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Groomers Edge Belt Mounted Power Clipper
02126.a.zoom.jpg : 3
Groomers Edge Belt Mounted Power Clipper view #1
Groomers Edge Belt Mounted Power Clipper view #2

Groomers Edge Belt Mounted Power Clipper

Item # 02126
  • 5 times the power of conventional clippers
  • Variable speed adjustment from 100 to 4500 RPM, 9000 blade strokes per minute
  • Compatible with all A-5 blades (blade not included)
  • Rated the “Best Body Clipper” by John Lyons in Perfect Horse Magazine
  • 1/8 HP motor with a 6’ cable weighing 8 lbs. (hand piece weighs about 2 pounds)
  • Cuts easily through thick, dense and dirty hair while operating quietly
  • 1 year warranty & 3 year motor warranty
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Dura-Tech® Padded Clipper & Accessory Bag

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Groomers Edge Belt Mounted Power Clipper
Double K Groomer’s Edge POWER CLIPPER was rated the “Best Body Clipper” by John Lyons in Perfect Horse Magazine.  The Double K Groomer’s Edge POWER CLIPPER cuts easily through thick, dense or dirty hair while operating very quiet-in virtual silence at low speeds.

  • 5 times the power of conventional clippers
  • Variable speed control offers speed adjustment from 100 to 4500 RPM’s.
  • 9000 blade strokes per minute with the greatest range of blade motion in its class
  • Cable drive system allows clipper to remain cool
  • Handpiece is impact resistant and accepts all snap on style blades
  • Belt mount fits snugly at the hip and attaches to the enclosed adjustable belt
  • Double K has authorized service centers located throughout the US
  • 6’ cable to accommodate the longest reach’
  • Clips horses in half the time
  • 1 year warranty & 3 year motor warranty

Why did I wait so long?


These clippers are amazing! My horse HATES most clippers but would only tolerate small clippers, but that would take all day. These clippers are quiet compared to other large body clippers but power through the hair. I used a 10 Wide blade and got done in no time and the clip looks really good. The blades did seem to heat up faster than I expected though compared to my old Oster Clipmasters, but I didn't need a shot of dormosedan to body clip either.


Louisville, KY


These are the bomb!


I love these! I was tired of my old clippers barely doing a trace clip so I bucked up and they are so worth it!


Aberdeen, WA


Nice clipper


Works great




Very good product


Very quiet which is nice.




Love them!


I bought these clippers because I have arthritis in my thumbs and can no longer hold the big Stewart Clipmasters without pain. I was immediately pleasantly surprised by how quiet the Groomers Edge clippers are. Such a relief on the ears! There were are few things to get used to: I kept tripping on the power cord hanging from the unit on my belt, the cord to the handpiece is thick and somewhat stiff, and the blades are set so you hold the clippers at an angle to the body (like using a regular A5 clipper) instead of flat to the body like they are on Clipmasters. However, it only took about half of my first horse for me to get used to these differences. Now my hands are happy, my ears are thrilled, and I no longer get covered with hair because there is no vent in the handpiece to blow the clipped hair into my face. I would recommend having more than one set of blades on hand so you can change them periodically to let them cool.

Horse breeder

Santa Cruz, CA


Awesome Groomer


At first sight these clippers look bulky but, extremely comfortable and easy to use. I wish I purchased them sooner.




Good clip, but read fine print , blades not included!!!


I had to go to tsc to buy a blade before I could use this. They're good once you had that. At this price why isn't there a blade?



Best Clippers on the market Schneider's is the best


I am a professional body Clipper I do up to 20 + horses a year these are the best Clippers on the market I have purchased 3 pairs of the belt mounted Clippers over the years I won't buy another Clipper Schneider's is the best for shipping and handling they carry all of the accessories needed for these Clippers best flipper on the market best value best place to buy Schneiders




My barn manager let me use those I WANT!


I had to clip my horses for the show and Oster clippers just didn't cut it. After watching me struggle my barn owner ket me use those clippers. I can't beilieve how faster my job went and how nicer the horses looked! One thing I didn't like is if you do not have a swing arm to mount it to it becomes very cumborsome to carry around. I tried to hang on my shoulder, attach to the belt etc.. there wasn't better solution. would be nice maybe to have a cord longer so it could reach further while hanging on a wall...or maybe even a "kangaroo pouch". Even with that I had never used better clippers! (Also having ANY A5 blades fit it is AWESEOME!)


Oley, PA


A MUST own for Andalusian breeders!


I love these clippers and I've owned them all. Super fast and durable. Takes the manes off my mares in two passes on high or clips ears on low. My only dislike is the cord from the clipper to the motor; I wish it was longer and more flexible. I would buy these clippers again in a heartbeat and the time and money they save is worth the higher price.


Conroe, TX


Groomers Edge Belt Mounted Power Clipper

4.8 22


Where can I get parts for these clippers. I need the cable that goes to the clipp

Claire Silver

You can contact the manufacturer, Double K Industries, for replacement parts. https://www.doublekindustries.com/index.php


Do you sell any used groomer edge clippers and how much


We do not sell any used clippers.


Can i use them on my chows


Yes. This is a great all around clipper that is compatible with all A5 blades.


Yes. I've used them on my horses and dogs. I even sheared my sister's sheep with them. They are the best clippers I've ever used.


Yes. They're the same size as regular corded clippers. Just attach the blade you need.


I have a size 4 oster clippers and a wide regular clippers, the wide regular works but the size 4 does not move the blades, do you know what the problem is


Please contact customer service at 800-365-1311. They will be able to help you with this problem.

Customer Service

Does this product come in a case or is their a recommended hard case? Thanks


The Groomers Edge clipper comes in a cardboard box.� Mine fit nicely in a plastic tool box from the local hardware store.�


The Groomers Edge Belt Mounted Power Clipper comes packaged in a protective, sealed cardboard box. If you want a hard case i would look at a tool box. Those work great for body clippers.

Customer Service