As a proud owner of a Thoroughbred, you know your horse is part of a breed in a league of its own. With their sleek bodies built for speed, high withers, and a spirit that just won't quit, these horses require special care and attention – which extends to their blankets too!

Our VTEK® Wither Relief blankets are designed with love and precision for high-withered horses like Thoroughbreds, ensuring they're comfortable in their blankets. This fit is specifically designed to prevent rubbing and relieve pressure on moderate to high withers. The upright shoulder and shape over the withers are tailored to fit breeds with similar conformations as Thoroughbreds, Warmbloods, Appendix horses, or those with upright shoulder conformation. Additionally, the blanket extends 6 to 8 inches onto the mane, with fleece placed where the mane meets the sheet, providing extra protection against rubbing. Let's trot through our top five blankets that are perfect for Thoroughbreds.

Top 5 Best Blankets for Your Thoroughbred

    ARMORFlex Challenger II Adjusta-Fit Turnout Blanket

  1. ARMORFlex® Challenger II Adjusta-Fit® Turnout Blanket
  2. The ARMORFlex® Challenger II Adjusta-Fit® Turnout Blanket is more than just a blanket, it's your Thoroughbred's trusted companion in any weather. Designed with the innovative VTEK® Wither Relief fit, it understands and respects your horse's unique body shape and high withers. The Adjusta-Fit® feature embraces your horse's form, ensuring a snug, secure, and incredibly comfortable fit. This breathable blanket is a barrier against harsh weather, providing optimal climate control.

    ARMORFlex Warrior Adjusta-Fit Turnout Blanket

  3. ARMORFlex® Warrior Adjusta-Fit® Turnout Blanket
  4. Think of this horse blanket as the knight's armor for your warrior. Offering the same great VTEK® Wither Relief fit, the ARMORFlex® Warrior Adjusta-Fit® Turnout Blanket is a fortress against the cold. This blanket provides a custom-like fit that ensures maximum comfort and freedom of movement for your thoroughbred. Whether they’re frolicking in the snow or braving a chilly breeze, this blanket offers superior durability and warmth.

    Adjusta-Fit Dura-Nylon VTEK Medium Weight Stable Blanket

  5. Adjusta-Fit® Dura-Nylon® VTEK® Medium Weight Stable Blanket
  6. When the weather outside gets frightful, this blanket makes staying in delightful! Designed for stable use, it provides ample warmth without any unnecessary bulk. Your thoroughbred won't feel weighed down but will definitely feel the warmth. The VTEK® Wither Relief design ensures a perfect fit for high-withers, and the Adjusta-Fit® system allows for customization to your Thoroughbred's unique shape. Plus, the Dura-Nylon® fabric is soft and sturdy, promising long-lasting comfort.

    ARMORFlex® Challenger Adjusta-Fit® Attached Neck VTEK Turnout Blankets

  7. ARMORFlex Challenger Adjusta-Fit Attached Neck VTEK Turnout Blankets
  8. With an attached neck cover for added warmth and protection, this blanket is like a full-body snuggie for your thoroughbred. The VTEK® Wither Relief design ensures a comfortable fit for high-withered horses, while the Adjusta-Fit® system provides a comforting embrace that fits just right. Your horse will stay cozy and protected in any weather with this innovative and stylish horse blanket.

    StormShield II Contour Collar Turnout Blanket

  9. StormShield® II Contour Collar Turnout Blanket
  10. This blanket is like a good friend - reliable and comforting. It offers a contoured collar fit, designed to sit comfortably around your horse's neck and keep rain and snow out. The collar can be adjusted to provide a custom fit, ensuring your Thoroughbred stays warm and protected in all weather conditions. Waterproof yet breathable, the StormShield® II is ready to brave any storm with your horse.

Finding the perfect blanket for your Thoroughbred is an adventure in itself. With our specialized VTEK® Wither Relief design, you're not just offering your horse comfort and protection but a tailor-made experience that caters to their unique conformation. So, take the reins and find a blanket that fits your Thoroughbred like a glove. After all, pampering your horse isn't about reaching the finish line; it's about ensuring every stride they take is comfortable.