A Complete List of the Top-Selling Stable Supplies

You’ve purchased the horse tack, the grooming supplies, and a saddle pad of every color, but now where does it all go? Having the best stable supplies for your barn and tack room will help keep your equipment well organized and clean. We put a list together of our top-selling stable supplies that you NEED for your horse barn that keeps you organized, tidy, and looking good.

What Do You Need In Your Tack Room?

In your tack room, you’ll typically need various racks, baskets, and rolling carts to help you store your saddles, bridles, saddle pads, horse blankets, grooming supplies, and other horse care items. Whether you own a personal farm or boarding facility, your horse gear always tends to multiply. Being able to quickly locate the tack you are looking for helps keep you stress-free, plus a well-organized tack room is always fun to show off.

Tack Room Supplies List

Saddle Racks

  • Easy-Up® Saddle Rack with Pad Bar: The Easy-Up® Saddle Rack with Pad Bar is by far our most popular mounted saddle rack. This heavy-duty saddle rack is strong enough to hold even the heaviest saddle, and you can even choose a single or double built-in saddle pad rack. This keeps your saddle protected and your saddle pads dry.

  • Easy-Up® Car Saddle Rack Stand: This Car Saddle Rack Stand has quickly become one of our best sellers. If you travel to lessons or shows in your SUV, this saddle rack is the perfect solution to keep your saddle upright and protected during your car ride.

Tack Racks for Bridles and Halters

  • Easy-Up® Pro Series 12-Hook Spinning Bridle Rack:This portable bridle rack helps you keep up to 12 bridles organized while taking up minimum space. This rack spins, making searching for the correct bridle or halter easy. It also features a top shelf to hold boots, sprays, treats or anything you may need.

  • Easy-Up® 10 Hook Tack Rack:This classic tack rack can be easily mounted in your tack room. The 10 hooks hold your bridles, halters, leads, or other supplies you made need stored.

Saddle Pad Racks

  • Easy-Up® 10 Arm Vertical Pad Rack: It seems like we have 100's of saddle pads sometimes, making this mounted saddle pad rack the perfect addition to any tack room. The best thing about this rack is that the arms swivel independently, so you can keep your saddle pads displayed or flat against the wall to save space.

  • Easy-Up® Pro Series Swing Arm Blanket and Saddle Pad Rack: If you don’t have room in your tack room to mount a saddle pad rack, this portable option can be hung from anywhere. This is a perfect solution for organizing your saddle pads at horse shows. It includes two sets of hangers, one for the portable stall wall size and another for standard wood stall walls.

Blanket Bars

  • Easy-Up® Horsewear Bar with Tack Hangers: This blanket bar is a perfect option to mount on your stall front. You can keep your blankets, sheets, coolers, and saddle pads organized and tidy on this bar, but also the two tack hooks are a great addition for keeping your halters and leads together.

  • Easy-Up® Pro Series Rolling Blanket Hanging Rack: This portable, rolling, blanket handing rack can hold up to 12 blankets, sheets, or coolers. The best part about this blanket rack is that you can easily roll it from your tack room laundry room, barn aisle, or outside to allow blankets to air out.

Tack Baskets

  • Easy-Up® Basket & Tack Rack: This mountable basket helps keep your horse’s gear neatly organized. The wire basket is large enough to easily store brushes, spray bottles, horse boots, and more, while the hooks underneath are perfect for holding your halters and leads.

  • Easy-Up® Pro Series Stall Basket & Tack Rack: If you’re looking for a portable basket and tack rack, this stall front basket will keep your supplies organized at home or a show. The basket is deep and comes with a plastic liner to keep smaller items from falling through.

Rolling Tack Carts

  • Easy-Up® Rolling 3-Basket Cart: Our horses typically come with a variety of accessories, including boots, bathing supplies, treats, supplements, and the list goes on. This 3-Basket Cart allows you to easily organize your supplies while being able to easily roll them to the other side of the barn when needed.

  • Easy-Up® Pro Series Saddle & Tack Cart: If you’re looking for a tack cart that also holds your saddle, this tack cart is a top choice! This cart features two saddle racks that hold both English and Western saddles, 6 tack hooks, and a storage basket for your smaller items. This is the perfect cart to transport your tack at horse shows.

What Does Every Horse Barn Need?

Every horse barn needs supplies to make caring for your horses easier. You will need supplies to be able to manage manure, feed, and bath your horse, as well as various items like stall cards and guards. Although these may not be the most glamorous items to purchase, they’re necessary for successful barn ownership and horse care.

Stable Supplies List

Mucking Supplies

  • Dura-Tech® Multi-purpose Muck Cart: From hauling laundry to manure, this muck cart does it all. This muck cart is a must-have for home or travel because it is smaller and easier to maneuver than your typical wheelbarrow. This top-selling muck cart makes mucking or transporting supplies a breeze.

  • Stable Mate Smart Stable Cart: If you’re looking for a stable cart that is built for heavy-duty jobs, this cart is the one for you! It’s not only built larger to hold bigger loads, but it is also made with heavy-duty turf wheels to take on any terrain. The recommended load capacity of this cart is 600 pounds, so you can make fewer trips when mucking out stalls.

  • Dura-Tech® Platinum Manure Fork: This manure fork is designed by horsemen with durability in mind. It’s constructed with high impact, 100% plastic. It’s also cold weather resistant and virtually indestructible. It’s so durable, that we even guarantee it’s unbreakable for 5 years!

Feeding Supplies

  • Dura-Tech® Large Bucket with Hanging Arms: This feeding bucket can be hung over your stall wall or fence, allowing you to keep your horse’s grain easily accessible. This versatile feeder can be used for grain or water, with an 8-gallon capacity.

  • High Country Plastics 6 Gallon Ground Feeder: This ground feeder is one of our most popular sellers, and it is an ideal solution for outdoor feeding. The ground feeder is perfect for pasture use and has a wide enough base that keeps it from flipping.

  • Dura-Tech® Easy Load XX-Large Slow Feed Hay Bag: If you want to keep your horse occupied all day, this XX-Large Slow Feed hay bag is for you. It’s incredibly durable and easy to fill with hay. It holds up to 5 flakes of hay, with 2” holes to allow your horse to easily eat from it.

  • Easy-Up® Safety First Large Hay Rack: This hay rack is perfect if you’re looking for a more permeant hay feeding solution. It fits almost double the amount of hay as a standard model, while reducing hay loss and preventing health issues from ingesting dust, shavings, etc.

  • Pro Panel Stall Grazer® 3 in 1 Corner Horse Feeder: This 3 in 1 Corner Horse Feeder is a unique feeder that sits at ground level, allowing your horse to eat comfortably and naturally. It contains 3 compartments that hold grain, minerals, salt blocks, and hay. By keeping your hay up off the ground, you’ll keep your hay free from shavings and poo, making this feeder worth it!

Wash Stall Essentials

  • Easy-Up® Wide Diameter Hose Boom: This overhead hose boom keeps your hoses off the ground and makes it easy to wash both sides of your horse. This hose boom is compatible with all standard-size hoses and the arm adjusts to meet the dimensions of most wash stalls.

  • Schneiders Heavy Duty 50' Expandable Hose: This popular expandable hose is one of our heaviest duty horses. Even though this hose expands up to 50’, it shrinks to half the size when not in use, making it easy to store in smaller areas.

Other Stable Supplies That Make Life Easier

  • Plexiglass Stall Information Card: This stall information card keeps your horse’s important information handy in both English and Spanish. On this card, you can keep track of their feeding information, as well as emergency contacts - perfect to keep on your stall at home or away at shows.

  • Dura-Tech® Stall Guard Chain: Whether you’re at a horse show or home, sometimes it’s nice to open your stall door and let your horse see the barn. This stall guard is durable and versatile and can be used safely alone or with a mesh stall guard.

  • Easy-Up® Fan Holder: When the weather warms up, you need to keep a fan on your horse. This lightweight fan holder will hold any standard box fan, so you don’t have to struggle with zip ties or straps.