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ARENACLEAR™ Dust Control

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ARENACLEAR™ Dust Control
ARENACLEAR™ makes your arena a healthier place for you and your horse.

  • ARENACLEAR™ not only eliminates the dust, but it also reduces the amount of water needed to perform this reduction. This means ARENACLEAR™ will save you time, money & labor, giving you more opportunity to ride your horse. In addition, the riding surface will become more workable as time goes by making the riding surface better for you and your horse.
  • ARENACLEAR™ solves the dust problem, while being ecologically and environmentally safe to use. If you have problems with dust in your arenas, paddocks or any other area, you owe it to yourself and your horse to try this cost effective product.
  • One gallon will treat at least 10,000 sq. ft. NOTE: You can ride on your arena after the first application of A. C. & water, however, DON'T DRAG ARENA until all the water applications are completed.
  • The only difference between the indoor application and the outdoor application is the number of times you will have to apply ARENACLEAR™. Since Mother Nature adds new dust & dirt, you may need to apply ARENACLEAR™ sooner than once a year. You can determine this by seeing how much you are watering. However, ARENACLEAR™ should last at least a year under normal circumstances.

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