbiont® Kennel Wash work?
First - it cleans the host area where pathogens grow by emulsifying dirt and soil
Second - It compromises the cell walls of pathogens, viruses, bacteria or fungi

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