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Adjusta-fit Dura-nylon® V-free® Westcoast Combo Medium Weight Stable Blanket

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For a blanket with an optional neck cover and a lifetime warranty, we recommend:
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Adjusta-fit Dura-nylon® V-free® Westcoast Combo Medium Weight Stable Blanket
Full Coverage in a Signature Fit
Full Coverage in a Signature Fit
Adjusta-Fit® Medium Weight stable blanket designed with an attached neck for full coverage from head to tail in our Fitted V-Free® Pressure Free Wither fit. Made with a durable 420-denier nylon outer shell.
Key Benefits
Attached Neck with Fitted V-Free® Pressure Free Wither
Attached Neck with Fitted V-Free® Pressure Free Wither
Our integrated Neck Cover is permanently attached with 15 oz. Heavy Lycra which stretches as the horse puts their head down. This stretchy panel prevents the rest of the blanket from slipping forward and maintains coverage no matter the conditions. Patented V-Free® Wither relief are designed to prevent rubbing and relieve pressure on low to moderate withers. They are uniquely designed to fit Quarter Horses, Arabians and other stock breed horse with sloped shoulder conformation.
Adjusta-Fit®- Adjusts for Your Perfect Fit
Adjusta-Fit®- Adjusts for Your Perfect Fit
From wide to narrow, high head carriage to low, the patented Adjusta-Fit® system customizes the neck opening to fit any horse width or head carriage. This unique feature is what allows the same sheet to fit both a wide Warmblood and a more narrow Thoroughbred.
Medium Weight Warmth
Medium Weight Warmth
With 280 grams of high loft insulation this blanket will keep your horse warm for most of the winter. With a temperature range from 30 degrees to 50 degrees depending on your horses hair coat.
Secure Fastening
Secure Fastening
2" wide Adjustable web girth strap and reinforced sewn in hind leg straps with brass plated rust-resistent hardware keeps your blanket securely in place.
Lining Keeps your Horses Coat Smooth and Shiny
Lining Keeps your Horses Coat Smooth and Shiny
The smooth breathable nylon lining is soft and silky against your horses coat. It will leave your horse's coat shiny, rub free, and will not collect hair, shavings or straw.
ID Label
ID Label
A woven inside identification label offers a place to write your horses name, your name, and blanket size for easy visibility.
2-Year Warranty
2-Year Warranty
This blanket is warranty against defect in normal stall use situations for up to 2 years.
Front Snaps for Easy On and Off
Front Snaps for Easy On and Off
Snap front with Hook & Loop Closure allows you to adjust to the perfect amount of snugness at the front of the chest. Double snaps allow for easy on and off.
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Stable Blanket Warranty
Stable Blanket Warranty

How to Measure a Horse for a Blanket

The most accurate and easiest way to determine your horse’s blanket size is to measure along the side of their body, from chest to tail. First, stand the horse square on a flat surface. Measure from the center of the chest, straight back to the very edge of the tail. Make sure to measure along the widest part of their shoulder and hindquarters. The number of inches measured in this way is your horse’s size. Look on the size chart for any Schneiders blanket for this number of inches to order your horse’s perfect size.

If Your Horse Measures
Order Size
33 - 34 inches
34 inches
35 - 36 inches
36 inches
37 - 38 inches
38 inches
39 - 40 inches
40 inches
41 - 42 inches
42 inches
43 - 44 inches
44 inches
45 - 46 inches
46 inches
47 - 48 inches
48 inches
51 - 52 inches
52 inches
53 - 55 inches
55 inches
56 inches
56 inches
57 - 58 inches
58 inches
59 - 60/61 inches
60/61 inches
61 - 62 inches
62 inches
63 - 64 inches
64 inches
65 - 66 inches
66 inches
67 - 68 inches
68 inches
69 - 70 inches
70 inches
71 - 72 inches
72 inches
73 - 74 inches
74 inches
75 - 76 inches
76 inches
77 - 78 inches
78 inches
79 - 80 inches
80 inches
81 - 82 inches
82 inches
83 - 84 inches
84 inches
85 - 86 inches
86 inches
87 - 88 inches
88 inches
89 - 90 inches
90 inches
91 - 92 inches
92 inches
93 - 94 inches
94 inches
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Brand Dura-Nylon
Fit Extra Coverage Fitted V-Free
Warranty 2 Year Warranty
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