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Billy Royal® Chocolate Roughout Classic Work Saddle

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Billy Royal® Chocolate Roughout Classic Work Saddle
Roughout Perfection
Roughout Perfection

The Chocolate Roughout Classic Work Saddle is ideal for those seeking everyday training, colt breaking, or a relaxing trail ride. Crafted with superior chocolate roughout leather, this saddle offers durability and comfort. It's built on our custom-made wooden trees, designed to perfectly fit modern conformations from Arabians to Quarter Horses. This beautiful saddle comes with a Latigo tie strap, a cinch strap, in-skirt rigging, rawhide-wrapped stirrups, and a lifetime warranty on the tree.

  • Perfect for everyday training, colt breaking, or trail riding
  • Crafted from superior roughout leather
  • Custom-made wooden trees for a versatile fit
  • Constructed with full horse bars to fit comfortably on wider backs
  • Includes Latigo tie strap and cinch strap
  • In-skirt rigging and rawhide-wrapped stirrups
  • Gullet width: 6 1/2"
  • Skirt length: 28 1/2" with a 16" drop
  • Weight: 33 lbs.
  • Key Benefits
    Outstanding Comfort
    Outstanding Comfort

    This Western Work Saddle is designed for maximum comfort. Its well-balanced seat is generously hand-padded, providing optimal seating and leg position for a comfortable ride.

    How to Pick the Best-Fitting Western Saddle

    Close Contact Feel
    Close Contact Feel
    Experience a closer connection with your horse thanks to the close contact cutout under the fender. This design lets you feel your horse's side better, resulting in softer, more subtle cues.
    Easy Change Fenders
    Easy Change Fenders
    This saddle features easy change fenders that eliminate bulk, making stirrup adjustments quick and easy. The attached stirrup hobbles always stay with the fender, preventing them from being lost.
    Heavy Stainless Rings
    Heavy Stainless Rings
    Heavy stainless-steel rigging and training rings on both the pommel and front and rear skirt.
    Flex Fender For Increased Comfort
    Flex Fender For Increased Comfort
    This saddle has a flex fender and cutaway design, making it feel more comfortable and broken in. This design also reduces knee stress and makes it easier to turn your feet.
    Slotted Stirrup Hobbles
    Slotted Stirrup Hobbles
    The slit design of the slotted stirrup hobbles prevents them from getting lost and adds security to your ride.

    We offer several financing options on items over $500. To apply for financing, click here.

    Extended Purchase
    12, 18, 24, 30, and 36-month financing on items over $500. Credit worthy customers may choose any of 5 payment plans. Matching equipment may be included. The annual percentage rate varies from 12.9% to 14.99% depending on the terms of the plan. There is a $35 initial non-refundable processing fee. Any down payment reduces the amount to be financed.

    Practically all our English and Western saddles are available for a 1- or 2-year lease. At the end of your lease, you have the option to purchase the saddle. The first month's payment and processing fees are due at signing.

    Keep your saddle covered when not in use and stored in a cool dry area.
    Billy Royal®

    Q:    Will this saddle fit my horse?
    A:   Billy Royal saddles have a custom tree that has been modified to fit the majority of breeds, from Arabians to QH’s. All saddles are guaranteed to fit you and your horse or return it at our expense.

    Q:   What kind of tree does a Billy Royal saddle have?
    A:   Billy Royal saddle have wooden trees that are rawhide wrapped best fitting tree. They are custom designed to fit the modern conformations of today’s horses. All of the Billy Royal saddle trees have a lifetime warranty.

    Q:   Will these saddles fit a draft?
    A:   Draft breeds typically need an extra wide gullet (Full QH bar or better). Billy Royal saddles have a wide gullet.

    Q:   Does the Billy Royal saddle have a full bar?
    A:   Yes, the bars in the Billy Royal saddles are considered full and will fit Quarter Horses, Arabians, Appaloosas, Paints and POA’s.

    Q:   Where are the trees for Billy Royal saddles made?
    A:   The trees were designed by Schneider’s and are made in Mexico.

    Q:   Where do I measure for the gullet to see if it fits my horse?
    A:   The gullet is measured where the pommel meets the skirt. The gullet measurement is taken on the outside edges going across that area.

    Q:   Does the gullet width have anything to do with the bars?
    A:   No.

    Q:   What are saddle bars?
    A:   The bars are the actual angles of each of the long internal pieces of the tree that go along the horses back. The function of the bar is to distribute the weight of the saddle evenly across the back of the horse.

    Q:   Where are the saddles made?
    A:   All Billy Royal saddles are made in Mexico.

    Q:   What is ralide?
    A:   Ralide trees are formed from molded polyethylene. Ralide trees are formed in a single unit with no seams or separate pieces that can come loose. Most ralide trees have a 5 year warranty.

    Q:   How short will the stirrups go?
    A:   Typically, if the rider has a 28” inseam, the saddles should fit nicely.

    Q:   Can I order shorter fenders?
    A:   We don’t encourage it since the fenders will not match the saddle and the lead time is around 6 months.

    Q:   What kind of silver is on the show saddles?
    A:   The silver on all show saddles is sterling silver plate and all silver is hand engraved.

    Q:   What is the difference between the 3 work saddles?
    A:   The Classic Work saddle is a basic work saddle that has all the bells and whistles of the Billy Royal brand. This is our #1 seller. The Comfort Classic work saddle had oiled leather and feels broke in right away. The Pro Work saddle has finished, fully lined fenders and seat jockey to provide greater durability and comfort for you and your horse. It has double bound/layered cantle.

    Q:   How do I clean roughout saddles?
    A:   Roughout saddles are maintenance free. If the saddle is dusty or muddy, simply take a brush to remove the dust and mud.

    Q:   How do I take care of the silver?
    A:   Sterling Silver plate requires the same cleaning as Sterling Silver. We recommend Haggerty’s Silver product or Goddard Silver products.

    Q:   My silver has turned yellow. Is it defective?
    A:   No. There is a thin coating of lacquer applied to the silver trim to keep the saddle free of tarnishing agents. As it ages, it needs to be removed. It will take a little elbow grease with Haggerty’s or Goddard’s silver products, but will clean up beautifully and maintain a bright shine.

    Q:   What is the difference between extended purchase and a lease?
    A:   A lease can be taken for a term of either 1 or 2 years and can be purchased at the end of the term or returned to us. Extended purchases allow you to take payments for a term of up to 3 years in which you own the saddle at the end of the term.

    Q:   What are the interest rates of the extended purchase terms?
    A:   1 year is at 12.9%, 2 years is at 13.9% and the full 3 years is at 14.9%

    Q:   What saddles can be financed?
    A:   Any saddle or therapy product over 500.00 can be financed.

    Silver Care

    We use sterling silver plate on all of our Western show equipment. Sterling silver plate will keep its beautiful shine for years and years and requires the same amount of cleaning and care as sterling silver overlay.

    All of the silver has a lacquer coating to protect the silver from air born tarnishing agents. If the silver should start to turn a yellow or gold color or becomes brittle and appears to flake, that is just aging lacquer. It is not defective. The lacquer just needs to be removed and is easily removed with silver polish or sprays. Once the lacquer is removed, routine cleaning is necessary.

    Your silver should be wiped down after each use and polished on a regular basis to keep its beautiful high gloss shine. It is important to immediately wipe down any silver, such as Romel reins, that come in direct contact with the horse’s body, to eliminate the buildup of dirt and sweat. We highly recommend Schneider’s Silver sleeves to be used between use. The Silver Sleeves are infused with an anti-tarnishing agent and are wrapped around the silver pieces. Any brand of silver polish or spray can be used for routine cleaning.

    Any brand of silver polish will quickly remove any built up tarnish. It is best to use sprays on larger areas and creams or wipes on smaller areas.

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    The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 626 Reviews
    The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 1 Review
    The average rating for this product is 5 out of 5 stars 23 Reviews
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