Every horse needs protection from harmful UV rays and bothersome bugs during the summer months, which makes investing in the best fly sheet an absolute must. Not only will this help protect your horse from annoyance, but it can also add extra protection against sunburns or skin irritations that are common during the long summer months. To ensure you have the proper gear for your horse, we've compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best fly sheets for sun protection currently on the market — all designed to provide maximum coverage against UV rays.

    Interlock Mesh Bellyband Fly Turnout Sheet

  1. Soft Interlock Mesh Bellyband Fly Turnout Sheet
  2. If you're looking for comfortable, protective coverage from the sun and biting bugs, look no further than a Soft Interlock Mesh Bellyband Fly Sheet. Crafted from a soft and opaque 300D polyester mesh material, this product helps prevent sun damage by blocking up to 80% of harmful UV rays. The full belly band protection ensures maximum coverage for your horse, and the soft interlocking mesh allows air to flow freely while also providing protection against flies. Further features such as nylon-lined shoulders help minimize rubbing, and extended gussets give optimal freedom of movement, ensuring your horse stays comfortable at all times.

    Soft Interlock Combo Fly Sheet

  3. Soft Interlock Mesh Combo Fly Sheets
  4. Get ready for summer with the Soft Interlock Mesh Combo Fly Sheet! This ultra-opaque 300D polyester mesh gives your horse up to 80% protection from harmful UV rays and protects against biting insects and heat. With a nylon-lined shoulder to avoid rubbing and a permanently attached neck cover made of heavy Lycra stretch seams for extra comfort while grazing, your horse will stay comfortable no matter the weather. Not only is the fly sheet lightweight, but it also has extended gussets for ease of movement – plus an interlock mesh construction that ensures maximum airflow and durability.

    Dura-Tech Soft Interlock Leg Shield Combo Fly Sheet

  5. Soft Interlock Mesh Leg Shield Combo Fly Sheet
  6. The Soft Interlock Mesh Leg Shield Combo Fly Sheet is a great choice for summertime protection, blocking up to 80% of the sun's damaging UV rays. This fly sheet is crafted from 350D polyester mesh for a comfortable fit and comes with an attached neck, bellyband, and extended leg panels for all-over UV defense. The soft interlocking mesh offers increased air circulation and excellent durability, while the nylon lining on the shoulders keeps rubbing at bay. Additionally, the longer leg flaps provide superior coverage from pests, and that same nylon also helps keep your horse's coat glossy for show-ring-worthy looks.

    Interlock Mesh Pony FLy Turnout Sheet

  7. Soft Interlock Mesh Pony Fly Turnout Sheet
  8. Keep your pony protected and comfortable with the Soft Interlock Mesh Pony Fly Turnout Sheet! Crafted with durable 300D polyester mesh, it prevents sun damage and deflects up to 80% of harmful UV rays while keeping your pony cool in direct sunlight. The interlocking mesh makes it strong and breathable, providing optimal comfort and protection against biting flies without restricting movement. In addition, the brass-plated hardware is resistant to corrosion from fly sprays or detergents. Make sure your pony is ready for whatever the summer may bring with the Soft Interlock Mesh Pony Fly Turnout Sheet – offering superior comfort, UV protection, and durability.

    Hybrid Fly Sheet

  9. Mosqutio Mesh Hybrid Fly Sheets
  10. Mosquito Mesh Hybrid fly sheets are an ideal option for horse owners looking for the best insect and UV protection. These fly sheets provide superior coverage from all flying insects, including tiny gnats that can often slip through traditional screens. The mesh fabric is extra fine, allowing for a snug fit to your horse's body with plenty of airflow. Comfortable and lightweight, these fly sheets provide 60% UV protection over your horse’s back amd 80% UV protection along their sides - without creating intense heat. The durable material resists wear and tear, ensuring your horse has the UV and insect protection they deserve in their pasture.

    Dura-Tech Interlock Mesh Zebra Fly Sheet

  11. Soft Interlock Mesh Zebra Fly Sheet
  12. The Soft Interlock Mesh Zebra Fly Sheet brings the adventures of the jungle right to your barn. Constructed with a unique 300D soft interlock mesh weave, this fly sheet protects your horse from up to 80% of harmful UV rays, allowing airflow and providing insect protection. The nylon-lined shoulder helps reduce irritation, and extended gussets allow for natural movement. Not only is the eye-catching zebra print super stylish but studies have even shown that its irregular patterns are known to deter flies from landing on your horse. Learn more about how this fly sheet does its magic!

    Dura-Tech Interlock Mesh Cooling Fly Sheet

  13. Soft Interlock Mesh Cooling Fly Sheet
  14. The Soft Interlock Mesh Cooling Fly Sheet is the ultimate sheet for keeping your horse cool and comfortable during fly season. The soft interlock mesh design provides your horse with 80% UV Protection allowing for airflow and insect protection against biting flies. Not only that, but the nylon cooling yarn is hygroscopic and sweat-releasing, so as your horse heats up, the sheet works hard to cool and inhibit sweating.

    WeatherBeeta Kool Coat Airstream Fly Sheet

  15. WeatherBeeta® Kool Coat Airstream
  16. Keep your horse safe this summer with the WeatherBeeta® Kool Coat Airstream. Crafted from 270g polycotton, this breathable sheet offers up to 90%+ UV protection and is lined at the shoulders to prevent rubbing and irritation. Its mesh lower panel ensures easy air circulation to help keep your horse cool and comfortable even in hot weather. With the WeatherBeeta Kool Coat Airstream, you can be sure that your horse has the ultimate protection from the sun all summer long.

A reliable fly sheet is a must-have for horse owners during the summer months. Not only do they provide protection from bugs and UV rays, but fly sheets also help to prevent sunburns and skin irritation. To ensure your horse is properly outfitted for the season, Schneiders’ fly sheet guide offers an array of options for the best fly sheets on the market, catering to your horse’s specific needs. Give your four-legged best friend the top-notch protection they need this summer with a fly sheet from Schneiders!

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