The Ultimate Valentines Day Gift Guide for the Horse Lover in Your Life

This Valentine’s Day, the equestrian in your life may have not only been bitten by the love bug, but also the horse bug. Trust me, the horse bug is way more serious. Buying Valentine’s Day gift for the horse lover in your life might seem tough, but we’re going to make it easier for you this holiday season.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Buying Horsey-Gifts is fun, and we made it easy for you!

As you may have learned, the person in your life may have “different” expectations for gifts. They love chocolate, but also treats for their horse. They love fuzzy socks, but also super soft coolers. Bottom line, they’re practical and usually put their horse first. To help you put your horse-lover first, we put together a list of 10 gifts that will certainly make your horse lover swoon!

10 Valentine's Day Gifts for the Horse Lover in Your Life

    Studd Muffins Horse Treats

  1. Studd Muffins
  2. Yes, your horse lover may enjoy chocolate, but they also love to spoil their horse rotten with horse treats. Stud Muffins are not only a witty present for the occasion, but your equestrian and their horse are certainly going to appreciate them.

    Hay Ball Feeder

  3. Hay Ball Feeder
  4. Nothing is quite more enjoyable than watching your horse have fun with horse toys. This Valentine’s Day gift your horse lover with the gift that keeps on giving. This hay ball feeder is a great gift that provides your horse lover’s horse with play challenges and entertainment, without the need for additional treats or feed.

    Fully Padded Nylon Halter

  5. Dura-Tech® Deluxe Fully Padded Nylon Halter
  6. Horse lovers always need a fresh new halter, and this Dura-Tech® Deluxe Fully Padded Nylon Halter is the perfect one. It’s not only designed for maximum comfort, but it comes in many different sizes and colors with customizable option.

    Billy Royal Belmont Leather Halter

  7. Billy Royal® Belmont Leather Halter
  8. Want to get your horse lover a new halter, but maybe one that is a little fancier? Gifting a leather halter, with a personalized name plate, is a perfect way to tell someone that they (and their horse) are special. This topnotch triple stitched halter is crafted from top grain Grade A leather using dependable solid brass hardware and sized to perfection.

    Dura-Tech Nylon Lead Rope

  9. Dura-Tech® 10' Nylon Lead Rope
  10. Every new halter needs a new lead rope. This lead rope is soft and made of durable round braided nylon and polypropylene, and a perfect gift to “keep you connected” with your horse lover.

    Brass Bridle Halter Name Tag

  11. Brass Bridle & Halter Name Tag
  12. A great personal gift you can give your horse lover is a personalized bridle and halter name tag. Customize this with their horse’s name and add this on their halter and bridle to show just how special they are.

    Dura-Tech Polar Fleece Cooler

  13. Dura-Tech® Polar Fleece Dress Sheet with Braid
  14. Like I said earlier, one thing equestrians love more than fuzzy socks are soft coolers. This Polar Fleece Dress Sheet with Braid is a great gift that will add elegance to their horse’s wardrobe. Customization options are available for that added special touch. Don't forget to add the leg straps!

    Ariat Ladies Real Outlaw Vest

  15. Ariat® Ladies Real Outlaw Vest
  16. Now that you’ve added to their horse’s wardrobe, now you can add to their own wardrobe. This Outlaw vest is a comfy gift made for tough outdoor jobs. You see the hard work they put in at the barn, now it’s time to gift them with some stylish comfort in return.

    Ovation Zocks Boot Socks

  17. Ovation® Zocks Boot Socks
  18. An equestrian can never have too many socks, especially funky ones. Gift your horse lover with the most lightweight, comfortable knee-high riding socks that fit like a second skin, don't bunch up and let tall boots slide right on. Loud colors, wild designs and zany patterns add to the fun of wearing these socks.

    Dura-Tech X-Large Grooming Tote

  19. Dura-Tech® X-Large Universal Grooming Tote
  20. Last, but certainly not least, is a grooming tote that’s large enough to hold any necessity. This is a perfect gift to help your equestrian keep all their grooming supplies organized and easy to transport. This grooming bag will be loved by your horse-lover, and they’ll thank you for it with each use.

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