Schneiders Employee Favorites

At Schneiders, horses define who we are. That's why we're excited to share with you some of our employee's favorite products, hacks, and lessons learned.

Nothing in the world compares to spending quality time grooming your horse. It brings me back to being a little girl sitting in my room, brushing the knots out of the tail of my American Girl doll’s horse, the doll nowhere to be found. The horse was always the more important part of the set. There’s something so calming about the time spent grooming your horse, plus looking at your finished masterpiece isn’t too bad either. All of that being said, I am a grooming fanatic. Oftentimes, you’ll catch me scrolling for hours on TikTok looking for new grooming products to try. However, regardless of the amount of sprays, brushes, and shampoos I purchase, I do have my staples.

My Horse Grooming Supplies List

From brushes to sprays, I feel like I've tried it all. But, what I've learned over the years is that sometimes the basics are the best. Below, I’ve listed the 12 horse grooming products that I always have on hand and certainly can’t live without.

    Schneiders Magic Grooming Brush

  1. Schneiders Magic Grooming Brush
  2. What is it? The Magic Grooming Brush isn’t lying with the name it has been given. I really believe it’s magic. This brush features stiff yet soft bristles that massages your horse and is perfect for loosening up dirt while grooming.

    Why do I love it? There are a few reasons I love this brush. The price point is hard to beat at less than $10. It’s lightweight, doesn’t take up much room in my grooming bag, and it works magic when dealing with a thicker coat.

    When do I use it? I use this brush almost daily in the Fall, Winter, and Spring months when my horse has a thicker coat. In my grooming routine, I use this brush to loosen up caked on dirt that a normal brush wouldn’t get. On my scruffy pony, we use this brush quite often during shedding season!

    Rubber Curry Comb

  3. Rubber Curry Comb
  4. What is it? We all know and love a rubber curry comb, the rubber brush that removes mud, hair, and massages your horse! This is a staple in many grooming routines, and is great for stimulating natural oils on your horse’s body.

    Why do I love it? The curry comb is the best tool to make your horse sparkle and shine. Also, many horses really enjoy the massage. I love the curry comb because I believe it’s so simple, yet works wonders on your horse’s coat.

    When do I use it? Every. Single. Day. The rubber curry comb is probably my absolute favorite grooming tool ever invented. I start my grooming routine off with curying, before and after using any sprays, and I always curry after rinsing or bathing.

    HandsOn Grooming Gloves

  5. HandsOn® Grooming Gloves
  6. What is it? The HandsOn® Grooming Gloves feature unique rubber nodules on the hands that are gentle, flexible, and effective for scrubbing caked dirt off your horse’s body, while still being gentle enough to use on their face and legs. You can use these gloves for grooming, bathing, and even massaging your horse.

    Why do I love it? I love using these gloves as a curry comb alternative when grooming my horse’s legs and face. They’re great for those contoured places that a normal comb or brush couldn’t get to.

    When do I use it? I use these gloves when I need to curry my horse's legs and face. They’re great for those hard to reach places, plus you can apply as much or little pressure as desired. Also, if my horse is extremely dirty, I use these gloves while bathing. They’re great for loosening up dirt that’s trapped deep in the coat.

    Decker Grip Fit Majestic Brush

  7. Decker Grip Fit® Majestic Brush
  8. What is it? This is a normal soft bristle brush made for young equestrians. Not only is it colorful, but it’s made to withstand the abuse horse people put their brushes through.

    Why do I love it? The reason I love this brush is because of the size. I have little hands, and this brush fits perfectly in my hands. The size also makes it great for brushing my horse’s face and legs without being too “bulky”. Not only is the size great, but it flicks the dirt and dust off my horse very successfully.

    When do I use it? I use this brush daily, normally after I curry my horse. I use it on my horse’s body, face, legs, and belly. It’s soft enough to use anywhere, but works wonders on removing dirt and dust from their coat.

    Epona Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer

  9. Epona Tiger's Tongue Horse Groomer™
  10. What is it? If you haven’t used the Tiger Tongue yet, you need to start ASAP. It’s a multi-tasker tool that removes dirt, debris, and sweat marks with ease. It can be used wet or dry while grooming, bathing, or even doing barn work like cleaning water buckets.

    Why do I love it? I love this sponge because it holds water and soap, but the “cat tongue” feeling of it really deep cleans your horse. This has been one of my favorite bathing tools ever. I always keep multiple of these on hand!

    When do I use it? There are two ways that I use my Tiger Tongue. First, it has replaced my normal sponge in my bathing routine. The second way I use this sponge is after a ride when it’s too cold to rinse off. I use it dry to erase any saddle pad marks that may have been left.

    Schneiders Power Wash Sprayer with Soap Dispenser

  11. Schneiders® Power Wash Sprayer with Soap Dispenser
  12. What is it? This tool makes it easy to quickly bathe your horse. This all-in-one hose attachment has multiple pressure settings and a removeable soap dispenser to fill with your favorite soap or shampoo. You can easily switch from a water rinse to soap with an easy dial at the top of the sprayer.

    Why do I love it? I love this tool because of the time it saves me when bathing. Plus, I feel I get more out of my soap and less is wasted.

    When do I use it? I use this tool every time I need to bathe my horse. I even take it with me to horse shows!

    Betty's Best Skin and Coat Cloth Wipes XL

  13. Betty's Best Skin & Coat Cloth Wipes XL
  14. What is it? Betty's Skin & Coat Cloth Wipes are an all-Natural bamboo cloth for horses that you can use on their body, legs, face, ears, and anywhere else! They’re tough, yet absorbent and can even be washed and reused.

    Why do I love it? I love these wipes because they’re great for getting dirt and grime off my horse’s face, nose, and ears. I appreciate how tough they are and the fact that they can be reused. Also, my horse seems to love this part of our routine. She will lean into my hand as I wipe down her face.

    When do I use it? I use these wipes every time I groom my horse. I clean off her eyes, nose, and ears with the wipes to get rid of any dried dirt and boogers. They’re also great for keeping in your ringside backpack at horse shows for any last minute wipe downs.

    Ultra Nourishing Hair Moisturizer

  15. Ultra® Nourishing Hair Moisturizer
  16. What is it? The Ultra® Nourishing Hair Moisturizer is an all natural leave-in moisturizing concentrate that’s perfect for adding moisture to your horse’s mane, tail, and coats. This spray controls dry skin and dandruff and is great to use on horse’s with sensitive skin.

    Why do I love it? I love using this product to help add moisture back in my horse’s mane, tail, and coat. I’ve found that continuously spraying this in my horse’s tail keeps it moisturized and prevents her from rubbing it. It’s great for daily use.

    When do I use it? I use this product almost every time I groom my horse’s coat, alternating with Vetrolin Shine (more on this next). I also use this product almost daily at the dock of my horse’s tail to keep her from rubbing it.

    Vetrolin Shine

  17. Vetrolin Shine
  18. What is it? Vetrolin Shine is a coat polish and vitamin-rich conditioner that instantly produces a long lasting healthy sheen. It repels dirt and dust, which helps keep your horse’s coat cleaner longer.

    Why do I love it? I love using this spray because it not only makes my horse sparkle but it also keeps her soft. It’s perfect to use before horse shows or even weekly to keep your horse looking squeaky clean.

    When do I use it? I use this spray regularly, alternating with the Ultra Hair Moisturizer. I use it after I curry comb my horse to make sure it gets deep in her coat. Before and during horse shows, I will use this more frequently to ensure my horse is shiny for the show.

    Ultra Magic Detangler

  19. Ultra® Magic Detangler
  20. What is it? The Ultra® Magic Detangler is a product that detangles manes and tails without damaging the hair. Not only does it successfully detangle, but it strengthens hair fibers to keep your horse's mane and tail growing thick and long, while offering a shiny and conditioning effect.

    Why do I love it? I’ve used and tested many detanglers, but the Ultra Magic Detangler is hands down my favorite. Not only is it great at detangling those tricky knots, but you can tell that it moisturizes their tail in the process. I’ve noticed when you use it that it stays effective for multiple days, which helps with preventing any breakage.

    When do I use it? I use this product a few times a week to keep my horse’s tail tangle free. However, I always make a point to use it after I wash her tail. By keeping her tail tangle free, she is less likely to snag it and pull it out.

    Ultra Enhanced Intense Brightening Shampoo

  21. Ultra® Enhanced Intense Brightening Shampoo
  22. What is it? This brightening shampoo is formulated to enhance and intensify ALL coat colors with whitening capabilities for light horses and chrome. It penetrates deep into the coat to loosen and dissolve tough stains, bringing up the natural colors and beauty.

    Why do I love it? Having a messy mare, with four white socks, I’ve always struggled keeping her socks sparkling white. I’ve used purple shampoo after purple shampoo, but this shampoo has been the best! Since discovering this product, I haven’t purchased purple shampoo once. It’s INCREDIBLE for dissolving stains and making their chrome WHITE!

    When do I use it? I use this anytime I bathe my horse, mainly on her white socks. However, I have a dappled chocolate palomino that I use over her entire body. It’s great for enhancing her dapples!

    Eqyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder Hoof, Mane and Tail

  23. Eqyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder Hoof, Mane & Tail
  24. What is it? The Eqyss Mega-Tek Rebuilder revitalizes and rebuilds hair from root to tip, eliminates hair breakage, conditions rubs, and helps manage shelly footed horses. This conditioner strengthens hair without the use of silicone, synthetic polymers, oils or petroleum based products which cause dry, brittle hair and hoofs.

    Why do I love it? This is my absolute favorite tail conditioner on the market. It leaves my horse’s tail feeling and looking thicker, while keeping it tangled free for longer. After I use this product, my horse’s tail feels so healthy.

    When do I use it? I use this product every single time I bathe my horse’s tail. After I clean her tail, I leave this on for 5 minutes then rinse out. It’s a great conditioner to help your horse’s mane and tail look and feel fuller!

A Little About Me:

Schneiders Employee - Emmy Leberte

Job Title: Community Marketing Manager

Department: Marketing

Discipline: Hunter / Eventer-in-progress

My name is Emmy, and I’ve been working in the Schneiders Marketing department for almost two years and have been an equestrian for 22 years. I’m the proud owner of two wonderful mares, which you may have seen on TikTok. Theodosia is my 6 year old OTTB that I've had for two years now. Although I’ve only had her in my life for a short period, I’ve learned so much about riding and horse care while owning this horse. Miss Dapples, my very first pony, I’ve owned for 22 years. I took her from walk trot to Pony Finals, participating in Pony Club and foxhunting in the process. She is now teaching my daughter how to walk trot, and I hope they’ll start competing together soon! I’ve been a Hunter/Jumper my entire life, but an exciting change I just made was the big switch to eventing. I can’t wait to learn a new discipline and expand my knowledge in the equestrian industry.

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