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Multi Vitamins

Maintain your horse’s nutritional balance to ensure that every system is operating at its maximum potential. Daily multi vitamins provide a complete foundation of optimal health.

  • Maintains essential amino acids and trace mineral levels
  • Supports immune, digestive, skeletal and metabolic systems
  • Optimizes healthy hooves, skin and coat, and overall wellbeing
  • Very palatable extra strength biotin supplement to promote overall health
  • Formulated to optimize the general condition of the hooves, skin and coat
  • Manufactured under the strictest guidelines to ensure consistency
  • Economical concentrated levels of biotin, methionine, yucca and pantothenate
  • Great tasting powder is easy to top dress over grain
  • 6 lb.=48-96 day supply
$53.25 $49.99
  • Mineral supplementation developed by unsurpassed expertise and leading edge technology
  • Provides proper minerals required for digestion, utilization of feeds and metabolic process
  • Complements forages and grains enabling horses to reach their optimal potential
  • Formulated with 27 minerals, trace minerals, vitamins A, D, E and B complex and electrolytes
  • Ideal nutrient supplement for performance horses, broodmares and growing youngsters
  • Great for horses in a pasture in the block form or for horses in stalls to break into sections and put in feed tubs
  • 25 lb. block is designed to be divided into 4 mini blocks
$29.99 $27.99
  • Performance supplement that helps maximize energy and proper muscle contraction
  • Energy is crucial to all horses to meet the high intensity and demands of performance
  • ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is an essential ingredient to help horse perform at high levels
  • ATP increases the amount of available molecules, delaying fatigue and boosts replenishment
  • ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism and fuel for cellular processing
  • The more you increase ATP production in the body, better the performance and stamina
  • Enhances the stamina in endurance horses, race horses, jumpers, eventers and contesters
  • Use as a daily maintenance supplement or 6 hours before competition
  • 1.575 oz. oral gel is FDA approved
  • Banana flavored
  • Essential micro-nutrient and vitamin support in paste form for suckling foals
  • Supports muscle and bone development and promotes a healthy immune system
  • For foals at risk of or suffering from nutrition related developmental bone disease
  • Supports rapid growth and development of nursing foals older than one week
  • Antioxidants proven to support immunity and increase the body’s natural defenses
  • Elevated vitamin E, C and selenium levels and formulated to complement mare’s milk
  • 30cc paste syringe
  • Unique three tiered blend formula to support a horse’s normal, healthy immune function
  • Bioactive support, immune balancing and antioxidants work together to boost immune response
  • Eases regular seasonal allergies and to support immune system during every day recovery
  • Administer in anticipation of situations that can prove to be challenging to your horse
  • Can begin 48 hours prior to event or shipping for optimal results
  • Meets FEI, CleanSport, USEF and AQHA guidelines
  • 8 oz. powder or 60cc. paste
  • Made in the USA
  • Specialized blend of supplements to optimize the digestive health of horses
  • Designed to benefit horses in all stages of life and development
  • Maximizes nutrient intake for highly active sport or performance horses
  • Enhances the  reproductive performance in breeding mares and stallions
  • Maintains the health of low maintenance horses or senior pasture horses
  • Creates a flourishing digestive environment and healthy hindgut fermentation
  • Helps horses maintain optimal coat and body condition
  • 3.74 lb. pouch = 30 day supply
35% Off $36.99 $23.99
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  • Concentrated nutrient source to balance hay and pasture diets
  • Supplies horses the correct amount without over supplementing
  • Provides the perfect ratio of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids
  • Ideal for easy keepers, horses with metabolic disorders or insulin resistance
  • Great to add to the diet of horses that are inactive or do not require a lot of grain
  • Use as a top dressing over grain to add additional calories
  • 11 lb. vacuum sealed bag (60 day supply)
  • Addresses weak hoof structure and quickly improves the defective environment
  • Supplies proper ratio of nutrients needed to build  strong hoof capsule connective tissue
  • Promotes strong and fast growth of the hoof wall, sole, frog and the heel
  • Reduces the likelihood of microbial invasions, bruising and aids laminitis recovery
  • Maintains the color and gloss in the coat and supports connective tissue and ligaments
  • Rich in essential amino acids, Omega fatty acids, vitamins and trace minerals
  • Alfalfa based pellets
  • 11 lbs.
  • Made in the USA
  • #1 recommended hoof supplement by farriers for 12 consecutive years
  • Provides nutritional support to build strong connective tissue proteins
  • Rapid improvement due to better digestion and utilization of nutrients
  • Allows superior formation of crosslinks to increase strength and resiliency
  • 11 lb. pail or 11 lb. refill
  • Made in the USA
$45.99 - $56.99
  • The most concentrated source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids available
  • Promotes optimal skin and coat health allowing horse’s to shed earlier
  • Benefits include stronger hooves and lessens muscle stiffness and soreness
  • Low carb content (4.4%) whichis recommended for insulin resistant/Cushings horses
  • Helps support overall health of pregnant mares and lactating mares with foals
  • Recommended by John Lyons and was Horse Journal’s Product of the Year
  • 4.5 lb. bag=30 day supply
  • Overall nutritional supplement that goes to work from the inside out
  • Fortified with B vitamins, probiotics, essential amino acids and vital trace minerals
  • Improves immune and nerve function, bone development and skin/coat health
  • Proven to provide horses with improved digestion and better feed utilization
  • 15% minimum calcium to benefit pregnant and lactating mares, foals and seniors
  • Palatable granular formula is made in the USA
  • 5 lbs.=40 day supply
  • Provides essential fatty acids necessary for healthy skin and glossy coat
  • Dry palatable blend of Cocosoya with stabilized flaxseed and rice bran
  • Provides an excellent source unrefined Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids
  • Promotes hoof health, improved weight gain, long term energy and skin/coat condition
  • Contains probiotics for maintaining micro-floral levels in the horse’s gut
  • 7 ½  lb. container (30 day supply)
  • Made in the USA and NASC certified