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This Month's Sensational Steals
  • Works like magic to detangle manes and tails without damaging hair
  • Strengthens hair fibers while working to keep them tangle free
  • Manes and tails are instantly more shiny and conditioned
  • Anti-static agents repel dust and dirt
  • 16 oz.
  • Made in the USA
  • Unconditional money back guarantee
  • Unsure which Ultra® Conditioner your horse needs? Click here
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Ultra® Towel with purchase.
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  • Only blade in the industry protected by antimicrobial coating against broad range of bacteria
  • Effectively controls the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew
  • Blades are cryogenically treated for additional wear resistance
  • Tug-Free: designed to glide through the hair with ease
  • Compatible with any snap on model A-5 clipper
  • Available in #10, #15, #30, #40 and #50
  • April Sensational Steal! Buy One get One Free! Can not mix and match free item. Offer not valid on #40, #8.5 or #10 wide.
$25.99 - $32.99
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  • Sweet and chewy indulgent horse muffin
  • Starbrite mint is molded to each moist treat
  • Horses love the sweet feed and molasses treats
  • Great for disguising medications
  • Assorted colors
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Pyranha Equine Spray with purchase.
  • Sweet and chewy indulgence for equine delight
  • All natural, high quality ingredients
  • Horses love the moist sweet feed and molasses treat
  • Great for disguising medications
  • Assorted colors
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Pyranha Equine Spray with purchase.
  • Unique formula conditions horse’s lungs to protect from environmental challenges
  • Healthy lung function supplies the body with increased oxygen when exercising
  • Healthy airways protect from irritants such as mold, mildew, dust and bacteria
  • Helps fight infection while boosting the immune system to hasten respiratory recovery
  • Increases endurance, improves lung capacity while promoting respiratory health
  • Relieves congestion and nasal discharge, helps alleviate lung discomfort associated with heaves and quiets allergies
  • 500gm bottle=60 day supply
  • Made in the USA
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  • April Sensational Steal! Free Choice of Champions Hat with purchase.
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  • Unique formula is the most comprehensive joint solution on the market today
  • Recommended by veterinarians, top professional trainers and champion riders
  • Establishes a daily serum level in the horse’s system to achieve unparalleled results
  • Powerful antioxidants decrease acute and chronic inflammation and increase mobility
  • Liquid formula has a much higher absorption rate for much faster action and results
  • Restores elasticity to stiff joints while reducing pain and inflammation
  • Effectiveness has been proven in the most athletic disciplines of the horse industry
  • Disciplines include:  jumping, racing, polo, dressage, cutting, reining, eventing and barrels
  • Sizes:  32 oz. (60 day), 64 oz. (120 day) or 128 oz. (240 day)
  • Each size comes with a 1/2 ounce pump
  •  Read Customer Testimonials
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Choice of Champions T-Shirt with purchase of 32oz only.
$100.00 - $315.00
  • 5 different length ropes offer you 7 different training tools
  • Endless uses: Long and short long lines, side reins, draw reins, tie down, lunge lines, reins
  • Rope is 3/8" diamand braid polypropylene
  • will not rot or mildew and is double the strength of normal rope
  • Easily fits through small surcinlge ring or bit rings
  • Includes: 2-7' long rope, 2-16' long ropes, 1-4' long rope
  • Patent Pending
  • Made in the USA
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Nu Image Dark Horse 2.5# with purchase.
  • Your dog enjoys being fashionable and trendy as well as you do
  • Crafted from rich brown bridle leather with exotic accents
  • Chocolate zebra hair on hide is inlaid with antiqued conchos
  • Scalloped leather adds to the uniqueness of this collar
  • Oil rubbed hardware adds a rustic, antique look
  • Sizes:  1" wide-  19”, 21” or 23” or 3/4" wide- 13”, 15” or 17”
  • Made in the USA
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Weaver Insulated Travel Mug with purchase.
$22.50 - $29.99

Dura-Nylon sheets are great for maintaining the coat, keeping your horse clean and work well as blanket liners. Breathability keeps your horse from over heating.

  • Closed front with reinforced leg straps
  • Original cutback pattern
  • 420 Denier Breathable Nylon
  • Color: Red, Purple, Royal, Black, Burgundy, Green, Navy
  • Sizes: 64, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82, 84
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Sheet Bag with purchase.
  • Click here to view our How to Measure for a Blanket video
$61.99 $55.99
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  • Elegant competition and all around boot
  • Supple full grain leather
  • Full length YKK vision zipper in back
  • Durable elastic along side of zipper for fit
  • Spanish cut top soft pigskin napa lining
  • Spur rest steel shank for stabilty
  • Dirt repellent tread outsole
  • Ladies sizes: 6-11 Regular calf, wide calf,  short/reg calf or slim/tall calf
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Dura-Tech® Boot Bag with purchase.
$265.99 $198.99
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  • Helps support a healthy immune system
  • Helps horses recover faster from training and conditioning
  • Supports balance behavior and a healthy gut
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Increases appetite, endurance  and stamina
  • 128 oz. bottle.
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Noni Dog Chews sample pack with purchase.
  • Outstanding protection for exercise, trailering or support
  • Ultra plush double thick stretchable fleece material
  • Absorbs shock while providing excellent, comfortable support
  • Reinforced velcro provides secure closure
  • 16 oz polarfleece
  • Colors:  Black, white, navy, hunter or red
  • Measures:  9’L x 5”W
  • Set of 4
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Synbiont 5 oz Wash with purchase.
$23.99 $16.99
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Special Buy
  • Lightweight, attractive bit for the intermediate to advanced level horses
  • Effectively provides a ‘comfortable zone’ to reward horses when poll is flexed
  • Nicely engraved aluminum loose cheeks are slightly swept back
  • Each side can be worked separately and applies tongue pressure at the joint
  • Copper overlay mouthpiece promotes salivation and increases sensitivity
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  7”
  • Port:  1 5/8”
  • Bit diameter:  7/16”
  • April Sensational Steal! Free German Horse Treats Sample Packs with purchase.
$48.99 $34.99
  • 14' heavy duty power cord
  • 3800 strokes per minute
  • Slim handle design
  • Extremely quiet
  • Completely maintenance free - no oiling or greasing of internal parts
  • One year limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Kit includes: hard carrying case, oil, #10 blade
  • Compatible with all A-5 blades
  • April Sensational Steal! Free 4 oz Marigold Spray with purchase.
$69.99 $65.99

Made of non-pill polarfleece with great anti-sweat properties, the elegant sheet has a two buckle front and hidden surcingle.

  • Colors: Navy, green, burgundy and black with tan braid
  • Sizes: 69, 72, 75, 78, 81, 84, 87
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Cocosoya Samples with purchase.
  • Click here to view our How to Measure for a Blanket video
$43.99 $31.99
More Colors Available
  • Designed to handle the toughest workouts in any training barn
  • Breathable felt underside wicks moisture to keep backs cool
  • 1” felt layer is complemented a with heavy duty canvas top
  • Wear leather reinforcement on each side and at the wither
  • Measures:  33” spine x 31” drop
  • Colors:  Green or black
  • Made in the USA
  • April Sensational Steal! Free ActiFlex 8 oz Liquid with purchase.
$47.99 $34.99
  • Potent, complex joint formula with key ingredients for higher impact
  • Supports canine joint health and allows for comfortable joint movement
  • High strength chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM, HA and Devil’s Claw
  • Formulated to reduce discomfort during daily activities and exercise
  • 120 chewable liver flavor tablets
  • Made in the USA
  • NASC certified
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Yums Dog Treats Sample pack with purchase.
$39.95 $37.99
  • Handcrafted by the Amish with the finest Hermann Oak Leather
  • Heavy duty 1” wide cheeks and browband with 5/8” throatlatch
  • Sewn in buckles and keepers
  • Solid brass buckles and hardware with water tie bit ends
  • Perfect for every day riding, training or trail riding
  • Light oil
  • Made in the USA
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Banixx 2 oz Wound Spray with purchase.
$59.99 $44.99
  • Lightweight and durable material offers balance and flexibility
  • 1” flat ribbed web material provides a soft, comfortable in hand feel
  • Nickel plated snaps and hardware with a rubber hand stop
  • Reinforced at stress points to ensure maximum strength
  • Choose from:  Snap, 30” chain or swivel end with snap
  • Length:  30’
  • Color:  Tan
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Cowboy Magic Skin Lotion with purchase of #01771 only.
$27.99 - $34.99
$21.99 - $27.99
  • Increase comfort while eliminating halter rubs in sensitive areas
  • Each piece is hand-traced, hand-cut and hand-sewn in the USA
  • Features 100% merino wool hand stitched over sheepskin leather
  • 1” thick wool pile is so comfortably soft and of incredible quality
  • Easy on/off velcro closure allows adjustment for secure, non-slip fit
  • Wool holds body heat in the cold & circulates air to keep cool in the heat
  •  9 pc. set includes crownpiece, noseband, 2 cheeks, 2 curb pieces, 2 throat and gullet
  • Colors:  Tan, black, brown, burgundy, navy, white, ivory, grey or green
  • Measurements:  Crown (15”),  cheeks (6”), nose(10”), curb (5”), throat (5 ½”) and gullet (4”)
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Biogroom Snow White Shampoo with purchase.
  • Precision ground, high carbon steel to stay sharp longer
  • State-of-the-art machinery finely calibrates the tension on the blade to reduce blade heat
  • Black Chrome Finish for superior rust resistance
  • Fits all A5 Clippers
  • Made in the USA
  • Sizes: #10, #30, #40
  • April Sensational Steal! Buy one get one free! Free blade is the same as the purchased blade. Can no mix and match. Offer valid while supplies last.
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  • 5 times the power of conventional clippers with the greatest blade motion in its class
  • Variable speed adjustment from 100-4500 RPM, 9000 blade strokes per minute
  • Compatible with all A-5 blades (not included)
  • Rated the “Best Body Clipper” by John Lyons in Perfect Horse Magazine
  • 1/8 HP motor with a 20’ cable weighing 13 lbs.
  • Cuts easily through thick, dense and dirty hair while operating quietly
  • 1 year warranty & 3 year motor warranty
  • April Sensational Steal! Free MSM with purchase.
  • Provides instant rejuvenation within 3 minutes
  • Helps prevent dehydration, muscle fatigue and heat stress during activity
  • Balanced blend of trace minerals and herbal extracts
  • Supplies twice the minerals lost during sustained physical exercise
  • Supports healthy metabolism and digestive function
  • Made in the USA
  • 80 cc. syringe = 3 doses
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Lyte Now 30cc Paste with purchase.
  • High performance boots for today’s most competitive athletes
  • Engineered with a dynamic sling system to provide superior support
  • Provides essential protection to the suspensory tendons and ligaments
  • Form fitting, shock absorbing EVA foam with a neoprene liner
  • Stretchy binding conforms to the leg ergonomic design lets boot move feely
  • Colors:  Lime, pink, black, purple or turquoise
  • Sizes:  SM (lime only), MD or LG
  • Free Black Weaver Prodigy No Turn Bell Boot with purchase of these Weaver Performance Prodigy Boots. Offer valid through June 30, 2014. 
$59.99 $53.99
  • Clinically proven and recommended by leading veterinarians worldwide
  • Unique formulation of micro-sized amino acids, supportive vitamins and minerals
  • Smaller molecules means maximum assimilation and better utilization
  • First of its kind and proven to produce noticeable results in as little as 3 days
  • Works quickly and efficiently to promote healthy, well lubricated cartilage
  • Very palatable and may encourage horses to eat
  • Sizes:  32 oz. liquid, 2 lb. powder or 2 ½ lb. pellets
  • Made in the USA
  • April Sensational Steal! Free CortaFlx Quart with purchase of the CortaFlx Gallon only.
$21.99 $87.99
$21.99 - $74.99
  • Quick and easy protection against cross over and impact during training
  • Designed for convenient and correct application each and every time 
  • Thick absorbing felt material provides optimal comfort and padded protection
  • 2 velcro straps ensure a secure fit and contour nicely to horse’s leg
  • Separate lower strap offers support and protection to suspensory and sesamoid bone
  • Perfect for training, schooling, eventing, trail riding or competition
  • Sizes:  Small, medium or large
  • Colors:  Navy or black
  • Sold in pairs
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Buckeye Treats with purchase.
$29.99 $19.99
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More Colors Available
  • Great bag to pack up for the long extended rides and adventures
  • Large saddle bags secure to saddle with D-rings and brass grommets
  • Detachable duffle bag features a zippered top and handle on each end
  • Each saddle bag features a zip top with velcro flap over the top
  • Color:  black
  • Measurements: saddle bags:  10 ½”H x 8”W x 4”, duffle bag:  16”L x 9”H x 9”D
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Neon Reflective Leg Band with purchase.
$31.99 $24.99
  • Take along everything you need for the day
  • Designed to fit both English and Western saddles
  • 600 D polyester is heavy duty and tear resistant
  • Underside lined with breathable, non-slip material
  • English –attaches with hook and loop straps
  • Western- attaches with dee-rings and buckle straps
  • Padded double pocked and foam insulated bottle holder
  • 29” L x 7” W and has a 6” x 7 ½” center pocket with zipper
  • Available in black with water bottle included
  • April Sensational Steal! Free Neon Reflective Leg Band with purchase.
$31.99 $24.99
More Colors Available