Choosing the Best Gifts for Your Horse Trainer

When it comes to shopping for your horse trainer, we know it can be difficult to come up with a gift that shows how much you appreciate them, especially when you feel like they have everything they need already. Rest assured; we have put together the top 10 best gifts for your horse trainer that will be practical and make them feel like you put a lot of thought into picking out just the right gift they will love!

If you choose a gift to give your horse trainer as a personal gift just from yourself, this list of the 10 best gifts for horse trainers has some affordable choices yet still has that personal touch. Group gifts are very popular, where you may have a group of customers, boarders, or students who want to split the cost of a larger item. Going the group route is a fantastic way to get your trainer that larger or more expensive item they couldn’t afford to get on their own or wouldn’t splurge on for themselves without breaking the bank on your shopping budget.

Once you know if you are shopping on your own or for a group gift, making a selection is easy when we’ve already hand-selected the 10 best gifts to choose from!

The 10 Best Gifts to Give Your Horse Trainer This Holiday Season

    Easy-Up Pro Series Rolling Blanket Hanging Rack

  1. Easy-Up® Pro Series Rolling Blanket Hanging Rack
  2. Horse trainers love a tidy barn and anything that helps make their day a bit easier. This rolling blanket hanging rack will keep horse blankets organized, up off the floor, and able to dry after wet weather. This can be used year-round, from winter blankets to fly-sheets.

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Holds up to 12 blankets, sheets, or coolers.
    • Can be used in the tack room, laundry room, or barn aisle.
    • Easily roll the rack from place to place with locking caster wheels.
    • Grid floor for additional storage while keeping blankets off the floor.

    Dura-Tech Folding Tall Chair With Table

  3. Dura-Tech® Folding Tall Chair With Table
  4. Does your trainer have older folding chairs that look like they’ve seen better days? Give them an upgrade with this folding tall director's chair with a table! It’s the perfect chair for use at horse shows or for teaching lessons ringside!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Padded arm and backrest offer extra comfort.
    • 250 lb. weight capacity and a sturdy yet lightweight powder-coated frame.
    • Attached folding side table to keep their coffee within arm's reach.
    • Add a personal touch with embroidery!

    Dura-Tech MCR Lunge Line 30' with Snap

  5. Dura-Tech® MCR Lunge Line 30' with Snap
  6. Having a quality lunge line for those early mornings before a horse show or during training sessions with side reins or a surcingle makes all the difference for professional riders and trainers. This lunge line will quickly become their new favorite!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Made from extremely durable mountain climbing rope material.
    • Soft feel in the hand and a comfortable grip.
    • The material won’t frey, snag, or get tangled.
    • Large brass plated swivel snap.

    Vac 'N' Blo Pro Deluxe Vacuum

  7. Vac 'N' Blo Pro Deluxe Vacuum
  8. The Vac 'N' Blo Pro Deluxe Vacuum is a popular choice for group gifts that your horse trainer will find themselves using daily. They will cut their grooming time in half while removing dirt, dandruff, loose hair or as a blower to help dry hair faster after a bath or workout. Time is important for trainers, so this is a gift they’ll love for years.

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Cuts grooming time in half.
    • Super suction to remove dirt, dandruff, and shedding hair.
    • You can use it as a blower to remove dust or help dry their coat.
    • Lightweight, all-steel construction with wheels for portability.

    Insta-Hot Pro Portable Horse Washing System

  9. Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Horse Washing System
  10. This is another great option as a group gift, especially for the trainer who doesn’t always have access to hot water. Whether they need hot water in the barn or while away at shows, the Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Horse Washing System gives them the convenience of hot water wherever they go!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Heats water up to 96 degrees warmer per 3 gallons/minute.
    • Operates by a standard propane tank (not included).
    • The LED screen tracks water temperature.
    • Quick and convenient set-up, simple to use!

    Dura-Tech StableHand™ Hay Net Filler

  11. Dura-Tech® StableHand™ Hay Net Filler
  12. Does your trainer tend to be the one always refilling hay bags and nets, either at the farm, horse shows, or each time horses need to be loaded on the trailer? The Dura-Tech® StableHand™ Hay Net Filler makes it quick and easy for them to load hay alone - saving them valuable time!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Quickly fill hay nets or bags without the need for a second person.
    • Sturdy PVC that will last a lifetime.
    • Use to fill hay bags, trash bags, laundry, and more.
    • An ingenious tool your trainer will reach for any time they fill hay nets!

    Stable Mate Smart Cart Stable Cart (12 Cubic Feet)

  13. Stable Mate Smart Cart Stable Cart (12 Cubic Feet)
  14. It is probably safe to say every horse trainer out there could use a better wheelbarrow! The Stable Mate Smart Cart Stable Cart is built tough for heavy-duty jobs. The removable 12 cu. ft. tub and 16” heavy-duty turf wheels can carry up to 600 lbs. This useful cart can be used for just about anything around the barn!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Lightweight yet extremely durable with a large cart to hold bigger loads.
    • Easy front-tilt design and rugged wheels to handle any terrain.
    • Rust-proof and leak-free design.
    • Includes a 5-year warranty on the tub and a lifetime warranty on the frame!

    Easy-Up 8-Tier Free-Standing Saddle Pad Rack Stand

  15. Easy-Up® 8-Tier Free-Standing Saddle Pad Rack Stand
  16. You might lose count if you had to count how many saddle pads your trainer has! The Easy-Up® 8-Tier Free-Standing Saddle Pad Rack Stand is a gift anyone with horses would love, especially your horse trainer! They can keep their saddle pads neat, clean, and able to dry after each use.

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Free-standing saddle pad rack to keep their saddle pads neat and dry.
    • Designed to hold heavy Western pads or stack all your English pads.
    • Allows damp or sweaty pads to dry after use.
    • Easy and quick assembly.

    EquiCare LED Therapy Red Light - Equine Kit And Pairs

  17. EquiCare LED Therapy® Red Light - Equine Kit And Pairs
  18. Horse trainers will be the first to notice if a horse doesn’t feel quite right, their performance is a bit off, or something is physically bothering them. Having the therapy tools to address many of these concerns will help them keep all of their horses feeling and performing their very best. This is a great group gift they will use often, maybe even on your horse!

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Helps prevent, maintain, and treat soft tissue injuries, pain, or swelling.
    • Can alleviate inflammation and pain from chronic conditions such as arthritic pain or navicular.
    • Easy to use without any cords thanks to the rechargeable battery packs.
    • Can be used on different joints and areas of the horse, depending on the wrap or boot used.
    • Great for use before or after exercise to reduce inflammation in joints or soft tissue.

    Easy-Up Pro Series 9 Jump Pole Storage Hanger

  19. Easy-Up® Pro Series 9 Jump Pole Storage Hanger
  20. Does your horse trainer have jumps or poles in the arena? If so, they will love the Easy-Up® Pro Series 9 Jump Pole Storage Hanger. Neatly and safely store up to 9 jump poles on the wall or fence with these easy-to-use storage hangers.

    Why They'll Love It:

    • Quickly and easily set jump poles or rails up on the arms that are mounted to a wall or fence.
    • Store up to 9 jump poles per set, with 3 poles per arm.
    • Simple installation and includes mounting hardware.
    • Keep your jump rails safe against a wall instead of stacked on the ground or leaning in a corner where they could fall.

From practical tools that simplify barn tasks to innovative equipment that enhances their training program and horse care capabilities, these gifts will make your horse trainer's life easier and show them your thoughtful appreciation for their dedication and hard work. Make this holiday season special for your horse trainer with a gift that reflects your gratitude.