The days feel shorter, snow is starting to fall, our horses are growing warm, fuzzy coats, and the smell of peppermint in the air is a little stronger than usual. The holidays must be quickly approaching. While our chestnuts are tucked in at the barn, and not roasting over an open fire, we know shopping for the special horse lover in your life is not always an easy task. Fortunately, our updated Holiday Gift Guide will help you pick the perfect gift for your friend, family member, trainer, or horse.

Whether you are shopping for a practical, personalized, or luxury equestrian gift, we have you covered. We know your horse can’t be left out, and we have plenty of products on their lists, too!

11 Practical Gifts for Horse Lovers

  1. Dura-Tech® StableHand™
  2. Make feeding horses a breeze for your favorite farm owner or manager. There is no need for more than one person to help hold up bags for hay, grain, or even bedding or laundry because this handy device works for you. The Dura-Tech® StableHand™ can be used for just about anything around the barn and holds any cloth hay bag or small-holed hay net open, allowing the bag or net to stand freely.

  3. Kelcie's Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats
  4. No horse’s wish list is complete without treats. Whether your four-legged partner is a picky eater or loves all cookies, Kelcie's Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats will leave you with a happy horse. Every batch is produced using locally sourced, natural ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious rewards for your horse. Designed for optimal digestion and nutrition absorption, these treats are also less likely to retain moisture that would lead to mold and decrease shelf life. Kelcie's Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats are the perfect cookies for healthy and happy horses this holiday season!

  5. Dura-Tech® Limited Edition Unicorn Stall Front Horse Blanket Bag
  6. Our beloved horses are often viewed as unicorns that help us achieve our biggest goals in life. Why not show that off with a Dura-Tech® Limited Edition Unicorn Stall Front Horse Blanket Bag? These bags are super handy and versatile for storing blankets at home, in the trailer, or at shows. The durable polyester material, large hook and loop flap, and nylon straps hold up one heavyweight horse blanket, two medium weights, or multiple sheets. These storage bags can also be personalized with embroidery or silk screened for an extra special touch.

  7. UltraFlex® Slickers
  8. Need to keep your horse extra cozy this winter? Check out these UltraFlex® Slickers designed to keep your horse clean of dirt, dust, and shavings while ensuring they stay warm underneath their blankets. Our slickers also preserve manes, braids, and bands by ensuring they lay flat and do not rub out, perfect for those chilly winter circuit horse shows. These slickers have unique features, such as forelock savers, extra-large eye holes, and high-quality fleece lining at main rub points. We also offer face or faceless options in addition to different front closures, body styles, and fabrics, depending on your horse’s needs or preferences.

  9. Easy-Up® Car Saddle Rack Stand
  10. Does your favorite equestrian haul their saddle everywhere in the SUV? The Easy-Up® Car Saddle Rack Stand will certainly be a game changer for them. This lightweight, portable saddle stand will protect their English or western saddle and keep it upright during car rides of any length. It is easy to assemble, and the plastic caps on the ends will not scratch surfaces. Instead of letting their saddle lay on its side, risking damage, support your favorite rider’s saddle properly as they travel to lessons and shows.

  11. HandsOn® Grooming Gloves
  12. Loved by horses and riders everywhere, the HandsOn® Grooming Gloves are the ideal gift for any equestrian. These gloves help riders work smarter, not harder, as they curry their horses’ bodies without the hassle of switching back and forth between brushes for the face and legs. The unique rubber nodules are gentle and flexible while they help release loose hair and dirt while massaging the horse simultaneously. The gloves include hook and loop closures at the wrist, so they will not slip off while grooming or picking up other items. Even your rider’s manicure will be saved, too!

  13. Schneiders Slow Feed Hay Ball Feeder
  14. Our Slow Feed Hay Ball Feeder is a great option for horses that eat too quickly or need additional stimulation in their stall or out in the pasture. The slow feed holes increase the difficulty of getting hay out, making the ball a clever way to beat your horse’s boredom. Holding about one thin flake of hay, our hay ball feeders are made of incredibly durable material and are the perfect size to withstand daily wear and tear from your horse. You can easily unscrew the top lid to add in your desired hay amount and relax, knowing your horse will stay busy throughout the day while they work on consuming hay at a slower, more natural pace.

    Watch How to Measure an THIS TIKTOK to see how much hay this ball holds.

  15. Dura-Tech® Ribbed Rubber Double Lock Bell Boots for Horses
  16. Does your horse need a pair of heavy-duty bell boots for riding and turnout? Upgrade their boots just in time for winter to a pair of Dura-Tech® Ribbed Rubber Double Lock Bell Boots. These bell boots are a staple in protecting against hoof impact and trauma, which are especially handy in harsh weather conditions. The boots are designed to prevent rubs and are extra secure. They are super durable with a thick rubber outer material that can also be easily wiped clean, all while protecting your horse from overreaching during rides or pasture time - and keeping you from searching for lost boots.

  17. Dura-Tech® Magnetic Sheet
  18. Make your horse’s entire holiday season with a Dura-Tech® Magnetic Sheet! These magnetic sheets are proven therapeutic methods for accelerated healing and recovery. Your horse is bound to love the 90+ strategically placed unipolar magnets for increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, and eased soreness. The lightweight mesh is comfortable and comes in various sizes for your equine athlete.

  19. Easy-Up® Basket & Tack Rack
  20. Help your rider stay neatly organized with the Easy-Up® Basket & Tack Rack that can be hung directly on the stall front. Consisting of a large wire basket with three hooks underneath, this unique tack rack is excellent at keeping daily-use items handy, from fly spray to halters. The rack can be portable for helpful storage at shows or mounted permanently at home.

  21. StormShield® Blankets
  22. Complete your horse’s winter wardrobe with a signature StormShield&3174; Blanket. These waterproof and windproof blankets have extremely sturdy nylon outer fabric guards designed to withstand regular turnout and playful pasture buddies. We offer multiple breathable options and warmth levels, depending on your horse’s winter weather needs, as well as front snaps and large tail covers. You can also decide between the neck and wither fit, belly closures, and durability options.

8 Personalized Gifts for Horse Lovers

  1. Equestrian Padded Leather Bracelet
  2. Perfect for a unique stocking stuffer, an Equestrian Padded Leather Bracelet is sure to bring a smile to your favorite rider’s face. With multiple color accent options and the choice to add a bridle plate, no riding outfit will be complete without a beautiful padded leather bracelet. This jewelry piece is comfortable and elegant with just the right amount of customization.

  3. Premier Lancaster Leather Halter
  4. Outfit your horse in a classy Premier Lancaster Leather Halter without breaking the holiday gift budget. Add your horse’s name with matching brass hardware for an elegant, customized look at the barn and shows. The halter is adjustable and comes in various sizes, while the convenient throat latch makes it easy to pull on and off without sacrificing your horse’s style.

  5. Dura-Tech® Supreme Triple Ply Nylon Halter with Brass Grommets
  6. No horse’s tack collection is complete without a Dura-Tech® Supreme Triple Ply Nylon Halter with Brass Grommets. This fashionable halter is made with high-quality nylon and brass hardware, including personalizing options with a nameplate or embroidery. It comes in various sizes and is adjustable with an easy-on/off throat latch. Great for shows or the barn, you will surely find the perfect color to match your horse’s coat and tack.

  7. Dura-Tech® Deluxe All-Purpose Pad
  8. There is no such thing as too many saddle pads, especially when they can be embroidered for a personalized touch. The Dura-Tech® Deluxe All Purpose Pad is essential in every English rider’s tack box. Designed for ultimate comfort and airflow with foam padding, your horse will be ready to hit the schooling or lesson ring. Plus, the contrast piping adds an elegant flair to the variety of saddle pad colors without breaking the bank.

  9. Dura-Tech® Multi-Use Gear Bag
  10. Another staple in every rider’s closet, the Dura-Tech® Multi-Use Gear Bag is the optimal size to carry tack, accessories, grooming tools, and any other riding or show essentials. This durable tote is designed with high-quality polyester, a rigid frame, and a reinforced bottom to withstand daily use. There are plenty of pockets for extra storage, a full zippered top, a detachable shoulder strap, and nylon web carry handles. The bag can be embroidered, too, so your rider will never confuse it with anyone else’s. This tote will be a big hit under the tree, from carrying everyday barn items to being used as an overnight horse show bag.

  11. Dura-Tech® Limited Edition Extreme Horsemen Collection
  12. Prepare your rider for show season with the ultimate set of gear and apparel bags. The Dura-Tech® Limited Edition Extreme Horsemen Collection will keep their tack and apparel items clean and protected from the elements. They will stay organized with every item, encompassing English and western saddle cases, boot bags, garment bags, helmet cases, bridle bags, western pad cases, and western saddle covers. Each piece in the collection can be embroidered and has convenient carrying straps, ensuring that your rider will never miss a beat when packing and staying organized for shows.

  13. Dura-Tech® 2 Pocket Waterproof Stall Front Bag
  14. Give the gift of organization with the Dura-Tech® 2 Pocket Waterproof Stall Front Bag. With options to embroider for unique personalization, this bag fits a heavy blanket in the large pocket and up to four sheets or slickers in the smaller pocket. If your horse is stalled outdoors at home or shows, this extra durable bag will help keep your gear dry. To prevent your horse from chewing through straps or tossing the bag everywhere, it is hung with a pair of sturdy chains.

  15. Dura-Tech® Polar Fleece Duo-Fit™ Cooler
  16. Keep your horse warm and dry this holiday season with the Dura-Tech® Polar Fleece Duo-Fit™ Cooler. The material is lightweight, machine washable, and non-pilling, making it a must-have in every horse’s collection of blankets. Ideal for post-ride cool-out sessions or to warm your horse up from a wet and chilly turnout day, these fleece coolers are essential to properly wick away moisture and prevent chills. You can customize the cooler with different sizes and embroidery options to fit your and your horse’s needs.

4 Luxury Gifts for Horse Lovers

  1. ARMORFlex® Warrior Turnout Blankets
  2. If your horse requires an extremely durable waterproof blanket, check out the ARMORFlex® Warrior Turnout Blankets. By selecting a size, fit, belly closure, and warmth level, your horse will have a high-quality blanket for life. These sturdy blankets keep your horse comfortable and dry as they play out in the pasture in various weather conditions. The blankets also include patented adjustment features, front snaps, reinforced gussets, and large tail covers with reflective 3M stripes to help you find your horse in the dark.

  3. Billy Royal® Pro Work Saddle II
  4. Surprise your rider with a brand-new work saddle, ideal for schooling at home or shows. The Billy Royal® Pro Work Saddle II is designed to fit most modern Quarter Horses and Arabians with superior roughout leather and a custom-made rawhide-covered wooden tree. The seat is padded and well-balanced, great for riding in comfort. From the stainless steel hardware to a close contact design, this saddle will be a holiday favorite for almost any western rider.

  5. Pinnacle Kirkby Close Contact Saddle
  6. Upgrade your English rider’s tack with a Pinnacle Kirkby Close Contact Saddle. Handcrafted from fine full-grain leather, this close-contact saddle is designed to not break the bank without compromising quality. It will help give riders a secure seat and offers moveable knee blocks for a quick and easy customization option.

  7. Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Horse Washing System
  8. Don’t let your rider and their horse battle cold baths this winter. Keep their horse warm, comfortable, and clean with the Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Horse Washing System. Operating off a standard 20IB propane tank, water heats up almost instantly, eliminating icy cold baths and thawing frozen water buckets. This portable water heater is a lifesaver at the barn and at shows, where warm water is not always accessible.