2023 All American Quarter Horse Congress Design Contest

Do you want to be a part of an over 40 year tradition? Enter for a chance to have your design on the official trophy jacket for the 2023 Quarter Horse Congress!

Our company has been the official supplier of commemorative apparel for the world's largest horse show for the last 40 years. Each class winner during the prestigious show receives a trophy jacket emblazoned with a large logo that is unique each year and includes the year, name of the show, horse imagery, or symbolism. The top professional and amateur competitors (women, men, and youth) in the Quarter Horse industry will win and wear these jackets with pride.

Design Brief

Congress Jacket Designs

Please use Pantone values. We are open to any color palette, but please keep the number of colors used to 8.

Please include the entire name: 2023 All American Quarter Horse Congress. "Congress" of all the words should make the most impact. This logo will be on the back of a black jacket at its largest (the working area is approx 10"-12" square), but the final design does not have to be square in proportion - it can also be landscape orientation. (the design will sit below that line of stitching/seam on the back of the coat, and it will also be repeated in a small patch on the left front chest and the front of a ball cap. The winning designer will be compensated for their design as well as any additional designs used for apparel or future jackets. This year's winner would be compensated with either $500 or a jacket from the 2023 Congress with their design.

The logo should be in vector format, simple enough in design that it can be digitized for embroidery, and downsized down to 3" for smaller applications. Please avoid gradients, and keep the number of colors in the design to no more than 8, but we are open to all color palettes. The horse breed to reference is the American Quarter Horse. We are seeking a fresh look and can't wait to see your design!

Submit Your Design: September 20th - October 7th
Vote For Your Winners: October 14th - 21st