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  • Call us at 1-800-365-1311

Horse Brushes

Maintaining a daily grooming regimen is essential to a healthy skin and coat. Horse brushes remove dirt build-up preventing unwanted skin conditions and distributes natural oils which ensures a glossy coat even when bathing is not an option.

  • Stiff bristles, medium bristles, soft and finishing bristles
  • Natural or synthetic bristles
An essential part of every grooming kit and part of the attractive Polka Dot collection. Sized to fit comfortably in the hand for easy maneuverability. Medium stiff synthetic bristles whisk away dried mud, dirt and debris easily. Rubberized block ensure a non-slip grip.

  • Color: Blue/white/gray
  • Measures: 7”L x 2 ¼”W with 1 ¾” bristle length

Collection includes: Polka Dot Curry Comb, Polka Dot Mane & Tail Brush, Polka Dot Hoof Pick w/Brush, Polka Dot Face Brush and Polka Dot Sweat Scraper
Schneider's Polka Dot Face Brush
The littlest member of the new Polka Dot collection of everyday grooming tools. Contoured rubber block features blue and white polka dot print. Sized perfectly to fit comfortably in the hand. Bristles are medium soft synthetic fiber and are ideal for the sensitive areas around the eyes, ears and nose.

  • Color: Blue/white/gray
  • Measures: 5”L x 2 ½”W; 1" bristles

Collection includes: Polka Dot Curry Comb, Polka Dot Hoof Pick w/Brush, Polka Dot Dandy Brush, Polka Dot Mane & Tail Brush and Polka Dot Sweat Scraper
  • Super soft finishing brush made with horsehair bristles
  • Ideal for enhancing shine by distributing natural oils
  • Perfect for last minute touch ups and removing dust
  • Comfortable grip woodback block fits hands nicely
  • For use on shorter coats to produce finished results
  • 8”L x 2 ¼” W – bristles are 2 ½ “ long
$6.99 $5.99
Schneider's Woodback Pig Bristle Brush
  • Nice smaller body brush to bring out coat’s natural shine
  • 1” medium soft bristles are perfect for removing dust/loose hair
  • Nicely grained woodback block with pig bristles
  • Adjustable leather hand strap ensures a good grip
  • Use on shorter coats for finishing touches or on faces/legs
  • 7 1/8” L x 3 ¼” W
$8.99 $6.99
Schneider's Woodback Pig Bristle Body Brush
  • Perfect choice for removing dust, sweat or loose hair
  • Woodback block with pig bristles and leather hand strap
  • ¾” medium soft bristles brings up the coat’s natural shine
  • Great at ringside to ensure even coverage of finishing sprays
  • For use on shorter coats to achieve desired results
  • 8 ½”L x 3 ½”W
$9.99 $7.99
  • The handiest bath time brush and a must for every wash tote
  • Two rows of medium bristles surround a soft sponge center
  • Sponge absorbs water and soap and the bristles deep clean
  • Comfortable contoured non-slip rubber back fits nicely in hand
  • 1 ½” nylon web hand strap to maintain a good grip
  • Color:  Red or purple
  • Measures:  6 ½”L x 3”W with 1” outer bristles
Extra roomy tote features loads of exterior pockets to hold and carry all of the necessities to make your horse look their best from head to hoof. Black tote has a classic red plaid trim with matching red accessories. Kit includes:
  • Large grooming tote with exterior pockets, shoulder strap, and drawstring closure top
  • Rubber curry
  • Medium bristle body brush
  • Soft bristle face brush
  • Hoof pick with brush
  • Mane and tail brush
  • Sweat scraper
$39.99 $36.99
The Starter Grooming Kit contains the basic grooming tools needed to keep your horse looking great. There is plenty of room in the grooming tote to carry along additional grooming tools such as sprays and shampoos. Kit includes:
  • Grooming tote with handles
  • Rubber curry
  • Medium bristle body brush
  • Hoof pick with rubber handle
  • Mane and tail comb with rubber grip
  • Curved sweat scraper
$24.99 $19.99
Haas brushes combine extraordinary bristles composition, handcrafted backs and the latest technologies to produce the highest quality brushes to ensure a long lasting product.

  • The ideal brush for use on shedding or dusty, muddy horses
  • 1 1/4” rubber bristles are perfect for loosening hair and debris
  • Sturdy plastic grip handle and waterproof, easy to clean bristles
  • Measures:  6 ¼” x 2”
  • Perfect for the sensitive areas on your horse’s face
  • Soft horsehair bristles are gentle around eyes, ears and nose
  • Small, easy to handle and gets all of the finer areas
  • Ideal for dusting of boots or tack before entering the ring
  • Measures:  5”L x 1 ¼”W with 7/8” bristles
  • The perfect non slip, soft grip, comfortable to use finishing brushes
  • Longer bristled horse hair and PP blend brush is perfect for last minute touch-up
  • Helps enhance high gloss shine by distributing natural oils
  • Ideal for every grooming kit, fits the hand comfortably
  • Horse hair body brush = 7 5/8 “ L x 2” W, 1 ¾ “ bristle length
$9.99 $7.99
  • Combination brush and sponge saves time in the wash rack
  • Highly absorbent sponge delivers more water for cleaning and rinsing
  • Synthetic medium stiff bristle brush massages skin and cleans deep
  • Plastic back with nylon web hand strap
  • Measures:  7 ¼”L x 3 ½”W with 1 1/16” bristles