Myler Embossed 7 Shank Ported Barrel
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Myler Embossed 7 Shank Ported Barrel

Item # 24794
  • Stainless steel embossed cheeks in a classic scroll design pattern
  • Sweet iron mouthpiece with narrow medium square ported barrel
  • Ported mouth offers tongue relief while applying pressure to the bars
  • Mouthpiece features copper inlay to encourage and promote salivation
  • Polished sweet iron naturally rusts or oxidizes which has a sweet taste
  • Cheeks:  7 ½”
  • Level:  2-3
  • Mouth:  5”
  • Port height:  1”
  • Bit diameter:  3/8”
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Myler offers the right bit for every hand and every horse. Myler snaffles combine stainless steel, copper inlay and sweet iron in unique styles that allow customized bitting for every horse. Most Myler bits utilize "ISM" or "Independent Side Movement" for more effective training at every stage.
Myler Bitting System
Every horse and rider combination has an individual need that may require a specific bit.  As each need of horse and rider change over time and progress, it may become necessary to either upgrade or downgrade depending upon the level of your horse’s training or rider’s experience.
Mouthpiece level:
Level 1- Features a curved mouthpiece that allows the horse to swallow.  Uses tongue pressure and bar pressure, working mostly off of the tongue.  Myler bits distribute tongue pressure more evenly than traditional designs.  Uses restrict and release action.  May offer curb or poll pressure depending on shank design.  May offer independent side movement.
• For horses that have just begun training or have had little training.  For horses that have just begun to break at the poll and just learning basic gaits.
Level 2- Features a curved mouthpiece.  Uses less tongue pressure and more pressure, with the mouthpiece rolling on the bars.  Applies pressure across the tongue rather that in the center.  May collapse into the bars.
• For horses where basic training has been established.  For horses that are relaxed at the poll and holds position when rein is released.  For horses that possess more complex skills, such as bending, collection, side passes and lead changes.
Level 2-3- Features a curved, ported mouthpiece for tongue relief.  Offers variety of pressure points and more bar pressure, rolling on the bars.  May collapse into the bars.
• For horses with a good mindset and can benefit from more tongue relief.  This level is for horses with advanced skills but requiring more control.
Level 3-  Features curved mouthpiece with tongue relief.  Offers a variety of pressure points to take the horse as soft as possible.  May offer palate pressure depending on port height.
• For horses that are considered finished.  For horses that are relaxed at the poll and possess advanced skills and work great off of the riders legs and hands.
As your horse learns and progresses, your communication levels will change.  Each Myler bit is designed to use select pressure points to provide the best communication for that specific level.

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