FES Springsteen Sweet Iron Bit

FES Springsteen Sweet Iron Bit

Item # 05687
  • Designed for use by professional horse trainers and very experienced riders
  • This bit can be very severe if used incorrectly and lead to serious damage
  • Frequently called the ‘run through bit’ and used on horses that lay on the bit
  • When rein pressure is applied, the steel hinged spoons collapse onto the jaw
  • Headstall is attached to the small loose rings and reins to the larger rings
  • Sweet iron hinged mouthpiece with stainless steel rings
  • Very little mouth pressure is applied
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Bit diameter:  9/16” tapering to 7/16” in the center
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What bits are made of...

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Stainless Steel

Bits are most commonly made of stainless steel. Stainless steel can be cleaned and polished repeatedly without damaging the finish. It is strong, durable, and flavorless and does not impact salivation. Some stainless steel mouths are inlaid with copper.


Copper encourages salivation to increase the sensitivity of the horse’s mouth. It warms up quicker than stainless steel in cold weather.

Sweet Iron

Sweet iron is cold-rolled steel. The material appears rusty after repeated use. This oxidation tastes sweet to the horse and increases salivation.  


Rubber softens the action of the bit as it is softer than traditional metals. Rubber-covered bits are generally thicker than metal.   


Aluminum is lightweight and easy to maintain.


Plastic bits are softer than traditional metal bits and they are durable. Many plastic bits are scented or flavored.

Nickel Silver

Nickel silver is a nickel alloy, also known as German silver. It encourages salivation for a more sensitive and supple mouth.  

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