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Sore No-More Gelotion
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Sore No-More Gelotion view #1
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  • Sore No-More Gelotion

    Item # 20514
    • Exceptional arnica and witch hazel herbal liniment
    • Massage legs before and after workout or as a leg or body brace
    • Ideal leg maintenance for sprains, strains, soreness and tightness
    • Can be used under ceramic wraps, magnetic  wraps or stable bandages
    • Instrumental in reducing pain and inflammation
    • Wonderful for horses with sensitive skin
    • 12 oz. gel
    • Made in the USA
    full description
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    in stock

    Derived directly from the original SORE NO-MORE horse liniment but in gel form. This all-natural horse liniment is thicker and less runny for those who do not want to loose a drop! Safe to use under wraps. Great to use on horses with sensitive skin and when doing ultrasound work. Equilite's SORE NO-MORE is an exceptional arnica and witch hazel based herbal horse liniment that contains no chemicals or harsh abrasives. Great to use as a massage liniment before and after exercise, or as a leg or bath brace. Wonderful for horses with sensitive skin. Use with or without bandages. It is a cooling horse liniment, therefore safe to use under magnets. Great for humans too!

    Benifits of Sore No-More:
    A cooling liniment that will not blister or burn.
    Use under bandages, magnets or ceramic therapy.
    Use prior to exercising to loosen muscles and tendons. Great when bringing an animal back from an injury.
    A leg and body brace before and after exercise to stimulate blood flow.
    As an indicator - sore muscles will lather when you rub it in.
    Excellent for use on chemically sensitive horses.

    Difference between a liniment and a gel:
    Liniment: Master Blend contains no undesirable chemical additives, abrasives or oils and consists of an all-natural proprietary blend of Witch Hazel, Arnica, Rosemary, Lobelia, and Lavender
    Gel: Same Master Blend as above with all-natural Xanthum Gum added as a thickener.

    Shake Well Before Using

    Use full strengthbefore or after workouts. Use on legs with or without leg wraps. Paint directly on the soles of the foot. Use with ice or heat. A cooling liniment that can be used under magnets.

    Active Ingredients:
    Commnon herbs in all natural propreietary extract of witch hazel bark and leaves. Arnica, rosemary, lavender and lobelia and xanthum gum. Contains only these herbs. No harsh chemicals. Product may settle during shipping. The natural herbs may cause a variance in color.

    For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep away from open flames.

    I love this product


    My horse with pssm enjoys this rubbed on his tight muscles and I love that you can use it under back on track leg wraps for my show horse.


    Phoenix AZ


    Love this stuff!!


    I love this stuff!! My money earning barrel horse has a tendency to get sore after a race...which is no surprise given how hard she works! Once she is cooled out I put this gel on the areas she tends to get sore and I find that she has reduced soreness, her muscles recover quicker and she just a lot more comfortable. My mare's sports massage therapist can tell the difference between when I use it and when I don't so now I use it every race! In the summer I use the sore-no-more body wash and find it works wonderfully and the cold water helps keep her cooler too. I also use the poultice on her legs after a run to help keep inflammation and soreness to a minimum. I carry this product in the trailer everywhere we go as well as keeping it in the tack room at the barn...it is my "go to" liniment to keep my mare running at her best!

    Barrel Horse



    Really Helps


    This really helps relieve aching joints and muscles; I've even used it myself and can testify to the results personally. I would like more information about the legality of using it in USEF competitions and/or FEI competitions.

    The Four

    Northern VA


    New found user, lover


    As a new user i have found sore no more as the easiet linament in the world to use. Not only easy to use but effective on making my horse feel so much better!


    Erie pennsylvania


    Good stuff


    Smells good, easy to apply and does seem to keep the swelling down on legs.


    Apex, NC


    Best stuff!!!


    I love so no more!!! It works very well!

    equine massager



    My horse loves it


    I use this on my reiner after a hard day of riding, I awlays use the gelotin on her back, it rubs into her hair nicely and she wickers when she sees me coming with it.


    Casper, WY


    Great product!


    After a long workout, I always apply this to my horses legs, hocks, stifles and back. This does not burn or smell bad! All natural and the arnica really helps to relieve swelling and pain. Safe to use under leg wraps.

    Florida Peg





    The reason I started using this product was due to a Back on Track Hock boot suggestion. My horse had hock surgery, and BOT suggested using this product under his hock boot. I love its smell, it isn't overpowering like some litaments, since it is a gel.it stays right where i put it..and it doesn't burn my hands if i have cuts on them! My horse tends to get rub marks on his hocks and i dont' worry if I get sore no more in his cuts since it doesn't burn in my cuts!


    Littleton, MA


    Works great on sore backs


    Use this every time after a ride. Reduces any soreness in my mare's back. Was recommended to me by my chiropractor.


    Riverside, CA


    Sore No-More Gelotion

    4.9 14


    I need something for my mare's knee, but I'm worried she'll try to lick it off. Will it hurt her if she ingests some of it?


    We recommend you consult a veterinarian for any concerns pertaining to possible ingestion of products. To prevent your mare from licking, we can recommend wrapping the knee with Dura-Tech® Vet Flex Bandage or item #17473.

    Customer Service

     "I have used the Sore No More Liniment and Gelotion extensively over the years for many reasons. I particularly love the Gel since it goes on so accurately to specific areas, with no waste." Kim Severson - Olympic Medalist Three Day Eventing

    "The Oakland Zoo Giraffe Team is a huge fan of the entire line of Sore No More products! The products are easy to use and extremely effective. We have used the Sore No More topical solutions to reduce inflammation and soreness in the muscles and joints of giraffes with thrush, arthritis, ringbone, and lactic acid build up. It is great for more sensitive animals because it has a natural, pleasant scent instead of the typical menthol smell associated with topical anti-inflammatory substances. The Oakland Zoo Giraffe Team recommends the Sore No More products to giraffe keepers everywhere!" Amy Phelps and Melissa McCartney, Primary Giraffe Keepers, Oakland Zoo

    "The day after Equine Affaire, I went to the barn to discover my horse had extremely stocked up hind legs for no apparent reason. This horse with a relatively high threshold for pain, would not even let me touch her hind legs (below the hock) with a finger without flinching and lifting her leg up like she was going to cow kick. After a bit of work, I got her used to me feeling her legs and was surprised to find no heat or strong pulse at all. I put Sore No More Equine Liniment on her legs and massaged it in and it was the only way she would let me touch her legs for more than a few seconds. The moment the Sore No More was on and I rubbed it in she lifted her leg up and held it on my leg for me to rub it and the head dropped and eye lids drooped. Same case yesterday, she'd only let me touch her legs after putting on the Sore No More Gelotion." Molly Mills, Eventer, Maynard MA

    "Thank you so much for making such awesome products! I have always been a fan of your Gelotion and tried using you poultice last night. As soon as I applied it he started licking/chewing and put all his weight onto his bad ankle I was treating. If that doesn't tell me something then I don't know what does. Thanks again!" Shawna Beardsley

    "I have been using the Gelotion since 2005; when I need to target a certain spots such as the back or hamstrings. After a hard training session, or a long show, I use the Gelotion and have great results. My horses come back out of their stall soft, supple and ready to work again. Love how none of the Equilite products irritate their skin!" Stacy Parvey-Larsson, Dressage

    "This is my favorite product! I use this almost daily on legs, back and shoulder muscles. Even my hands feel great after rubbing this in. My horses always lick and chew when they get the Sore No More treatment." Lisa Lewis-Greene, Chesterfield, NJ

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