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Hoof Dressings

Hot, dry climates and living conditions can strip moisture from your horse's hooves. A dry and brittle hoof cracks and splits easily. Deep-conditioning hoof dressings can help to restore moisture content.

  • Scientifically formulated, therapeutic cream 
  • Directly treats the underlying causes of cracking, brittle, weak, poor quality hooves
  • Strengthens and rehydrates hooves from the inside out
  • See results in just two shoeing cycles
  • Does not contain formaldehyde, lacquers, pine tar, turpentine or other harsh chemicals
  • Made in the USA
  • 16oz. About a 60 day supply
  • Check out the study on Regen-x.
  • A counterirritant for use as an aid in the temporary relief of minor stiffness or soreness
  • Hoof dressing for improving weak or thin walled hooves
  • The first choice of leading trainers, owners and veterinarians in over 40 countries worldwide
  • Features the penetrating and anti-inflammatory properties of iodine and pine tar
  • Helps stimulate blood flow and speed healing after an injury
  • Also helps reduce swelling and pain during recovery
  • Made in the USA
  • 16 oz. can



  • Innovative design sprays from any angle and upside down
  • Non-aerosol is quiet and delivers even coverage of dressing
  • Herbal ingredients promote healthy hoof growth and moisture balance
  • Tea tree oil, arnica, comfrey and avocado oil penetrate deep into the hoof
  • Promotes a natural shine and enhances hoof color without chemicals or dyes
  • 5 fl. oz. 
  • Made in the USA
$9.99 $7.99