VaporShield™ Horsewear with Fly Armor™

Schneiders has partnered with Fly Armor™ to create a line of fly sheets and masks that provide coverage PLUS repels insects. VaporShield™ horsewear has pockets which hold Fly Armor™ all natural insect repellent inserts.

Fly Armor™ Repellent Replacement Inserts
  • Innovative and unique method of repelling biting flies and insects
  • Easily replaceable inserts fit all of the Fly Armor bands
  • All natural essential oils create a fly free barrier around your horse
  • Scented inserts maintain repellency for up to 4 weeks 
  • Field tested and veterinarian recommended
  • 2 pack, 10 pack or 30 pack
  • Made in the USA
$27.99 - $78.99
$25.99 - $62.99