Specialty Fly Sheet Fits - Draft Horse, Mini Horse & Pony Fly Sheets

A properly fitted fly sheet is important for your horse’s comfort and safety. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find fly sheets that fit draft horses, mini horses, and ponies correctly. Fly sheets fitted for the average horse, often, do not have the correct length to drop or length to width ratio for these specialty sizes. Finding the right fly sheet for your draft, mini, or pony is important in keeping them safe, providing full coverage, and preventing painful rubs.

Specialty Fly Sheets - Pony

Pony Fly Sheets

Finding a well sized fly sheet for ponies can be frustrating. Many fly sheets marketed for ponies do not have the correct features for proper fit. A pony fly sheet should have a shorter drop from top to bottom, so that it does not hang below the knee or hock. If the fly sheet hangs too low, there is a greater risk of your pony getting caught in sheet. For ponies needing broad spectrum fly protection, the Mosquito Mesh Fitted V-Free® Fly Sheet comes in pony sizes. It is a good fit for flat backed to moderate withered ponies. This style also leaves the mane uncovered to prevent rubs. For ponies that need higher UV protection, a sheet like our Interlock Mesh Pony Fly Turnout Sheet may work well. This style comes up the neck higher to offer better coverage for moderate to high withered ponies.

Specialty Fly Sheets - Mini Horse

Mini Horse Fly Sheets

Mini horses are often the hardest to find a fly sheet for, since their body proportions are different than a foal or small pony that might measure the same length. With this in mind, mini horse fly sheets need a shorter drop and a more cutback neckline. Sheets like the Dura-Tech® Miniature Soft Interlock Mesh Bellyband Fly Sheet offer the correct drop length for mini horses and have a cutback wither. The cutback wither alleviates loss of mane from blanket rubs, which is a common problem due to mini’s upright necks

Specialty Fly Sheets - Draft Horse

Draft Horse Fly Sheets

Draft horses need fly sheets that come in larger, broader sizes. Most average sized blankets (84 and 86) aren’t long or deep enough for most drafts. Sheets that offer a broader shoulder and longer drop on the sides will fit drafts and other larger built horses better than an average sheet. No one wants their horse’s sheet to fit like it was shrunk in the wash. Both the Big Fella Mosquito Mesh Fitted V-Free and Big Fella Soft Mesh Fitted V-Free fly sheets offer these features.

While it can be challenging to find fly sheets that properly fit draft horses, mini horses, and ponies, it is not impossible! We hope that with this information on how they should fit, your horses will be safer and more comfortable.