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Western Arabian Training Martingales

Develop the beautiful "arch" while achieving the desired headset. Arabian training martingale allow lateral flexion and will release pressure when desired head position is achieved.

  • Versatile training tool to encourage proper head set
  • Made from the finest, most supple, hand crafted leather
  • Solid brass rings and hardware for exceptional durability
  • Strategic ring placement for different degrees of flexion
  • Adjustable girth strap and wither/neck strap
  • Color:  Dark oil
$89.99 $59.99
  • Versatile training and schooling aid to set head position
  • Made of premium hand rubbed and oiled buffalo leather
  • Neck strap and girth strap are fully adjustable
  • Solid brass hardware for strength and durability
  • Slide on girth loop is included
  • Color:  Dark oil
$49.99 $34.99
  • Encourages the proper head set and flexion in horses of all ages
  • Crafted using hand rubbed and oiled premium buffalo leather
  • Heavy duty nickel plated buckles, rings and snaps
  • Nylon blend cord resists snags and loops through the bit
  • Attaches back to choice of 4 rings on the reins for desired position
  • Fully adjustable girth strap and neck strap to ensure proper fit
  • Includes: Martigale and Reins (Headstall is not included) 
  • Color:  Dark oil
$74.99 $49.99
  • The handiest of all training aids to teach proper head set
  • For use on youngsters as well as schooling before classes
  • Adjustable forks allow the proper fit to achieve the best result
  • Girth strap and neck strap are fully adjustable
  • Solid brass hardware for strength and durability
  • Girth loop is included
  • Color: Dark oil
$74.99 $49.99
  • Versatile training aid to teach various head positions
  • Made of premium hand rubbed and oiled buffalo leather
  • Rings are placed for allowing varying degrees of flexion
  • Neck strap and girth strap are fully adjustable
  • Solid brass hardware for strength and durability
  • Color:  Dark oil
$74.99 $49.99
  • Simple, easy to use method of positioning your horse’s head
  • Adjustable elastic cord runs from the poll to the bit to the girth rings
  • Cord pulls through plastic keeper at the poll and locks in place
  • Heavy plastic trigger snaps attach to the girth rings
  • Allows plenty of “give” to eliminate panic situations
  • Effective for use in all riding disciplines
  • Color:  Black
$21.99 $14.99
  • Made with extremely durable PVC coated nylon web
  • Perfect for training or schooling for proper head set
  • Strategically placed rings for different degrees of flexion
  • Adjustable neck strap and fully adjustable girth attachment
  • Brass plated rings, buckles and hardware
  • Girth loop with ring included
  • Color:  Black
$79.99 $54.99
Victor Supreme Bob Hart Adjustable Arabian Training Martingale
This training martingale is designed to fit Arabians and made of the best bridle leather. The adjustable forks, neck, and girth strap allow for the best fit. This training martingale can easily be converted into a training fork by removing the neck strap. This comes with a girth loop that is removable also.
$84.99 $64.99
  • Finest quality, dark oiled finished leather loop
  • Allows the attachment of training aids to any English girth
  • Transforms any standard or show girth into a training girth
  • Use to attach martingales or draw reins
  • Heavy duty solid brass ring
$11.99 $7.99
Victor Supreme Bob Hart Arabian Training Martingale
This training martingale is made of the best bridle leather and designed to fit Arabians. The adjustable neck and girth strap allow for the ideal fit. This training martingale also converts into a training fork by simply removing the neck strap. Can be used with the included girth loop or without.
$74.99 $59.99
Victor Supreme 10 Ring Training Martingale
This training martingale is ideal for horses that you may need to adjust the rein angle. The rings are precisely placed to allow for different flexion options and rein placement. The neck and girth strap are adjustable to allow for the ideal fit. You can turn this training martingale into a training fork by removing the neck strap.
$94.99 $74.99
Victor Supreme Snap Girth Attachment
This cleverly designed girth ring converts any standard girth into a girth that accepts training forks, martingales and other training aids. The girth ring is handmade from super soft, supple 5/8” wide American leather that loops over a cinch, passes through a fixed brass ring and snaps for secure closure. There is no need to loosen the cinch to put on or take off the attachment.

Features include:

  • Handmade from specially tanned bridle leather for incredible performance
  • Soft, supple leather is hand rubbed and oiled to a dark oil finish
  • Solid brass ring and heavy duty snap closure
  • Feels broke in right from the start.
  • Made in the USA
  • 5/8” wide
  • Color: Dark Oil
$14.99 $11.99

Western Arabian Training Martingales

If your Arabian is having trouble holding proper headset for shows, an Arabian training martingale can help them achieve it. Arabians at the highest level are known for their beautifully arched neck and regal headset. As their head set is different than the ones in Quarter Horses, different martingales are needed to help them achieve it. Schneider’s training martingales for Arabian horses are ideal for young horses and schooling seasoned horses and works on leverage to achieve the desired position. Once the horse’s head is set, the pressure is released.

Shop today and find Western Arabian training martingales from Billy Royal®, Victor Supreme and Premier for all riders, horses and price points. Professional trainers help design these training martingales so they are effective and durable. They are crafted from the best premium leather with rugged stainless steel hardware. The adjustable straps help customize fit to achieve the desired result. The 10-ring Arabian martingale can be used to teach varying levels of headset and flexion just by changing the rein placement. We also have martingales with removable neck straps that convert to a simple training fork if a lower position is desired.

In addition to stocking top quality martingales, Schneiders also stocks our own Dura-Tech® Arabian training martingales. We use PVC-coated nylon and brass-plated hardware in these schooling-only aids to give them the same quality as top-level martingales at a much lower price. Does your horse’s girth not accept training devices? Simply snap on an Arabian girth attachment loop that turns any girth into a training aid acceptable girth. We’ve been at the forefront of horse tack since 1948 and know exactly what Arabian horse owners need for proper training and showmanship. Contact us to learn more about our Western martingales and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.