Why Invest in a Quality Saddle Rack

We sometimes spend thousands to buy the best saddles for our horses. After all, we want our horses to be comfortable for every ride along with us! But it’s not enough to buy the perfect saddle; keeping your saddles clean and organized is essential to the lifespan of this very important tack. Keeping your saddles off the ground and organized keeps them from getting dirty or creatures from building nests or destroying the leather. It also prevents others from stepping on your saddle or abusing them by kicking them out of the way or piling more tack and gear on top of them.

Another important reason for keeping saddles on saddle racks is that it preserves the saddle integrity. Saddle racks are made to keep your saddle from getting misshapen or flexed inappropriately. Have you ever seen someone put those wooden shoe trees in their leather shoes? They do that to keep the shoes in the right form for their feet without marring the leather. Racks work similarly; they preserve the form of the saddle so that it continues to fit appropriately on your horse. All of this means your saddle will last for years to come. In addition, saddle racks keep your tack room or area neat and tidy!

Different Types of Saddle Racks

Saddle Stands

Saddle stands are a great way to protect your valuable saddle while displaying it. Saddle stands come in folding styles that are easy to put away in small storage spaces, anchored to a wall, or portable enough to move as you do. These stands can come in multi-rack or one-rack options and can include spaces for your tack. Selecting the right stand for you starts with you deciding how many racks you will need.

Wall-Mounted Saddle Racks

Wall-mounted saddle racks are a great way to keep your saddles organized while off the floor. Wall-mounted saddle racks can be hung onto stall or trailer walls, maximizing the space at home or on the road. Some racks include swing-out saddle racks or saddle racks that fold away discreetly when not in use.

Portable Saddle Racks

Portable saddle racks are great when you don't have much wall space, a small tack room, or a place to put your saddles near your stall. These racks are easily customizable to fit wherever and whatever you need. These racks can be stationary, fold down, or swivel to feed your needs. They can also have heavy-duty wheels that make it easy for you to move your saddles around easily.

Wooden Saddle Racks

Wooden saddle racks add an authentic touch to any stable, as they fit in with the wooden interior without sacrificing durability. They are affordable, easy to use, and popular for grooming stalls, hallways, and cross-tie areas. Our wooden saddle racks are easy to install and beautifully finished with metals like steel or brass. They can even fold away sometimes, making the most out of any space.

Saddle Carts

Saddle carts are a great solution when you are trying to get your tack between your trailer, the stable, and the show. No longer having to carry heavy tack and gear around by hand, these racks are sturdy enough to carry saddles, grooming gear, and all types of tack. The durable wheels on these cards keep you moving smoothly across gravel or other terrain while keeping your tack secure.

13 of the Best Saddle Racks Available on the Market

    Easy-Up Portable Multi Saddle Racks

  1. Easy-Up® Portable Multi Saddle Racks
  2. This portable multi-saddle rack is the perfect solution to save space in your tack room, whether at home or a show. It effortlessly holds English or Western saddles while leaving plenty of room to move around your tack room. This portable saddle rack solution is available in three or four-tier units to hold all of your saddles. Designed for quick assembly and disassembly, this rack is ready to move wherever you want and need.

    Best for: English and Western saddles. Perfect for any tack room, large or small.

    Easy-Up Pro Interchangeable Saddle and Tack Stand With Custom Options

  3. Easy-Up® Pro Interchangeable Saddle and Tack Stand With Custom Options
  4. This interchangeable saddle and tack stand maximizes your space and customizes your storage. Build your own tack system for whatever you need! Start with a heavy-duty freestanding rack, then add on the saddle, bridle, and saddle pad racks to create the perfect storage system. This system can hold up to six saddle racks and has six pad racks, which can hold five pads each. The frame is made of 2-inch steel, and the mounting arms are made of 1 ½ inch by 1-inch steel making this a durable option. The gray armor rust-resistant finish keeps this stand looking great year after year!

    Best for: English and Western saddles and riders needing tack storage options.

    Easy-Up Car Saddle Rack Stand

  5. Easy-Up® Car Saddle Rack Stand
  6. Are you on the go and need to keep your saddle safe and secure? This saddle rack stand for your car is the perfect solution. Protect your saddle with this stand that will keep your saddle upright and supported during car rides of any length. The rack will fit both English and Western saddles. It's lightweight and portable, and the plastic caps on the ends will not scratch any surfaces in your car. Made from black powder-coated metal, this rack is easily assembled and ready to go whenever you are!

    Best for: English and Western riders traveling to lessons or shows with their car.

    Easy-Up Saddle Rack With Pad Bar

  7. Easy-Up® Saddle Rack With Pad Bar
  8. Keep your saddle with your saddle pad, in perfect organization, with this saddle rack with pad bar. The rack comes in vinyl-coated steel and holds the saddle while allowing the pad to air dry without touching your saddle. This is especially great for those days when you wash your saddle pads or your horses are extra sweaty! The heavy-duty rack is made to hold both Western and English saddles of all shapes and sizes. Mount this rack with a single or double pad rack option, or purchase the portable version with a single pad rack.

    Best for: English and western saddles and keeping your saddle pads clean and dry. With the options of one-pad or two-pad bars, it is perfect for any space in your barn with wall storage.

    Easy-Up English Euro Collapsible Saddle Rack

  9. Easy-Up® English Euro Collapsible Saddle Rack
  10. This collapsible saddle rack is designed to keep your English saddles safe and out of the way. The heavy-duty 17 1/2-inch rod features a built-in bridle and tack hook and conveniently fits into the gullet of your English saddle. The wings on the bar ensure your saddle remains stable and prevent tilting. It can easily be mounted on stall fronts, tack room walls, or horse trailers. When not in use, simply fold down to maximize your available space.

    Best for: English saddles, great for stall fronts, tack rooms, or horse trailers.

    Easy-Up Space Saving Mounted Saddle Rack

  11. Easy-Up® Space Saving Mounted Saddle Rack
  12. This popular saddle rack is modified in a unique sideways design for space-saving in your tack room. It fits any type of saddle from English to Western, and multiple mounted saddle racks can be stacked above each other for even more space-saving advantages! This rack mounts easily to the wall with the included hardware and is made with a 95° upward angle for long-lasting weight support. The protective plastic cap on the front of the rack adds safety around horses, and it's made from strong tubular steel, meaning this rack will last for years to come.

    Best for: The ultimate in space-saving for your tack room wall storage. Best for English and Western saddles.

    Easy-Up Pro Series Saddle Rack with Horseshoe Bridle Hanger

  13. Easy-Up® Pro Series Saddle Rack with Horseshoe Bridle Hanger
  14. This rack upgrades your tack room setup with the beautiful horseshoe bridle hanger. Made with a solid steel frame, it can effortlessly hold the lightest English saddle to the heaviest Western saddle. It stays securely mounted on the wall with a mounting plate and welded support wedge.

    Best for: English and western saddles, provides style and functionality to any wall storage space in your barn.

    Easy-Up Pro Series 3 Tier Saddle Rack on Wheels

  15. Easy-Up® Pro Series 3 Tier Saddle Rack on Wheels
  16. This saddle rack on wheels effortlessly transports and stores your English and Western saddles. Wherever you need to take your saddles, you don't have to worry about navigating parking lots or uneven surfaces with the heavy-duty 10-inch all-terrain wheels. Assembly is easy with the included hardware, making assembly a breeze!

    Best for: Riders who need a reliable way to transport and store saddles, and perfect for home or shows. Great for English and Western saddles.

    Easy-Up Collapsible Wooden Saddle Rack

  17. Easy-Up® Collapsible Wooden Saddle Rack
  18. This collapsible wooden saddle rack marries simple construction with durability and strength. This rack complements any barn with its natural colors and is finished with a durable steel hook. The rack folds down when not in use, making space a non-issue. It also helps with safety, as when it's not in use, you never have to worry about bumping into it or snagging your shirt on it. This rack easily mounts with one eye screw and measures 18 inches long.

    Best for: English and Western saddles and tack rooms with wall storage space.

    Berlin Brass and Wood Fancy Saddle Racks

  19. Berlin Brass and Wood Fancy Saddle Racks
  20. These racks make your saddles look like they are floating in midair and achieve the upscale looks from the magazines. These durable and beautifully designed racks are made with solid brass framing and polished, lacquered 100% wood grain overlay. Specifically designed for English saddles. Mounting hardware is included for easy installation!

    Best for: English saddles and tack rooms with wall storage space.

    Easy-Up Wooden Wall Mounted Saddle and Bridle Rack

  21. Easy-Up® Wooden Wall Mounted Saddle and Bridle Rack
  22. This wooden wall-mounted saddle and the bridal rack are a beautiful addition to any tack room. The rack is made from stained wood and features a convenient dome-crowned bridal rack to hang English bridles. The dome-shaped crown bridle rack fits wide and mono-crown English bridals, and the front lip keeps bridles from sliding off. Pre-drilled mounting holes make this easy to install! The 24-inch long and 4-inch wide, with 5 and 3/4 in long sides, easily support your saddle.

    Best for: Keeping your English saddles up off the ground and hanging your bridles.

    Easy-Up Pro Series Saddle and Tack Cart

  23. Easy-Up® Pro Series Saddle and Tack Cart
  24. This saddle cart is perfect for transporting and holding show equipment. The two reinforced saddle racks hold English saddles and Western saddles. The convenient lower storage basket and six tack hooks along the back of the frame can handle all the tack and gear you need to haul. Plus, it maneuvers easily across all types of terrain, with 10-inch solid rubber tires and swivel caster wheels in the front. The frame is made of 1-inch square tubing and 3/8-inch steel rods to provide the extra support and durability you need for daily wear and tear.

    Best for: Taking to shows, smaller tack rooms, and places where tack rooms aren't available. English and Western saddles.

    Easy-Up Folding Saddle Rack on Wheels

  25. Easy-Up® Folding Saddle Rack on Wheels
  26. This folding saddle rack on wheels is one of the most popular saddle racks sold on wheels! Designed for English and Western saddles, this portable rack effortlessly supports tack wherever needed. It has a 7/8 inch heavy-duty tubing and is built to last. Plus, with 8-inch diameter all-terrain wheels and a 9 and 3/4 inch drop-down handle, you can easily maneuver your saddle anywhere you need. Store extra gear on the heavy-duty webbing straps at the bottom. It's even collapsible for storage when not in use.

    Best for: English and Western saddles. Perfect for going to shows, small tack rooms, or when you don't have a tack room to store your saddles.

Keeping your saddles on saddle racks looks great, showcases your organization skills, and preserves your saddle's integrity for the long haul.