Bell Boots for Horses

Bell Boots for Horses
Bell Boots for Horses
3 Colors
Dura-Tech® EZ Clean Bell Boot
16719_white.jpg image Dura-Tech® EZ Clean Bell Boot
16719_navy.jpg image Dura-Tech® EZ Clean Bell Boot
16719_black.jpg image
Dura-Tech® EZ Clean Bell Boot
$11.99 - $14.99
7 Colors
Davis® Bell Boots
40205_neonorange.jpg image Davis® Bell Boots
40205_royal.jpg image Davis® Bell Boots
40205_navy.jpg image Davis® Bell Boots
40205_black.jpg image Davis® Bell Boots
40205_metallicpurple.jpg image Davis® Bell Boots
40205_neongreen.jpg image Davis® Bell Boots
40205_red.jpg image
Davis® Bell Boots
$14.99 - $18.99
Davis® No Turn Bell Boots
10634_red.jpg image
Davis® No Turn Bell Boots
$19.99 - $21.99

Shop Bell Boots and Overreach Boots On Sale from Schneiders

We have high-quality horse bell boots from companies like Dura-Tech®, Professional's Choice®, Davis®, Weaver Leather®, Veredus®, Woof Wear, and Majyk. Our Dura-Tech® bell boots range from ribbed rubber double-lock bell boots for rugged protection, double-lock bell boots with fleece lining to help prevent any chafing and provide comfort, and no turn bell boots with a shock-absorbing lining and a built-in heel knob to prevent spinning. We also have Dura-Tech® boots made from materials like heavy-duty neoprene, ballistic nylon, rubber, gum rubber and PVC. For horses that are sensitive to synthetic materials, there are boots with sheepskin collars. There are also weighted bell boots that provide protection while helping to develop muscle and improve gait.

Bell boots, also known as overreach boots, are an inexpensive way to protect your horse from potentially serious injuries caused from overreaching and interference from their hind feet that might occur during turnout and riding.

Overreaching is a timing problem with the horse's gait, which causes the horse's hind feet to hit the back of the fore feet. This can cause injury to the sensitive heel bulbs or pasterns, and it might also cause them to pull off a shoe.

If the horse wears shoes, horse bell boots can also protect against accidental injury from the shoe of the opposing hoof. You'll find quick wrap neoprene bell boots with excellent shock absorbency; patterned boots with superior protection to hoof, heel and coronary band and limited-edition ballistic nylon overreach boots that can handle the rigors of training and daily turnout.

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