Going for a Weekend Trail Ride - By: Jamie D.

Jamie has been with Schneider Saddlery since 1979. She is an integral part of our Merchandising department as well as the local 4-H and horse show circuit. Jamie was a 4-H advisor for many years and still works closely with local horse show organizations like GHPA. Jamie enjoys showing in ranch classes and participating in cow sorting and obstacle courses for fun as well with her horse Samantha. Read on to hear about Jamie and Samantha’s trail riding adventure in 2017.

Happy Trails… well, maybe…

So, this “horse show gal” hits the trail for a weekend of adventure!

As my traveling partner arrives, she looks at the three stacks of everything I have packed and shakes her head – “Won’t Fit”. We put in a quick call to the rig following us to see if they could squeeze my necessities in! “Sure!” Yea! Don’t have to leave anything behind!

Arriving at the campsite singing “Happy Trails”, we unload. I set up like it’s a horse show. Lots of grooming products, brushes, shampoos, wash tote, boots, multiple bridles, pads, and halters; which I used less than half. OK so I over packed … first lesson of the weekend.

Day 1: The Hill Trail Ride

Day 1: 'The Hill Trail Ride'

I learned how to use a tie line. Oh yea, only after my horse got loose and free lunged around the camp grounds. Another lesson learned!

After making it on the trail I learned when you hear buzzing in your ear and your horse is jumping around, you keep going forward and don’t turn around to go back. Which is where the bees were to begin with, only to have to get by them again! Ok but did have a sting or two. Another lesson!

I can do this! As we approach the hills … HILLS?? These are mountains in my book: with twisty, turney narrow paths, wash outs, boulders, and lots of big trees. Did I mention STEEP? We did it and I have both of my knees to prove it. I learned to hold on to the mane for balance and forward motion. It was way too steep to use a saddle horn! WOW! Everyone is saying that the best ride of the season is tomorrow! Hmmm I am thinking of finding a mall for some shopping tomorrow, this cowgirl needs retail therapy.

Day 2: The River Trail Ride

Day 2: ‘The River Trail Ride’

Complete with life jackets and a course on getting across the river, “Can you swim?” “Heck ya I can swim-I was on the swim team.” Thirty-one of us pack our lunches, load our horses in a caravan of stock trailers, and head out with our guide. As I am sitting on my horse enjoying the scenery we come to the river and need to cross it. I have a new respect for my horse, picking her way thru the rocks, enjoying a well-deserved drink, and not letting the current affect her sense of direction. They weren’t kidding when they said not to look down at the water. Whoa, you do get dizzy.

Riding along, I realized how lucky we are! Does it get any better than this? Listening to everyone share stories, giggling, enjoying our day, and experiencing our passion for horses in a whole new way! Will I go again? You bet! I can say it was one of my favorite horse experiences! Did I mention I also got to do some retail therapy on the trail? There just happened to be a country store on our way back to camp!

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