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Fly Predators- Fly Control

Item # 23335
  • Nature’s own enemy of all common manure and rotting organic matter breeding pest flies
  • Safe, easy alternative to chemical pesticide sprays and sticky traps
  • Checks the pest fly populations by destroying the next generation of flies in the immature stage
  • Sprinkle fly predators on manure piles, spreaders or on pastures
  • Tiny, completely bite less and stingless, fly predators are virtually unnoticed
  • Proven effective by scientific tests and from decades of actual usage
  • Dramatically minimize fly problems by maintaining a sufficient Fly Predator population
  • Treats the farm or stable, not the individual horse
  • 1000 fly predators per horse per month for optimal effectiveness
  • Horse Journal’s Editor’s Choice as one of the Products of the Year
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What are Fly Predators?

Fly Predators are nature’s own enemy of all common manure and rotting organic matter breeding pest flies, including the common house fly, horn fly, biting stable fly and lesser house fly. In the natural environment Fly Predators serve as a major check of pest fly populations by destroying the next generation of flies in their immature pupa (cocoon) stage.

Fly Predators are tiny, completely biteless and stingless. They never become a pest themselves. Because of their small size and the fact they live their entire life cycle on or near manure (where the pest fly pupa are typically found), Fly Predators go virtually unnoticed. The current mixture of species marketed under the trade name Fly Predators include: Muscidifurax raptorellus, Spalangia cameroni or Spalangia endius, Muscidifurax zaraptor and at times insignificant quantities of other fly parasitoid species. These species have been proven effective by both scientific tests and from decades of actual usage.

There is no known method of fly control that offers 100% eradication of pest flies, Fly Predators do not totally eliminate the fly problem, they minimize it, but often dramatically. The key is to maintain a sufficient Fly Predator population to stop each succeeding generation of pest flies. Because pest flies reproduce nine times faster adding supplemental Fly Predators every three to four weeks during warm months keeps the population balance necessary for good fly control. However, you must release enough Fly Predators to control all the fly reproduction in the area. You treat the farm not the horse. For example, if you board at a commercial stable, ordering Fly Predators for just your horse will not be sufficient as the flies that reproduce in the neighboring (within 1/4 mile) horses’ manure will easily reach your stall. Get the stable owner to use Fly Predators and then everyone’s horses will not be bothered
by flies.

Spalding Labs - Fly Control

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