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Specials Under $10

Devon-Aire Ladies Concour Short Sleeve Ratcatcher
  • Traditional style perfect for those hot, muggy summer days
  • Short sleeve cotton blend with traditional hook and loop choker
  • Reinforced placket and mother of pearl hand set buttons
  • Cuffed sleeve hem and just the right shirt tail length to stay tucked in
  • Color:  Light blue or white
  • Sizes:  32-42
  • Also available in girl’s sizes: 37656
$29.99 $27.99
More Colors Available
73% Off $29.99 $7.99
More Colors Available
Lettia Plaid Dandy Brush
  • Lettia’s latest grooming collection in the classic Baker plaid
  • Stiffer bristles are perfect for removing dirt, mud or shedding hair
  • Plastic block features the classic Baker plaid pattern
  • Fun colored bristles
  • Colors:  Pink, blue or tan
  • Measures:   7 1/8”L x 2 3/8”W
$9.49 $8.99
FES Twisted Wire Training Bit
  • Nice transition bit for horses who are ready to step a level
  • Twisted wire adds leverage and sends a stronger signal
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece and pinchless cheeks
  • Applies pressure directly to the tongue and bars of the mouth
  • Longer shanks allow quicker hand to mouth response
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  8”
  • Bit diameter: 3/8”
70% Off $33.99 $9.99
Closeout Special Buy
FES Spoon Copper Inlay
  • Great bit that limits hand movement while keeping horse’s head position  
  • Allows milder palate pressure with the swept back spoon port
  • Medium port reminds horses to keep their heads in the ‘comfort zone’
  • Sweet iron mouth with copper inlay that promotes salivation
  • Longer stainless steel shanks quickens response from the hand to the bit
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Cheeks:  8”
  • Port:  2”
  • Bit diameter:  9/16”
68% Off $31.99 $9.99
FES German Silver Irons
  • Adds that little extra touch of class to your show appearance
  • Stirrups are made from heavy duty stainless steel
  • Beautifully hand-engraved German silver overlay on one side
  • Can be used with either plain or engraved side showing
  • Size:  4 ¼”
  • Weight:  21.4 oz.

We're sorry, this item is no longer available.

We recommend item #31147 FES Fillis Stainless Steel Stirrup Irons

80% Off $49.99 $9.99
Dura-Tech® Pro Supreme English Girth
  • Non-irritating diamond weave surface prevents chafing and galling
  • Naturally lubricates to provide comfort during long training sessions
  • Durable nylon web inner lining with elastic and roller buckle at one end
  • Heavy duty reinforced stainless steel buckles on each end
  • Center and side D-rings are perfect for attaching training aids
  • Easy to clean after each use
  • Sizes:  44”-54”
  • Color:  Black
80% Off $49.99 $9.99
FES Peacock Fillis Irons
  • Provides the ultimate safety for young or inexperienced riders
  • Designed for riders foot to free itself to avoid injury in an emergency
  • The riders foot will pull through the heavy rubber band on the side
  • Weighted nicely for stability and allows rider to find their irons easily
  • Stainless steel with black rubber foot pads
  • Replacement tabs and rubber bands are available
  • Sizes:  4”or 4 ¼”
  • Weight:  24 oz.
  • Sold in pairs
73% Off $37.99 $9.99
FES O Ring with Stainless Steel Moon
  • A nice bit for young horses or riders with inexperienced hands
  • Extra ‘stainless moon link’ spreads pressure evenly across the mouth
  • Eliminates the ‘nutcracker’ effect  if pulled on too heavily
  • Traditional style free moving 3” stainless steel O-rings
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Bit diameter:  ½”
64% Off $27.99 $9.99
Weymouth Low Port
  • Nice bit to encourage collection and softness through the bridle
  • Allows riders to use the most subtle of cues to achieve desired response
  • Provides the curb action in double bridles or dressage style bridles
  • Stainless steel cheeks and mouthpiece with loose ring at rein end
  • Allows for some tongue relief while applying pressure to the bars
  • Cheeks:  5”
  • Mouthpiece:  4 ¾”
  • Port height:  ¾”
  • Bit diameter:  10mm
  • Hooks and curb chain are included
73% Off $37.99 $9.99
FES Smooth D Ring Snaffle Bit
  • Great training bit for horses and riders of all ages and skill levels
  • Applies direct pressure to the tongue and bars of the mouth
  • 3" stainless steel D rings with a smooth stainless steel mouthpiece
  • Mouthpiece: 4 3/4" or 5"
  • Bit diameter: 11mm
56% Off $22.99 $9.99
FES Low Port Pelham
  • Designed for superior control and operates as both a direct action or leverage bit
  • Works several areas of the horse’s head depending on how the reins are used
  • Combines the function of a curb and a snaffle bit with its double reins
  • Curb mouthpiece distributes pressure evenly across the mouth
  • Stainless steel shanks with a stainless ported mouthpiece
  • Curb chain and hooks are included
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Port height:  ¾”
  • Shanks:  6”
  • Bit diameter:  19mm
76% Off $41.99 $9.99