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Schneider's Spray On Blanket Re-Proof

Item # 21618
  • Spray-on application extends the life of waterproof breathable blankets
  • Re-proofer revitalizes water repellency causing water to bead and run off
  • 32 oz. size treats four average size blankets
  • Easy to use 
  • Made in the USA
  • Works best with Schneiders Blanket Wash and Schneiders Odor Eliminator
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Revitalizes waterproof breathable turnout blankets. Restores water repellency causing water to bead and run off. Does not affect breathablity. Schneiders Blanket Re-Proofer does not create a waterproof barrier. It's an easy-to-use spray on application. 32 oz. bottle treats 4 average size blankets.


  • Machine wash blanket with Schneiders Blanket Wash or comparable blanket wash
  • Pre-treat/scrub heavily soiled areas
  • Do not use fabric softener or other additives
  • Thoroughly rinse (twice) blanket to ensure removal of all soap
  • Hang or drape wet blanket vertically
  • Shake bottle well
  • Hold 6"-12" away and spray the exterior of the wet blanket
  • Use at a rate of approximately 2 oz. per square yard for polyester or nylon blankets (an average size blanket is app. 4 sq. yards)
  • Dry separately in dryer on medium heat (permanent press setting) for 50 minutes, or use hair dryer being careful to not overheat

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