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Western Work/Protective Pads

Quality western work pads designed for comfort, fit and function. Built to last and reinforced where it counts, these pads withstand the rigors of daily use. Ideal for trail riding, training or to provide extra support under your show pad.

  • Fleece, wool, felt, canvas, and neoprene options
  • Work pads, support pads, and pad liners
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Classic Equine BioFit Correction Saddle Pad
  • Designed specifically to support horses with muscle atrophy behind the shoulder
  • Supports the front end of the saddle from collapsing in the shoulder area
  • Strategic wedge placement fills the void area to offer extra support
  • Ideal for horses with diminishing top line or horses with very high withers
  • Top quality wool blend offers superior shock absorption and protection
  • Contoured design molds to conform to horses back and optimize saddle fit
  • 7/8” thick and cut over withers for greater gullet clearance and spine relief
  • Size:  31” x 32”

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$179.99 $161.99
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Contoured Felt Pad 3/4"
  • ¾" thick felt pad with contoured spine and cut out withers
  • Wear leathers are “hair on leather”
  • Size: 32" x 31"
  • Colors: Tan or Gray
50% Off $119.99 $59.99
More Colors Available
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T3 Matrix SHIM Pad with Felt and Advanced Ergonomic Inserts
  • All in one pad with Impact Protection inserts and shims
  • Shims compensate for loss of top line and adjust a poor saddle fit
  • Pad features three internal full length pockets on each side of the spine
  • Each pocket contains two ¼” shims (12 total) that allow for customization
  • Shims and inserts are accessed along a velco opening at the spine
  • Pad is made of a technologically advanced textile that keeps saddle in place
  • Compression resistant, orthopedic grade felt lining, lightweight and breathable
  • Close contact cut out and high profile for wither clearance
  • Color:  Black
  • Size:  31 x 30
$244.00 $194.95
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Classic Equine ESP Contoured Wool Pad
  • Convenient all-in-one pad system is ideal for all Western disciplines
  • Designed to mimic the horse’s top line and remains solidly in place
  • 100% New Zealand wool blanket top can be folded back for shim placement
  • ½” memory foam center improves saddle fit by filling in the void areas
  • 5/8” orthopedic grade felt bottom wicks moisture, allowing heat to dissipate
  • Contoured fit with heavy duty wear leathers
  • Colors:  Slate/blue 
  • Size:  33” x 38”
$189.99 $170.99
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Classic Equine Felt Contour Pedic Pad
  • Designed to optimize performance using the finest specialized materials
  • Wool felt top stays clean and keeps its appeal for the life of the pad
  • ¾” closed cell foam bottom is antifungal and antibacterial to keep back cool
  • Wither cut out for contour fit and Cinch area cut out for  close contact fit
  • Split design allows the pad to move with the horse, eliminating irritation
  • Heavy duty wear leathers on each side, over the wither and down the spine
  • Color:  Black
  • Size:  31” spine x 32” drop

We're sorry, this item is no longer available.

$154.99 $139.99
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Classic Equine Felt Top Saddle Pad
  • Extra Sensory Protection is the latest technology in equine comfort
  • Molds to your horse’s back to minimize pressure points and relieve body stress
  • The pad returns to its original shape when pressure is removed
  • 3/8” wool blend top offers superior shock absorption and protection
  • ½” memory foam middle layer is comforting and temperature sensitive
  • 3/8” orthopedic grade felt bottom soaks up moisture and dissipates heat
  • Pad is resists compression and matting for a longer life
  • Heavy duty wear leathers on each side, over the wither and down the spine
  • Color:  Brown
  • Size:  31” spine  x 32” drop

We're sorry, this item is no longer available.

$209.99 $188.99
  • Outstanding choice of pads to use on horses with cold or sore backs
  • Made of polypropylene & state of the art Welltex infused with ceramic powder
  • Pad reflects a horse’s natural warms & creates an far infrared thermal warmth
  • Helps your  horse’s back muscles loosen, relax and warm up quickly
  • Gently warmth increases blood flow to relieve muscle tension and pain
  • To be used under your regular western pad
  • Not to be used on pregnant mares
  • Color: black
  • Measures: 29" spine x 16" drop at wither (14" drop at center and 15" at the back end)
  • Machine wash with normal detergent and air dry.
Super Sale
Dura-Tech® Cutter Classic Pad
  • Outstanding quality, value and function all in one pad
  • Hand woven from the finest quality New Zealand wool
  • Classic Native American pattern in neutral color schemes
  • ¾” fitted felt interior and excellent quality synthetic fleece bottom
  • Tailor fit under the leg eliminates bulkiness for optimal close contact
  • Tightly woven wool is highly breathable and has superior wicking ability
  • Wear leathers on each side prevent excess wear
  • Colors:  Cream/brown/rust, cream/black/buckskin or black/honey/green
  • Measures:  36” spine x 34” drop length
  • Weight:  6 ½ lbs.
43% Off $79.99 $44.99
  • Designed to handle the rigors of everyday training and riding
  • ¾” felt interior encompassed by heavy duty durable canvas
  • Outstanding quality, thick and  super soft synthetic fleece bottom
  • Wear leathers on each side and reinforced over the wither
  • Color: Brown
  • Measures:  34” spine x 36” drop length
  • Weight:  8 lbs.
$43.99 $29.99
Dura-Tech® Comfort Felt Western Pad
  • ¼” layer of wool felt top and bottom surround a 5/8” foam core center
  • Contoured design with raised cutout wither and conforms to horse’s back
  • Wear leathers on each side, at the wither and down the spine
  • Girth cutout allows fenders to lie flat and to move unrestricted
  • Color:  Black
  • Size:  32 x 32
$89.99 $69.99
  • The ultimate pad developed to provide the utmost equine comfort
  • 1” thick extra dense 100% wool felt is durable and shock resistant
  • Contour two piece design features a raised cutout wither
  • Wear leathers on each side, at the wither and down the spine
  • Girth cutout allows fenders to lie flat and to move unrestricted
  • Compression resistant and maintains its original shape after usage
  • Color:  Gray
  • Size:  32 x 32
$84.99 $74.99
  • Designed to handle the toughest workouts in any training barn
  • Breathable felt underside wicks moisture to keep backs cool
  • 1” felt layer is complemented a with heavy duty canvas top
  • Wear leather reinforcement on each side and at the wither
  • Measures:  32” spine x 32” drop
  • Colors:  Green or black
  • Made in the USA
$39.99 $29.99