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Silverado Coat Gloss

Item # 08521
  • Ready-to-use spray on highlighter for coat, mane and tail
  • Repels dust, dirt, grass, urine, manure and leather stains
  • Hair polish will produce the best show ring shine
  • Horse will stay show ring ready for days
  • 32 oz. sprayer
  • Made in the USA
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Silverado Coat Gloss™ Hair Polish repels dust, dirt, grass, urine leather and manure stains. Groom once, horses stay clean and show ring ready for days longer!

Product Benefits:

  • Produces show ring shine to your horse
  • Also keeps manes and tails tangle free
  • Repels stains, dirt and dust
  • Cuts grooming time in  half!




  • For the best results shake well
  • Bath the horse
  • Rinse horse thoroughly
  • Remove excess water
  • Spray horses coat, mane and tail
  • Brush or towel into coat
  • Comb and detangle mane and tail
  • Mist entire horse, mane and tail again
  • Allow to dry
  • Finish off with towel or cotton mitt
  • May also be applied to dry coats

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