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Digestive Supplements

Today’s demands on your horse can have an adverse effect on his delicate digestive system. Factors including weaning, training, trailering, confinement and anxiety are just some of the stresses that can cause digestive imbalances.

  • Promotes healing and prevention of ulcers
  • Guards against abdominal distress and discomfort
  • Energy levels are increased
Formula 707 GastroMx
  • Provides natural support for the stomach lining while minimizing acids
  • Mitigates the effects of digestive acids on the sensitive stomach lining
  • Formulated with an effective combination of herbs, amino acids and minerals
  • Fed twice weekly will maintain your horse’s gastric health
  • Palatable, easy to feed pellets
  • Costs $2.83/day to feed, 2 oz scoop - 2 times a day
  • 7 ½ lb. container = 30 day supply

  • Click here to learn more.
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Omega SureGut
  • Provides a balance of probiotics and prebiotics to optimize digestive health
  • Boosts production of beneficial bacteria throughout the digestive tract
  • Yeast extract, dry yeast and bacillus coagulans in stabilized rice bran and flaxseed base
  • Tasty apple flavored powder for horses in all life stages
  • Apple flavored powder
  • 32 oz.= 60 day supply
  • Formulated specifically for use on horse with chronic or acute symptoms
  • Treats, heals and prevents stomach, duodenal and colonic ulcers in horses
  • Supports the entire digestive process…from stomach, small intestine to hind gut
  • Proprietary combination of natural Aloe Vera juice and time released sodium bicarbonate
  • Developed by a team of trainers, vets, chiropractors and nutritionists
  • 60ml tube=1 dose
Gut Health Pre-Ride 32oz
  • Dual action formula limits the triggers for stress
  • Improve each ride by eliminating distress symptoms
  • Use 15-30 minutes before event, class, race or ride
  • Instantly soothes stomach lining irritation
  • Raises hindgut pH to minimize and offset distress
  • 99.9% pure liquid aloe base is drug free
  • 32 oz. or 16 doses
  • If you are already feeding the gallon size Gut Health this is a great travel size to take to shows
Gut Health 128oz
  • Aloe based solution enhanced with time released PH balancing crystals  
  • Formulated to treat equine ulcers and stabilize the hind gut PH
  • Increases gastro-intestinal performance by reducing stomach and gut irritation
  • Digestive conditioner effectively soothes irritated stomachs while healing stomach lesions
  • Decreases the risk of hind gut acidosis due to fermentation and starch overload
  • Liquid formula provides a soy-free, all natural, nutritional approach to digestive health
  • 128 oz. = 40 day supply ($1.00/day)
  • Also available Gut Health Pre-Ride 32 oz.
  • Helps maintain normal stomach function and total digestive tract health
  • Reduces the incidence of colonic irritation, gastric ulcers and oxidative stress
  • Buffers excess gastric acids and encourages the healing of damaged tissue
  • Helps decrease the risk of hindgut upset and acidosis
  • Reduces or eliminates the episodes of acute or chronic diarrhea
  • Reduces inflammation and stimulates the immune response
  • Supports the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria throughout the GI tract
  • 8 lbs.
  • Made in the USA
  • Helps horses maintain a healthy digestive balance during times of stress
  • Introduces beneficial micro-organisms into the gastro-intestinal flora
  • Stimulates appetite, aids digestion and helps efficient feed conversion
  • Ideal for use at foaling, during training, trailering or while on stall rest
  • Dispersible powder can be added to horses water or top dress in their grain
  • Contains 100 million CFU’s of direct fed microbials dose
  • .5 lb. container
  • Unique and effective formula begins to neutralize stomach acids on contact
  • Works as an acid suppressant, mucosal protective & topdressing for ulcer prone horses
  • Promotes digestion and nutrient absorption while maintaining overall digestive health
  • Liquid formula has a much higher absorption rate as compared to powders
  • Ulser Shield will not test positive under current USEF and FEI regulations
  • Has been used in the Pan Am Games, Olympics, World Cup, World Equestrian Games
  • Sizes: 64 oz. (60 day) or 128 oz. (120 day)
  • Made in the USA
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$35.49 - $60.00
  • Focuses on the entire digestive process by addressing gastric lining and digestive issues
  • Works at the tissue level to support the GI tract and epithelial and  mucosal lining
  • Buffers excess stomach acids to provide constant protection from ulcer causing agents
  • Addresses the effects of stress and allows the horse to gain the maximum benefits
  • Supports the body’s efforts to repair damage and enhances overall digestive performance
  • Improves horse’s appetite, attitude and overall conditioning by eliminating the cause
  • Effectively controls the symptoms in horses with chronic, idiopathic diarrhea
  • 1 lb. container=30 day supply
  • 2 lb. container=60 day supply
  • Click here for in-depth Ingredient Analysis
  • Click here for the Science of Gastro Ease™
$48.99 - $186.99
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Succeed™ Digestive Conditioning Program
  • Digestive breakthrough in equine health management
  • Conditioning Program for horses on a high grain diet, training or on stall rest
  • Ingredients work together to ensure optimal delivery and impact
  • Formulated to address every aspect of digestion
  • Promotes optimal internal wellness
  • 30 daily syringes
  • Granules in 2.2 lb. (30 day), 3.75 lb. (60 day) or 10 lb. (180 day)
$99.99 - $489.99
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  • Carefully selected blend that allows the body to naturally heal
  • Ideal for horses that are stall bound, in training and lacking fiber in their diets
  • Veterinary strength antacids soothe and coat GI tract
  • 4 lb. container = 64 day supply or .39 per day
  • Made in the USA
  • Intended to relieve and manage the signs of gastric ulceration and maintain function
  • Effectively neutralizes stomach acid and coats the stomach lining for up to 8 hours
  • One dose is capable of neutralizing gastric acid produced over a 6 hour period
  • Contains compounds that coat the lining of the stomach and adhere to gastric lesions
  • Enhances production of prostaglandins and nitric oxide, which increase mucosal blood flow
  • Brings fast acting relief to horses and slows down the chance for irreversible damage
  • Use for horses chronic colic, bad eaters or have poor body condition and sour dispositions
  • 3.5 lb.
  • Made in the USA