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Game Ready®
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Game Ready®

full description
Item Availability Quantity Price

Game Ready Healing Pioneer System

ships from manufacturer in 1-2 weeks

Game Ready Performance Kit

ships from manufacturer in 1-2 weeks

Game Ready Healing Professional System

not available
Matching Accessories Options / Availability Quantity Price

Utility Wrap


Full Leg Wrap (Left)


Full Leg Wrap (Right)


Game Ready Rechargeable Battery Kit


14" Duel Connector Hose

$425.00 $399.99
Game Ready
Game Ready
  • Pioneer Kit - Includes Control unit, 2 Utility wraps, dual hose and equine carry bag
  • Performance Kit - Includes Control unit, 2 Full leg wraps, dual hose and equine carry bag
  • Preferred Kit - Includes Control unit, 2 Utility wraps, 2 Full leg wraps, dual hose and equine carry bag
  • Professional Kit - Includes Control unit, 2 Utility wraps, 2 Full leg wraps, 2 hock wraps, dual hose and equnie carry bag

Active compression therapy has been recognized as a superior method of eliminating swelling. The active and adjustable compression settings provided by the Game Ready™ Equine System mirror the way your horse’s muscles naturally contract and relax to push fluids and cellular debris (edema) into and along the lymphatic drainage system, as well as help drive cold therapy deeper for longer lasting effects. This means the benefits of Game Ready Equine’s cold therapy go far beyond the surface to the internal tissue that is harder to reach.

Benefits of Active Compression -

  • Mimics natural muscle contractions, gently pushing tissue debris out of the affected area.
  • Pushes fluids along the horse's lymphatic drainage system and out of the affected area
  • Releasing action encourages blood flow, carrying fresh oxygen and nutrients to the affected site 
  • Drives cold deeper into muscles and tendons, providing longer lasting effects than static cold therapy

Cold therapy is universally used to minimize damage following injury and help equine athletes heal faster during injury rehabilitation.
Cold has a local anesthetic effect that can significantly reduce pain and inhibit reflexive muscle spasms in your horse. Early use of cold therapy can reduce primary bleeding through its vasoconstrictive effects, and thus inhibit swelling. And perhaps most importantly, reducing tissue temperature can lower the metabolic rate of both the involved and uninjured cells, decreasing their demand for oxygen — helping to break the secondary hypoxic injury cycle and making the body’s repair job easier.

Game Ready™ Equine simultaneously delivers both cold and compression therapy. While cold is effective in helping to prevent swelling, active (or “intermittent”) compression performs a different role by helping to remove swelling once it has occurred.

Cold Therapy Benefits

  • Decreases pain and muscle spasms.
  • Decreases swelling.
  • Initiates a state of “hibernation” in cells, keeping them alive during oxygen shortage.
  • Reduces bleeding by increasing blood viscosity and enhancing coagulation.

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