Professional's Choice® SMB3 Front Boots - Lace

Professional's Choice® SMB3 Front Boots - Lace

Item # 38247
The SMB3 boots are a hybrid cross between the SMBII and the VenTECH Elite SMB boots. This boot is cut higher in the front to allow them to be used with bell boots. The SMB3 safeguards the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue while absorbing energy from hoof impact.

Features include:

  • UltraShock lining
  • Limestone based neoprene outer
  • Longer suspensory strap
  • Cut higher in the front
  • Offers more rigid support
  • Lycra bindings at top and bottom
  • Refined, tailored and contoured fit
  • Color: black/lace
  • Sizes: medium or large

  • Boot Up! Save $10 (regular price $77.99). Offer valid 9/15/16 - 12/31/16.
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