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Barrel Saddles

Barrel Saddles
Outfit your horse with one of our top-quality barrel saddles designed for speed. Choose from our large selection of barrel racing saddles to find the perfect color, style, and size for you and your horse.

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Double S Reno Barrel Saddle
Double S Reno Barrel Saddle
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Double S Reno Pink Barrel Saddle
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Double S Beaded Barrel Saddle
Double S Beaded Barrel Saddle
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Double S Beaded Barrel Saddle
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All About Barrel Saddles

If you are looking for a barrel saddle you’ve come to the right place. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the right barrel racing saddle for you and your horse. Here are some common questions and answers about barrel racing saddles to help you decide if a barrel saddle is right for your horse.

Frequently Asked Questions About Barrel Racing Saddles

What is a barrel saddle?

Barrel racing saddles are specially designed western saddles used in barrel racing events. The barrel race saddle is designed for speed as it is lightweight and small with a deep seat, high cantle, tall and thin horn, and short skirt. The main purpose of barrel racing saddles is to keep the rider secure while the horse makes quick turns.

What are barrel saddles used for?

Barrel horse saddles are mainly used for barrel racing, but their design also makes them great for other kinds of mounted games. Trick riders often use barrel saddles as they are designed for security.

How do I choose a barrel saddle?

Choose a barrel race saddle that fits you and your horse. When you sit in your saddle you should feel secure and able to move with your horse while they turn.

Can you use a barrel saddle for trail riding? Are barrel saddles good for trail riding?

It is safe to trail ride in a barrel race saddle. However, barrel saddles are designed for speed, not comfort. If you are looking for a saddle to only use on the trails, other kinds of western trail saddles might be better.

What size barrel saddle do I need? How to fit a barrel saddle?

To fit a barrel race saddle sit in the saddle and check to make sure 2-3 fingers can fit between your thigh and the swell. Also, make sure your rump is not touching the cantle, but resting at its base. You should feel secure when you sit in your barrel race saddle. For more details about saddle fitting check out this page on how to fit a western saddle..

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