It is no secret that winter is not usually every barn owner’s favorite season. Frigid temperatures and deep snow often make our barn chores a little harder, from breaking stubborn ice to mucking horse stalls. Fortunately, our winter barn chore products guide will help you get through chilly days all season long.

    Dura-Tech Strainer and Ince Breaker

  1. Dura-Tech® Strainer & Ice Breaker
  2. Barn Chore: Watering Horses
    Problem: Frozen Water Buckets

    How it Helps: Instead of using your hands or stomping out the ice from your troughs, you can use the Dura-Tech® Strainer & Ice Breaker to your winter barn supplies list. Your hands and gloves will thank you because this tool helps to break and lift out ice from the water trough or bucket, your horse will have better access to water, and you will no longer need to get your hands wet and cold. This handy strainer can also remove hay and other debris left by your horses during the remainder of the year.

    Dura-Tech Insualted Bucket Wrap

  3. Dura-Tech® Insulated Bucket Wrap
  4. Barn Chore: Watering Horses
    Problem: Frozen Water Buckets

    How it Helps: Instead of messing with frozen solid water buckets or dangerous heating options, add the innovative Dura-Tech® Insulated Bucket Wrap to your water buckets. This bucket wrap is well insulated and easily attaches to your horse’s water bucket, preventing ice from forming. Your horse will have better drinking access by providing this extra protection from the elements.

    Insta-Hot Pro Portable Horse Washing System

  5. Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Horse Washing System
  6. Barn Chore: Grooming
    Problem: Cold Baths

    How it Helps: Bathing your horse in the winter can be daunting when you have limited access to hot water. But you can eliminate those icy cold baths by investing in the Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Horse Washing System. This portable water heater is a lifesaver at the barn or shows where warm water may not be available since it attaches to a hose and operates off a standard propane tank, allowing water to heat up almost instantly. Also, another use for the Insta-Hot is using hot water to thaw frozen buckets!

    HandsOn Grooming Gloves

  7. HandsOn® Grooming Gloves
  8. Barn Chore: Grooming
    Problem: Keeping Your Horse Clean in the Winter

    How it Helps: Groom smarter, not harder, as you curry your horse with HandsOn® Grooming Gloves. Winter grooming can be tough with the snow and mud that stays caked on all season. The beauty of these grooming gloves is that they eliminate the need to switch back and forth between brushes for your horse’s face, legs, and body. The unique rubber nodules are gentle and flexible as they help release loose, fuzzy hair and stubborn dirt while simultaneously massaging the horse. The gloves also include hook and loop closures at the wrist, so they will not slip off while grooming or picking up additional items, a big plus since some traditional brushes are difficult to hold with gloves on. This way, you can keep your hands warm during your horse’s groom or bath session without the hassle of taking your gloves on and off.

    Ultra Final Touch Shining Spray

  9. Ultra® Final Touch Shining Spray
  10. Barn Chore: Grooming
    Problem: Dull Coats/ Snow Caked on Horse’s Fetlocks

    How it Helps: Say goodbye to dull winter coats. By supplementing your horse’s grooming routine with Ultra® Final Touch Shining Spray, they will stay clean and shiny all winter long. This horse shine spray instantly creates intense highlights as a finishing touch on coats, manes, and tails while repelling relentless dust and dirt for a shine that lasts all day, great for winter circuit shows.

    Tip: Spray this spray on your horse’s fetlocks before turning out. It’s perfect for keeping the snow from caking on to their hair.

    Kerrits Hand Warmer Glovers

  11. Kerrits® Hand Warmer Riding Gloves 2.0
  12. Barn Chore: Riding
    Problem: Cold Hands

    How it Helps: If you have horses, you know the importance of a durable winter glove. Kerrits® Hand Warmer Riding Gloves 2.0 are almost every rider’s winter apparel must-have. Constructed with a four-way stretch Dynamic Extreme exterior, these gloves are designed to repel dirt, hay, and light rain while maintaining a lightweight feel. The gloves feature a soft fleece lining for added warmth and touchscreen-friendly fingertips for seamless smartphone usage. With a Gripstretch™ Suede palm reinforced for precision rein handling and durability; these gloves are an essential addition to your riding apparel.

    Easy Up Pro Series Rolling Blanket Hanging Rack

  13. Easy-Up® Pro Series Rolling Blanket Hanging Rack
  14. Barn Chore: Blanketing Problem: Keeping Blankets Organized

    How it Helps: Nothing is more frustrating than fumbling around, trying to find the right blanket, when it’s freezing temperatures outside. With the Easy-Up® Pro Series Rolling Blanket Hanging Rack, your blankets will stay organized, making blanketing time a breeze. This blanket rack saves significant space in your tack room, laundry room, or barn aisle by conveniently holding up to 12 blankets, sheets, or coolers. The arms make it perfect for organizing and hanging wet blankets as well. The locking caster wheels allow you to easily maneuver around the barn and lock the rack while you blanket each horse.

    Dura-Tech Multi-Purpose Muck Cart

  15. Dura-Tech® Multi-Purpose Muck Cart
  16. Barn Chore: Mucking
    Problem: Need for a Durable Winter Muck Cart

    How it Helps: Have you ever been mucking stalls in the winter with an unreliable muck cart? Upgrade your traditional wheelbarrow with the Dura-Tech® Multi-Purpose Muck Cart. Tote just about everything with this sturdy cart: manure, laundry, grain bags, tack, arena or wash supplies, buckets, boots, and so much more! It is durable, easy to clean, weatherproof, and leakproof, and it will not rust, stain, or peel during harsh winters. Everyday stall cleaning has never been so stress-free, thanks to this handy all-purpose muck cart that will not break down on you.

    Easy-Up Muck Tub Wheeler

  17. Easy-Up® Muck Tub Wheeler
  18. Barn Chore: Mucking
    Problem: Difficulty Lugging Around Your Muck Bucket

    How it Helps: Tired of dragging your muck bucket around the barn and pastures when it’s cold outside? It must be time to save your energy with the Easy-Up® Muck Tub Wheeler. This cart frame on wheels is sturdy, easy to handle, and makes hauling manure a snap. It holds all standard 70-quart muck tubs with a lightweight yet sturdy steel frame, so you can easily transport manure across the farm or at shows.

    Dura-Tech StableHand

  19. Dura-Tech® StableHand™
  20. Barn Chore: Feeding
    Problem: Loading Hay Nets Efficiently

    How it Helps: Saving time in the barn is on everyone’s to-do list. Eliminate the need for another set of hands by adding the Dura-Tech® StableHand™ to your set of barn essentials and load hay nets like a time-saving pro. This device holds any cloth hay bag or small-holed hay net open for you, making it free-standing. Simply toss your hay in, take the insert out, and carry on with your feed routine.

We know winter barn chores can be a hassle. With these handy products, you will never get caught up in the cold again, saving you time and effort, so you can get back to the saddle and stay warm!