Why Use Mini Horse Fly Sheets for Your Miniature Horse?

Mini horse fly sheets provide your miniature horse with hours of stress-free turnout by helping to protect them from flies, mosquitos, and other biting insects. By providing a physical barrier between your mini’s skin and biting insects, your miniature horse is bothered less by landing insets and insect bites.

In addition to providing protection from pesky insects, a mini fly sheet may also protect from harmful UV rays. A UV fly sheet helps to reduce your miniature horse’s coat exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays, keeping it from being “bleached out” and helping it to remain smooth. The highest UV protection is found in fly sheets made with Soft Interlock Mesh.

Fly sheets help your mini enjoy turnout time with less stress and bother. Sensitive minis, who are particularly bothered by pests may benefit greatly from a fly sheet by keeping them from pacing, kicking-at or trying to run away from annoying insects.

Why Use Mini Horse Fly Sheets - Choosing the Best Miniature Horse Fly Sheets

Choosing the Best Miniature Horse Fly Sheets

The best fly sheets for miniature horses are specifically designed for the confirmation ratio unique to the mini. A mini’s confirmation is not just a down-sized version of a full-sized horse and for fly sheets to fit safely and securely it needs to be cut to the right ratios. Miniature fly sheets at Schneiders are carefully selected to provide your mini with the best fitting fly sheets available.

Choose the best fly sheet style for your mini by considering your mini’s needs and tolerance for things on their belly. Miniature fly sheets are available with a traditional surcingle closure or with a wide bellyband, covering more exposed belly with a wide band of the fly sheet material.

Mini fly sheets are available in a few different materials, depending on your needs. Choose between a nylon ripstop mesh that provides insect protection with airflow or a soft interlock mesh that provides insect protection, airflow, and UV protection.

Fly sheets made of ripstop nylon mesh is lightweight and comfortable, providing up to 65% UV protection.Ripstop Nylon Mesh is a soft, shiny, and reflective and keeps your mini cool and comfortable. Durable for average turnout, with a fine mesh to protect against the smallest biting insects. The ripstop feature keeps the turnout from continuing to rip if snagged.

Soft Interlock Mesh fly turnouts are made with a soft opaque 300D polyester mesh that prevents sun damage by protecting up to 80% harmful UV rays. This unique interwoven mesh design provides strength, stays cool in direct sunlight, and allows for air flow, all while providing insect protection against biting flies.

Other options typically available on miniature horse fly turnouts sheets are fleece at withers, with or without a cut-back to help fit and reduce rubbing.

A tail flap or tail cover on a fly sheet help to prevent insects from getting up under the sheet at the tail. Look for a tail flap that is large or darted with extra material so that it doesn’t inhibit your mini’s ability to swish their tail.

Why Use Mini Horse Fly Sheets - How to Measure Fit for Your Mini Horse Fly Sheets

How to Measure Fit for Your Mini Horse Fly Sheets

As with any mini turnout sheet, it is important your fly sheet fits properly for safety and protection.

To start, stand your miniature horse squarely on flat, even ground.

Take a soft measuring tape and place the beginning at the middle of your mini’s chest. Run the measuring tape around your mini’s shoulder, along their side, around to the middle of their tail. Be sure to measure the widest part of your mini from the center of their chest to the center of their tail.

The final inch measurement should correspond to fly sheet size. Keep in mind that too small sheets and too large sheets tend to rub. Too large sheets can be a safety hazard.