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Amigo® Evolution Fly Sheet

For a more custom fit fly sheet with 80% protection from UV rays and protection from insects as small as gnats, we recommend:
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Amigo® Evolution Fly Sheet
Most insects cannot perceive orange or aqua, making your horse virtually invisible to flies in this durable yet lightweight fly sheet!

  • Horseware Ireland carried out extensive research to support our use of this color combination. Most insects have what are known as 'compound eyes', which restrict their ability to see certain colors. In fact, research has shown that most insects aren't sensitive to many shades of yellow, orange, and red
  • The pattern breaks up the shape of the horse, so insects struggle to identify it as a target and can't figure out where to land, essentially camouflaging the horse against a wide range of pesky flies and bugs
  • The knitted polyester net body is soft, absorbent, and strong with sun reflecting properties
  • Supersized tail flap with silky lining, leg arches, shoulder, and mane lining
  • Belly flap with Velcro closures for full belly coverage, three straight surcingle's, integrated neck cover and fillet string
  • In addition, it also features our new disc front closure system (35grm) to create a super lightweight, high tech product

Horseware® Horse Blanket Size Chart
Gently brush off any excess dirt and mud from the outside. Gently hose off your sheet with cool water, and use a wash that is specifically formulated to clean horsewear. Hang to drip dry. Machine washing should be done on a cool wash.
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