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Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System
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Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System view #1
  • Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System view video
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    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System

    Get a FREE Dura-Tech® Insta-Hot® Dust Cover (a $24.99 value!) with purchase of this Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System. Dust cover automatically shipped with order. Valid while supplies last.
    Item # 25593


    No More Cold Baths

    The Insta-Hot® 2 eliminates uncomfortably, cold baths by increasing the water temperature up to 77°F. Makes bathing horses, pets or washing your vehicles a snap. This horse wash can be permanently mounted or made portable by using the Insta-Hot® 2 Cart (not included).

    Save $50 when you buy the Insta-Hot® 2 Combo with Cart. Click Here

    full description
    Item Availability Quantity Price
    in stock
    $429.99 $299.99
    Add $ 10.00 S&H
    Matching Accessories Options / Availability Quantity Price

    Matching Cart

    $239.99 $169.99

    Dura-Tech® Insta-Hot® Dust Cover

    $24.99 $19.99
    Insta-Hot® 2 features include:

    • Increases water temperature up to 77° warmer at up to 2.65 gallons per minute
    • Operates off any standard 20 lb. propane tank for up to 18 hours of use
    • Control knobs to select single or double burner for a wider temperature range
    • Safety tilt switch ensures shutoff if unit tips from standard position
    • Automatic safety shut off after 20 minutes of non-use.
    • Removable drain valve to avoid water pipe and regulator damage caused by freezing
    • Vent top keeps unit clean and creates a draft for heat exhaust
    • Includes: Insta-Hot 2 unit, gas regulator line, 25’ hose with brass nozzle, universal brass couplers, Plumber’s tape, wall mount plugs, and easy to follow instructions
    • Measures: 22” x 12” x 7”
    • Weight: 18 lbs.

    Why did I not know about this sooner!!!


    I wish I had known about this before. It is perfect. When I saw it, I was not sure about it. Then about a week later I took a horse to the vet and they had one there! On their recommendation I bought it. I am thrilled with the heater. We do not have heat in the barn so this gives me an easy way to heat the water and keep the system drained so I do not have to worry about a busted pipe. I would highly recommend this product.

    Camelot Farm

    King George, vA




    The product (Instahot2) just did not do what it promised. It doesn't get hot for me and when it did it lasts maybe a minute. It's a lot of money for the risk of not working. Quite disappointing.


    Syracuse, NY


    Everyone should own one


    I hooked up my insta-hot in my barn bathroom using a 'Y' to send hot water to the sink and another hose for the wash stall. I love having hot water to thaw water buckets in winter and wash horses anytime without freezing my hands off. My vet enjoyed not having to use cold water too. Before I had to haul hot water from the house. Hooking up the insta-hot was fairly easy. I used washing machine hoses because they are heavy duty. Had to get extra couplers at hardware store too. But the peace of mind that the hoses would hold up was worth it. Plan to take it to shows this year so my horses get warm baths. The hot water does take a minute to heat up and get to the end of the hose. Had a slight problem when first hooking up new propane tank. Needed to turn water off and on until air was bled out of propane hose to the heater. Could tell it wasn't working because the igniter kept clicking and the exhaust was not hot coming from the top of the unit.

    Robert J

    Miller, Missouri


    Love having hot/warm water


    I love this product. I had purchased one prior but forgot to drain it before this freezing weather and the cores froze and busted. Naturally, I had to replace it. My horses love warm baths and so do I


    Childress TC


    Insta-Hot® 2 Portable Horse Washing System

    3.8 4


    What are the features of this unit that make it superior to say an RV type propane water heater like Eccotemp?


    Hi Michele! The internal technology behind the 2 units is very similar. You're going to encounter the same maintenance (draining during the winter months, battery and propane operation) on both products if you directly compare to their RV models. Ours is tailored for barns and to be portable when paired with the Easy-Up Carts.


    Installed product, didn't drain properly and water froze and split a section of line. Does the company stand behind that since it is supposed to be an outdoor heater?


    The owners manual goes over proper storage of the unit in the colder climates and explains the warranty as well. The warranty becomes null and void in the event of freeze damage. The manual does explain how to drain and store the unit in cold temperatures.


    Can a regular garden hose be used on the Insta Hot 2 instead of the small coiled hose that comes with it?


    Yes, you can use a regular garden hose but the longer the hose, the heated water cools down going through the longer lengths.


    Does that water only reach 77° or does it rise 77° above current water tempature?


    The water would heat to 77 degrees above what the incoming water temperature would be.


    I am looking for parts for the Insta Hot 2 I purchased. The drain "plug" a long thin twist piece is missing and I need to get a replacement however I can't find where to get this piece. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    missing part

    You can contact the manufacturer, Eccotemp, directly. Their phone number is 1-866-356-1992. They should be able to supply any replacement parts for your unit.


    I want to use this to add water to horse pellets for a couple dozen horses, in the winter, so they get a warm mash (soaked pellets). This is for an equine rescue and currently have to haul water from the kitchen sink in buckets multiple times to make the soaked pellets in winter. due to freezing temps, what needs to be done so the unit is not effected by the cold? Also, the nozzle on the hose - can one be used that allows a steady stream versus the spray?


    The Insta Hot is not designed for use in freezing temps. These are portable units and should be brought indoors to avoid freeze damage. If the unit is used in freezing temps and the water is not completely drained properly, this may result is the pipes splitting.


    how long does the water takes to heat up and how long does it stay hot


    The water gets hot right away. As long as you have gas, you'll have hot water. As long as water is running through the hose, the unit will produce all the hot water you need. There is a built in safety feature that shuts the unit off when water is not flowing through such as when you are shampooing your horse or bringing up the next one for a bath.


    will this unit fit on an insta-hot 1 cart?


    No, the Insta Hot2 will not fit on the original Insta Hot cart. The Insta Hot2 is a larger unit and the cart has been upgraded with a recessed bottom for the propane tank and a built in wire basket.


    Will this product work above 9000 ft altitude?


    I am not sure about above 9,000 ft. but it does work well at 6,000 ft.


    I am in eastern Virginia and have not used it at high altitudes.


    As a rule, tankless water heaters do not function effectively or efficiently above 4000 feet. The unit will lose approximately 4% of its BTU for every 1000 feet over this height.


    You know, it says on the info that above 5000 feet it might not heat. I'd call the tech guys at the MFG and ask on that one.


    Do you need to have pressurized water or can you use hose from water storage tank?


    I just use a hose from my water tank. The pressure isn't the best but it works and the horses are happy for the warm water.  Geri Sent from my iPhone


    The pressure may not be as good from the water storage tank but as long as water goes into the unit, it will produce warm water.


    But...to clarify we do have a pressure tank outside our holding tank. This supplies water to our house and barn.   Geri Sent from my iPhone


    I just use my normal water hose.... it does slow the pressure down but it would be a good idea to have a filter between the water coming into it if you have a lot of sediment in your water.


    can this unit be used above 9000 altitude ?


    I just have a regular hose hooked up.  The temperature of the water is hotter with less gallons per minute.  I love this product.  My horses appreciate warm water even when it's hot.TW


    You'll need pressure to get the burners to light.  Minimum of 20 to 40 psi


    How it works - Insta-Hot 2 Portable Horse Washing System