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Gastromax3 Paste
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Gastromax3 Paste view #1
Gastromax3 Paste view #2

Gastromax3 Paste

Item # 23391
  • Specially formulated to ease, heal and prevent painful gastric ulcers and conditions
  • Combination of 3 major ingredients work together for immediate relief of discomfort
  • Omeprazole + Sodium acid carbonate + L-glutamine = Prevention, repair and maintainence
  • Inhibits the secretion of harmful acids to rapidly promote healing of the mucosa
  • Creates a favorable environment so the formula can readily be absorbed
  • Proven to decrease gastric inflammation and increase immune response
  • 1 syringe=4 doses
full description
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  • 7 for
     $19.99 ea.
Gastromax3 has been formulated for one of the most prevalent problems in the equine industry. For those who don't know, the prevalence of gastric ulceration in Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds in racing varies from 70 to 94 percent. Most sport horses are similarly affected. The horses' stomach contains two different types of lining-the squamous mucosa on the top half and glandular mucosa on the bottom. Most equine gastric ulcers affect the squamous mucosa due to excess acid exposure, disturbances of mucosal blood flow, and motility disorders.

The first ingredient, Omeprazole, is from the family of proton pump inhibitors that blocks secretion of acid at the pariental cell membrane by irreversibly binding to the proton pump of the cell. Why did we choose Omeprazole? Numerous studies show the efficacy and superiority to Ranitidine and Cimetidine for healing of squamous mucosal ulceration in horses in active training. This is the mucosa where most gastric ulcers occur. Due to its prolonged anti-secretory effect, Omeprazole allows for once-daily dosing.

The second ingredient is sodium acid carbonate. This key ingredient acts as a gastric antacid with a rapid onset of action. The importance of this is that Omeprazole degrades rapidly in an acidic environment. Sodium acid carbonate combines with the acid in the stomach and creates a more favorable environment for Omeprazole to be absorbed into the bloodstream and can give better healing results.

The last ingredient added was l-glutamine. Studies show that l-glutamine stimulates the synthesis of certain mucoproteins, which increase mucin and can benefit healing of gastric ulceration. Studies also show a significant improvement in decreasing gastric inflammation and increasing early immune response, which helps to minimize further inflammation and damage.

Whatever their cause, ulcers are painful and disrupt an equine's performance and daily life.

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