50 Items You Need in Your Tack Trunk This Year

This year, I started horse showing again after some time off. That meant I had to brush the dust off my old tack trunk and remember what I needed to pack in it. If you’re anything like me, you like to always be prepared. Besides, over the next few days you’ll be living out of that tack trunk, and you don’t want to pack too much or too little because each square inch of that trunk is valuable. So, what do you really need in your tack trunk this show season? I’ve lived the life, dug through my friend’s trunks, and asked on Schneider’s Instagram story what’s really needed in your tack trunk. Below, I’ve listed the 50 items you you should pack in your tack trunk this year.

The Obvious Tack Trunk Essentials

These tack trunk essentials are the obvious items you need to pack. It’s your tack, grooming supplies, horse and rider essentials that you need (or might need) over the show season. We broke it down in an easy-to-read list, so you can check off one by one and make sure you’re properly packed.

Tack and Riding Equipment

Tack and Riding Equipment

  1. Show Pads and Schooling Pads: Pack extras just in case the weather gets bad. You don’t want to go into the arena with a wet or muddy saddle pad from the day before.
  2. Bridles
  3. Martingales: I tend to forget to pack my martingale quite often... don't be like me.
  4. Bits: I always carry a few types of bits, because you never know what type of horse you may get.
  5. Training Equipment: Longe lines, draw reins, etc.
  6. Show and Schooling Girths
  7. Girth Attachments
  8. Ear Plugs and/or Bonnets
  9. Tack Cleaner and Conditioner
  10. Extra Halter: I’ve successfully broken my halter at the worst times, so now extra halters always travel with me.

Grooming Supplies

Grooming Supplies

  1. Hard and Soft Brushes
  2. Curry Combs
  3. Hoof Pick
  4. Mane and Tail Brushes
  5. Baby Oil: This is great to use for cleaning up your horse’s nose and ears before showing.
  6. Alcohol: This is great to use to dry your horse’s legs up before wrapping them
  7. Seam Ripper: You’ll need this to get braids out
  8. Hoof Paint/Oil
  9. Moisturizing Spray
  10. Detangler

Horse Care Supplies

Horse Care Supplies

  1. Tail Wrap and Sleazy/Slickers: You’ll need these items to help protect your braids, especially if you have a horse that likes to rub them out.
  2. Coolers: You can use a cooler to help dry your horse off and keep them clean after a bath.
  3. Wash Bucket
  4. Shampoo, Whitening Shampoo, Liniment, Sponge, Sweat Scraper
  5. Rags: You'll use rags for cleaning your horse, tack, and whatever else.
  6. Poultice: This is great to help with any soreness after a long day.
  7. Hoof Pack: This will help reduce any inflammation in your horse's hooves
  8. Vet Wrap
  9. Horse Boots: Bell boots, sport boots, front boots, etc.
  10. Horse Leg Wraps: For trailering, standing in the stall, showing, etc.

The Rider Essentials

Rider Essentials

  1. First-Aid Kit
  2. Western or English Spurs
  3. Crop
  4. Gloves: Bring an extra pair just in case a loose Jack Russell Terrier finds yours and takes one as its own.
  5. Phone Charger
  6. Extra Hair Nets and Rubber Bands
  7. Boot Polish
  8. Snacks: Bring a variety of snacks and lots of them. Your stall neighbor will probably be sharing.
  9. Sticky Spray: Lots and lots of sticky spray!
  10. Toiletries: Deodorant, suncreen, chapstick, etc.

The Not-So Obvious Tack Trunk Essentials

These items are not always top of mind when packing your trunk, but you’re certainly going to find yourself wishing you had them at some point. Trailers get packed and unpacked a ton, and sometimes these items get left behind or misplaced. Having these not-so obvious tack trunk essentials are going to make you the barn favorite when one of your barn mates is desperately seeking them out.

Not so Obvious Supplies

  1. Extra Utility Straps
  2. Utility Hooks
  3. Double End Snaps
  4. Stall Guards
  5. Leather Hole Puncher: Because you never know when your horse is going to snap her reins in half (speaking from personal experience).
  6. Sewing Kit: Including pins for numbers.
  7. Electrical Tape
  8. Tools: Scissors, Screwdriver, Staple Gun, Wrench, and a Hammer are a must.
  9. Spray Bottles
  10. Zip Ties

What do you like to keep in your tack trunk? Share in the comment section below!