Equi Cool Down Hock Wraps
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Equi Cool Down Hock Wraps

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Equi Cool Down Hock Wraps are the most convenient method of treating stiffness, soreness and inflammation in the hock. Equi Cool Down uses textile technology consisting of hyper evaporative material that will drop the temperature up to 22° below the actual outside temperature.

The wraps are easily activated with water of any temperature…simply spray with water, shake to activate and apply. When activated, the water is absorbed by the multi-fiber weave which regulates how long the water takes to evaporate. No refrigeration or electricity is needed.

The hock wraps features a soft fabric outer that conforms nicely to the hock. Elastic straps hold the wraps securely in place and the cooling effects last for hours. Reusable and sold in pairs.
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