Jordán Linstedt Eventing

Here at Schneiders, we love supporting the professionals who work hard to keep this sport going. We decided to showcase these Professionals in a monthly blog post so that you can hear their fantastic stories and advice, too. We sat down with Jordán Linstedt to hear about her experiences.

Jordan Linstedt

Q: Tell us about your business? What services do you offer?

A: My name is Jordán Linstedt, and I'm a five-star level event rider based in Monroe, Washington. I grew up in Redmond, Washington, and have ridden all my life. I recently moved into a new facility where I run my business. I have 22 horses in training, about 12 I compete myself, and 10 clients in full training. I compete at the national and international level regularly throughout area VII and the entire west coast with my team.

JL Eventing Farm

Q: How did you get your start in the equine industry?

A: I started riding when I was six months old with my first pony that my parents bought from the neighbor girl. Riding was a huge part of my life growing up, and when I was about 14, my parents bought a farm in our neighborhood. At that point, starting high school, I started teaching my sister’s friends and acquired a program teaching beginner riders. That soon grew, and I had several horses in training and kids that bought their first ponies and horses. Within a couple of years, I was taking new students to shows, competing on my own horses, and competing with client horses while I was still in high school.

I went to college at the University of Washington locally and continue to ride and teach. When I was 20 years old, in my second year in college, my horse Tullibards Hawkwind was ready to move up to the advanced level, which was scarce in the Pacific Northwest then. A dressage trainer, David Wightman, whom I rode with in a clinic, recommended I go to California to compete and connected me with Tamie Smith. In December 2008, I move to California to assist Tamie Smith and continue my riding career. I worked for Tami for two years before returning home and starting my official business Jordan Linstedt Eventing. From then on, my business took off and became a large program in our area.

Revitavet Capato

Q: What has been your biggest success? Proudest moment?

A: My biggest accomplishment was probably my debut in 2012 at the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event with Tullibards Hawkwind, aka Jack. It was a dream come true to ride at Rolex. It was a completely surreal experience. A few years later, I competed there again on Revitavet Capato, and our biggest success together is winning Bromonts CCI four-star Long in 2017.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge? How did you or are you growing from it?

A: Riding careers often come with challenges, and we all face them throughout the years. I have had my fair share and overcome many, my biggest challenge was losing my long-time 5-star horse Capato in 2018 to a sudden pasture accident.

Q: What are your career goals?

A: My career goals include competing at the five-star level again in the United States and overseas. As any top rider, our biggest goal is typically met if that very special horse comes along and we are able to represent the United States of America in team competition. I also value teaching and running my program. A goal of mine would be to continue my teaching education and become a nationally recognized event trainer in the PNW. I love giving back to the sport of Eventing while sharing my knowledge with the next generation.

Q: What advice would you give a young equestrian that wants to be a professional rider?

A: The advice I would give any young equestrian wanting to become a professional rider is to be passionate about the sport, love the animals, cherish the highs, and expect the lows at times. Always be a student of the industry, take every opportunity to learn, become better, and always stay humble. This industry will remind you how little you know at times and that you can always be better. Never become discouraged, and continue fighting to be your best!

Q: What have you learned in this industry?

A:I have learned so much in this industry, especially always to remember why we do it. Remember, we love the sport and the animals and continue to remind ourselves how lucky we are to have such a passion for what we do every day. When you love what you do, it’s hard to call it “work.”

LS Crown Royal

Q: Tell us about the horses on your team right now?

A: I am so fortunate to have many great horses right now. My top string would include FE Friday lovely Lola, CGF Galway Girl, Magnesium Overcast, and Sam I Am. My younger string includes LS, Cowboy Casanova, LS Crown Royal, and a few other client horses.

FE Friday is a nine-year-old Holsteiner Gelding owned by Kiran D’Souza. Kiran bought Friday in the spring of 2021 and competed in a short time through the preliminary level before heading to college in New York. At that time, she handed over the reins for me to continue developing Friday as a top-level event horse. Friday is a quirky horse, extremely talented, and we are excited for his advanced debut this spring.

Lovely Lola is a nine-year-old Hanoverian mayor owned by the Lovas Partners, LLC, a syndication group of supportive individuals put together to help provide funds to support Lola and I on our journey together to the top of the sport! Lola has competed through the intermediate Level and has all the qualities to be a top-level horse.

CGF Galway Girl is a seven-year-old Irish sport horse owned by Melissa Mohr. She has successfully completed to the preliminary level and will look to compete internationally at the 2-star level with a move up to the intermediate level this year. Ciara is extremely talented, with beautiful movement in a lovely jump.

Magnesium Overcast is a five-year-old homebred of Janine Jaro. Janine has been a long-time supporter and a former owner of a horse Staccato, whom I competed successfully through the three-star level before moving on to a career as an equitation horse. We are excited about Mag's future currently competing at the training level; he will move up to preliminary this year and shows all the qualities to be a great event horse for my future.

Sam I Am is a six-year-old thoroughbred by Kentucky Derby Winner Grindstone, purchased locally from Oakhurst Farm and owned by Kelsey Holthenricks. Sam is currently competing at the training level and soon up to the preliminary. His owner Kelsey is a longtime friend and supporter of mine, she is currently pregnant with her second child, so I have taken over the ride to see where Sam can go.

Liberty R is a six-year-old Dutch Warmblood owned by Amy Itkin. This lovely mare came to me last year as a dressage horse, and she started her Eventing career in May 2022. She had a fabulous season, winning almost everything she entered. We look forward to another great year this season.

FE Friday

Q: What’s your favorite horse care item?

A: My favorite horse care item is Schneiders' Ultra® Magic Detangler. I love nothing more than a sleek, clean, shiny, and soft mane and tail.

Q: What’s your favorite stable item right now?

A: This time of year, my favorite stable item is my Schneiders blanket hanging racks. With constant weather changes and lots of rain in the Pacific Northwest, it’s great to switch blankets easily and have a nice place to dry.

Jordan Linstedt Barn Family

Q: What’s your favorite part about being a professional rider?

A: My favorite part about being a professional rider, other than doing what I love every day and working with amazing horses and the community around me. I love the people, owners, sponsors, and colleagues who support me and the friends I’ve made from being a professional over the years. These people push you to be the best version of yourself and love the achievements and successes of the horses as much as you do. It takes a village in this industry, and I am lucky to have a great one!

Q: At Schneiders, fit is important to us. As horse owners, we want our tack and blankets to fit our horses and our stable supplies to fit in our barn. How and why would fit be important to you?

A: Fit is extremely important to me in many different ways. It’s important that my equipment fits properly, so my horses are always comfortable. This includes all tack blankets and any accessories. It’s also important that my daily things fit well in my barn for functionality. I’m lucky enough to work with Schneiders, who has many different equipments for the horse, rider, and facility. I love that they constantly strive to improve things and make sure the quality of fit is what riders, horses, clients, and grooms need daily.

Q: What do you wish everyone knew about horses?

A: I wish everyone knew how much horses love their job. Horses love to work, train and compete just as much as we love to work with them. They are incredibly sensitive Animals and remember absolutely everything. We have to challenge ourselves always to be patient and kind to them. One wrong interaction can cause a huge step back in challenges. It’s also important to remember they all learn at their own pace and in their own way, and what might work for one horse doesn’t work for all horses. We must continue to train them as individuals and understand how they process to help bring out the very best in each of them.

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