If you need a suitable fly sheet that can keep your horses cool and comfortable during hot and humid summer days, turn to Schneiders for the best options. Many horse owners are concerned about finding the right fly sheet as they fear it may cause their horses to overheat, sweat excessively, or become uncomfortable. The ideal solution is a fly sheet that not only protects them from pesky insects but also promotes air circulation to prevent overheating.

Today, we'll talk through the best fly sheets for helping your horse survive in hot and humid weather conditions so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase one.

The 5 Best Horse Fly Sheets for Hot Weather

    Dura-Tech Ripstop Nylon Mesh Fly Sheet

  1. Ripstop Nylon Mesh Fly Sheets
  2. Horse owners who need to keep their horses cool during the summer will benefit from the Ripstop Nylon Mesh Fly Sheet. This is the best fly sheet for hot weather on the market! The lightweight, comfortable fly sheet provides excellent UV protection, as well as protecting against bites from small insects and flies. The Euro-Fit features provide a comforting fit at the withers, along with nylon-lined shoulders that make sure your horse is always comfortable. The breathable and lightweight 300D Ripstop Nylon Mesh material creates the best airflow while keeping your horse cool in hot and humid weather – the perfect fly sheet for the summer season!

    Dura-Tech Ripstop Mesh Combo Fly Sheet

  3. Ripstop Nylon Mesh Fly Sheet with Attached Neck
  4. Looking for a fly sheet that offers superior airflow from poll to tail while also keeping your horse comfortable in hot and humid weather? Look no further than the Ripstop Nylon Mesh Fly Sheet with Attached Neck. Made with lightweight and breathable 300D soft, reflective nylon mesh, this fly sheet is designed to keep your horse cool and comfortable all day long. Plus, with a neck cover that’s attached with lycra, you can be sure that your horse will have the extra coverage they need to stay protected from pesky flies and harmful UV rays.

    Dura-Tech Interlock Mesh Cooling Fly Sheet

  5. Soft Interlock Mesh Cooling Fly Sheet
  6. The Soft Interlock Mesh Cooling Fly Sheet is the ultimate, most innovative sheet for keeping your horse cool and comfortable during the season. The soft interlock mesh is made with a nylon cooling yarn that is hygroscopic and sweat-releasing, so as your horse heats up, the sheet worlds hard to cool and inhibits sweating. Plus, it has an 80% UV protection rating that helps protect your horse from harmful UV rays.

    Horseware Mio Fly Rug

  7. Horseware® Mio Fly Rug
  8. The Horseware® Mio Fly Rug is made with ultra-breathable fabric, making it a wonderful choice for those looking for a cool fly sheet. It has a unique patented design with front leg arches to permit freedom of movement, as well as two crisscross belly surcingles that allow for an adjustable fit. This fly sheet is also made from a lightweight and breathable knitted polyester - ensuring your horse is not over-heated while still being well-protected from flying insects. With its exceptional quality and affordability, the Horseware Mio Fly Rug is one of the top fly sheets used in hot summer.

    WeatherBeeta Kool Coat Airstream

  9. WeatherBeeta® Kool Coat Airstream
  10. If you're searching for a fly sheet that will keep your horse comfortable and cool during the hot summer months, the WeatherBeeta® Kool Coat Airstream is an excellent choice. Crafted from a highly breathable 270g polycotton fabric, this classic fly sheet offers superior protection with an impressive 90%⁺ UV rating. What makes it truly unique is its innovative mesh lower panel that enhances airflow and helps regulate your horse's body temperature. This top-of-the-line fly sheet is a must-have for any horse owner who wants to ensure their equine friend stays protected and comfortable in hot, humid weather.

Can Horses Wear Fly Sheets in Hot Weather?

Fly sheets can certainly be used in the hotter months, but care must be taken. To protect horses against insects and UV radiation in hot weather, fly sheets with features such as mesh panels for maximum airflow are a great option. However, fly sheets should not be used if temperatures become too high and air circulation is limited - this can trap sweat against a horse’s skin, leading to overheating and dehydration. Ultimately, fly sheets are an effective tool against bugs and UV rays when temperatures begin to rise, but you should always monitor your horse to make sure they don't overheat.

In conclusion, fly sheets are the perfect solution to keep your horse cool and comfortable during hot and humid summer days. They protect your horse from pesky insects, allow for proper air circulation, and reduce the risk of sunburn on light-colored horses. As we've discussed in this blog post, there are various fly sheet options available that cater specifically to hot and humid weather conditions. By investing in a high-quality fly sheet that is breathable, lightweight, and offers UV protection, you can ensure your equine companion stays healthy and happy throughout the summer months. Head to our Fly Sheet Guide to learn more about the best options for your horse’s needs.

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