It’s officially fall, which means jack o’lanterns, candy, and our favorite, costume contests. With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time you start thinking about your horse and rider costume. Besides, what is better than dressing up WITH your horse?

To help inspire your Halloween fits this year, we asked our customers to submit their best costumes! We narrowed down the entries and had you vote for your favorite horse and rider costumes! Below, we listed the Top 10 winners.

The Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Horse and Rider for 2023

    🏆 Champion Winner

  1. Back to the Ice Age: The Adventures of Caveman and Mammoth

  2. Horse Costume - Mammoth

    Submitted by: Lia Calderone

    🥈 Reserve Champion Winner

  3. Plowing in Style: Farmers Ride Their Equine Tractor

  4. Horse Costume - Farmers and Tractors

    Submitted by: Holly Wilson

  5. Creepy AND Kooky: Wednesday Addams and Cousin IT

  6. Horse Costume - Wednesday and Cousin IT

    Submitted by: Angie Schulmeister

  7. MOO-ving Fast Food: Chick-Fil-A Employee and Their Trust Cow

  8. Horse Costume - Eat More Chicken

    Submitted by: Alex Belton

  9. Deep-Sea Adventure: Scuba Diver Riding a Shark

  10. Horse Costume - Shark and Scuba Divers

    Submitted by: Amy Kerr

  11. Cruella de Vil's Unconventional Ride: Dalmatian Steed

  12. Horse Costume - Cruella and her Dalmatian

    Submitted by: Ann Thom

    Recreate the look: Achieve the spots with this Magnetic Sheet.

  13. Barbie's Perfect Day: Spending Time with her Beloved Horse

  14. Horse Costume - Barbie

    Submitted by: Brittaney Gantz

  15. Building Bonds: Construction Worker and Trusty Construction Zone Steed

  16. Horse Costume - Construction

    Submitted by: Ginger Murphy

    Recreate the look: Achieve the construction zone loook with this Orange Turnout Sheet.

  17. Feathers and Freedom: Eagle Rider and the Living American Flag

  18. Horse Costume - America Pride

    Submitted by: Heidi Daugherty

  19. In the Realm of Imagination: Dragon Tamer and Her Enchanted Dragon Horse

  20. Horse Costume - Girl and Dragon

    Submitted by: Stefanie Stuckey

    Recreate the look: Create your own dragon with this Purple Slicker.

Happy Halloween from Schneiders

Don't forget to tag us in all of your Halloween costumes this year! We would love to share them.