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New Products for a New Month!
  • Exceptional training headstall updated for convenience and good looks
  • Handcrafted from premium Grade A leather, hand rubbed and oiled
  • Comfortable single 3/8” rolled ear piece and 1” wide cheeks and crown
  • Double side cheek adjustment with durable solid brass buckles
  • Solid brass snaps at the bit end for convenient and quick bit changes
  • Measures:  41 ½” (longest from bit end to bit end) with ample adjustment
  • Color:  Dark oil
$31.99 $27.99
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  • Provides 360° protection safeguarding the cannon bone, tendons and soft tissue
  • UltraShock™ lining is proven to absorb 26% of energy from hoof impact
  • VenTech technology is lightweight, multi-layered and ventilated neoprene
  • Unique suspensory strap guarantees proper application and maximum protection
  • Allows for full ankle movement and eliminates hyperextension of the fetlock
  • Sizes: medium or large
  • Value pack colors: Peace Sign or Butterfly
  • Value pack (2 front boots and 2 rear boots)
$169.99 $119.99
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  • Finally a halter with a comfortable, easy to adjust concho that doesn't move or poke you or your horse.
  • Concho adjusts with a screwdriver (included). Once adjusted it will not move.
  • Stainless steel cable attached to 2000 lb. crown strap is guaranteed unbreakable.
  • Colors:  Black or bronze patent/gold rings and black or white patent/silver rings
  • Sizes:  Yearling, small or full size
$249.99 $199.99
  • Comforts and fits the standard Weaver Miracle Cribbing collars
  • Fits the full contour of the main strap that goes under the throat
  • Super soft, dense 1” thick wool pile velcros in place to eliminate rubs
  • Each cover is hand traced and cut from 100% merino sheepskin
  • Allows horse’s skin to breathe and won’t interfere with ant-crib features
  • Colors:  Black, brown or tan
  • Made in the USA
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  • Revolutionary technology is the most comprehensive, POWERFUL and effective therapy to date
  • Zero impact stimulation dramatically increases the level of treatment
  • Works from the inside out, penetrating deep to increase circulation and speed healing
  • Circular motion expands and contracts each tissue of the body to achieve maximum results
  • Ideal for prevention, recovery (50% faster rate of recovery)and to enhance conditioning
  • Use to warm up horses prior to and after competition for optimal preventative practice
  • Increases bone density in horses of all ages, especially young, rapidly growing horses
  • Relaxes and calms horses, increases energy and focus to achieve optimal performance
  • Proven to produce dramatic results in cases of:  Suspensory/flexor tendon injury, navicular, founder/laminitis, shins, bleeders, Cushing’s, IR, EPM and chronic inflammatory problems
  • Naturally reduces the cause of pain and will not aggravate existing conditions or injury
  • 2 piece mobile units is quiet running and can be incorporated into a daily routine
  • Contact us for financing, rental or trial option
  • 120 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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  • Increase comfort while eliminating halter rubs in sensitive areas
  • Each piece is hand-traced, hand-cut and hand-sewn in the USA
  • Features 100% merino wool hand stitched over sheepskin leather
  • 1” thick wool pile is so comfortably soft and of incredible quality
  • Easy on/off Velcro closure allows adjustment for secure, non-slip fit
  • Wool holds body heat in the cold & circulates air to keep cool in the heat
  •  4 pc. set includes crownpiece, 2 cheek pieces and noseband
  • Colors:  Tan, black, brown, navy, burgundy or green
  • Measurements:  Slide on crown (15”), Velcro cheeks (6”) and Velcro noseband (10”)
  • Ride without the distraction and irritation of gnats, flies and mosquitos
  • Fine mesh keeps the smallest insects out of sensitive nostrils
  • Contoured design covers the upper part and side of the muzzle
  • Attaches easily to the noseband with hook and loop closures
  • Helps protect light skinned horses from harmful rays
  • Sizes:  Medium or large
  • Measures:  Medium (11 ½”W x 11 ½”L) or Large (12”W x 12”L) 
$8.99 $6.99
  • Create an amazing ‘framework’ around you and your saddle
  • Interesting and colorful patterns stand out amongst the rest
  • Handcrafted and woven from 100% New Zealand wool
  • Heavy enough to use alone or over a protective pad
  • Colors:  Blue, purple, red, rust, sand or teal
  • Measures:  34” spine x 36” drop
  • Weight:  5 lbs.
$75.99 $59.99
  • Hand Forged in the USA by Greg Dutton Bits
  • Unique 8 pt. rowels are hand forged to resemble horseshoe nails
  • Band can be ‘encouraged’ to fit most boot heel widths
  • Blackened steel band and neck with hinged spur button
  • Rowels are interchangeable
  • Size:  Men’s or ladies
  • Band:  1”
  • Shank:  1 7/8”
  • Rowel diameter:  1 1/8”
  • Formulated to soothe and replenish dry, calloused areas of the mouth
  • “Mouth Softening Complex” is a blend of natural butters and essential oils
  • Unique flavor encourages acceptance and improves focus on the bit
  • Apply easily to the corner of the mouth and underside of the bit
  • Added Sunscreen protection
  • 2 oz. jar
  • Made in the USA
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  • New technology combines sun protection into show shirts
  • Designed to keep riders cool while averting the sun’s rays
  • Lightweight pique knit features breathable underarm paneling
  • Mock collar, long sleeves and front ¼ zip and stock tie loop
  • MMT moisture wicking technology keeps riders dry and comfortable
  • Color:  Navy
  • Sizes: medium, large, x-large
$50.00 $44.99
  • Designed for professionalism, class and performance
  • Beautifully handcrafted from the finest Grade A leather
  • Impeccably hand tooled in a classic western floral pattern
  • Leather backed silver concho buckle with silver tips and keepers
  • Color:  Light or dark oil
  • Sizes:  Ladies or Mens
  • Ladies measures:  8 ½” (longest) 7 ¼” (shortest) 2 5/8” (at widest point)
  • Men's measurements:  9 ¼” (longest)  8” (shortest)