Are the bugs unexpectedly bad this year? Do you have a horse that’s extra sensitive to bites? Fly sheets can defend against annoying flies, mosquitoes, and other biting pests. Today, we’ll break down some of the top fly sheets on the market for insect protection, and we’ll lay out all the information you need to find the perfect fly sheet to protect your horse from insects.

After researching and testing numerous fly sheets, Schneiders has narrowed the choices down to the top 4 fly sheets for optimal insect protection for your horse. With features such as lightweight material, UV protection, and breathability, these fly sheets offer a comfortable solution to keep pesky insects at bay. Investing in a quality fly sheet can provide relief for your horse and prevent potential health issues caused by insect bites. =

    Mosquito Mesh Fly Sheets

  1. Mosquito Mesh® Fly Sheets
  2. Keep your horse fly-free and comfortable throughout the summer months with a Mosquito Mesh® Fly Sheet. This fly sheet is designed to protect against a full range of irritating insects, including tiny gnats, by providing an impenetrable barrier through an extra-fine window screen mesh. Its superior construction ensures longevity and can handle even the most playful turnout! In addition, it provides up to 60% UV ray protection while staying cool in direct sunlight and is backed by a two-year warranty. Ensure your horse has complete insect protection this summer with the Mosquito Mesh Fly Sheet.

    Hybrid Fly Sheet

  3. Hybrid Fly Sheet
  4. Keep your horse safe and bug-free this summer with a Hybrid Fly Sheet. The fine mesh blocks even the tiniest of gnats, providing superior protection against all flying insects without compromising comfort. Made of lightweight and stay-cool materials, these fly sheets provide 80% UV protection while conforming to your horse's contours without sacrificing breathability. Not only do they offer optimal fly protection, but they're also incredibly durable and can withstand daily turnout easily. Hybrid Fly Sheets provide complete insect protection and comfort for your horse—perfect for every equestrian this season!

    Dura-Tech Interlock Mesh Zebra Fly Sheet

  5. Dura-Tech® Interlock Mesh Zebra Fly Sheet
  6. The Dura-Tech® Interlock Mesh Zebra Fly Sheet is the perfect way to keep your horse safe from annoying and harmful insects. Not only does this fly sheet feature a fun zebra print, but it is also made with 300D soft interlock mesh that offers superior protection against biting flies. Studies have shown us that the irregularity of the zebra stripes contributes to deter flies from landing on your horse, adding an extra layer of comfort and security for both you and your horse. This unique fly sheet also boasts 80% UV protection and has a nylon-lined shoulder to prevent rubbing.

    Dura-Tech Ripstop Mesh Fly Sheet with Fringe

  7. Dura-Tech® Ripstop Mesh Fly Sheet with Fringe
  8. Rest assured your horse will be well-protected from insects this fly season with the Dura-Tech® Ripstop Mesh Fly Sheet with Fringe. This fly sheet features 4" of Braided Rope Fringe to keep pesky flies away and provide an extra layer of insect protection—all while resisting fraying and ensuring full sun safety. Made with soft, reflective 300D nylon mesh fabric, this fly sheet is lightweight yet strong and helps your horse stay cool in warmer temperatures. Keep your horse safe this fly season and get the best protection against flying pests with the Dura-Tech Ripstop Mesh Fly Sheet with Fringe!

If you're searching for the best fly sheet options, head to our Fly Sheet Guide to learn more about our top recommendations and make an informed decision for your equine companion's well-being.

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