Introducing: The New Billy Royal Platinum Saddles

Your New Western Show Saddle

Picture this… you show up to your horse show, walk your horse into the arena, and everyone is looking at you and your new saddle. It’s beautifully made with hand-tooled leather and sterling silver accents. The saddle is flashy, comfortable, and everything you wanted in a saddle. Little does everyone know, this saddle was affordable, and we really mean affordable.

We know nothing is quite as rewarding as showing up to a horse show with a high-quality and flashy western show saddle, leaving your competition and judges in awe. Having a western show saddle that is not only made with hand-crafted leather, but has an added sparkle to it, is appealing to judges and certainly makes you stand out in a class. But, one thing we do know is that these saddles can get quite pricey. That’s why we saw a need to create a new western show saddle that will make you stand out from your competition, without draining your pockets.

The New Billy Royal® Platinum Saddles - Affordable and Flashy Western Show Saddles

We are very excited to introduce our new Billy Royal® Platinum Saddle series, western show saddles that are designed to give you the look and quality of a high-end western saddle, without the massive price tag that goes with it.

The Billy Royal® Platinum Saddles are crafted with an intricate hand-engraved sterling silver overlay and beautiful hand-tooled leather that’s sure to help you stand out in any show arena. Not only are they beautiful, but they're functional. There’s a lifetime guarantee on the tree, sheepskin lined on the underside that will not crush overuse, the saddles are a close contact fit, have a nicely balanced and padded seat, and the fenders are pre-turned so that not as much stress is placed on your knees.

Showing is an expensive sport, and we understand bringing the best quality products to the market at a more affordable price, so you can spend more money spoiling your horse. These saddles are flashy enough for all kinds of western horse shows, from local open shows, breed shows, and even Congress or World Show competitions. There's so much to love about these saddles, and if you want to make a statement in the show arena, the Billy Royal® Platinum Saddle series offers a custom look and feel that's readily available for the right price. The quality of leather, silver, trim, and seatwork has comfort and class written all over it.

If you want to learn more about these saddles, and purchase one for yourself, you can click here to view the Billy Royal® Platinum Trifecta Sterling Show Saddle or the Billy Royal® Platinum Tacoma Silver Show Saddle, our two new gorgeous, high-quality sterling silver show saddles at a competitive price point.