Attending horse shows can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. Knowing what you need for your horse show set-up ahead of time can make planning, packing, and set-up a breeze on arrival day. Find out the best horse show set-up ideas and tack stall organization hacks with this helpful guide to prepare you for your next horse show.

What Do You Need For a Horse Show Set-Up?

For a horse show set-up, you’ll need drapes, banners, trunks, tables, chairs, decorations, and more to make your space pop. If you have ever attended a popular horse show then you have likely seen the displays that trainers and show barns will set up at their stabling location. These horse show supplies vary from simple signs or banners to elaborate seating areas with plants, tables, and furniture. We’ve put together this helpful list of everything you need with these horse show set-up ideas:

  1. Stall Drapes and Banners - Showcase your brand with stall drapes and banners in your farm colors. With many options from simple banners to drapes that are sized to fit most temporary stalls used at horse shows, you can create a custom layout that fits your style at budget.

  2. Chairs and Tables - Folding director-style chairs are easy to store in your horse trailer while looking great in your farm colors with the option to add your farm name embroidered for that extra touch. Folding chairs and tables are always appreciated on those long show days.

  3. Tack Trunks - Make transporting your gear between shows easier while keeping your things secure and organized. Some barns will opt for matching tack trunks including wooden or vinyl front custom trunks that can be made in specific colors or color combinations. These are a great touch to take your barn to the next level of professionalism.

  4. Plants and Flowers - Don’t forget to add some flowers like potted plants, hanging baskets, or even small shrubs. Sometimes local nurseries will rent plants out, or if you purchase them, you can enjoy them at home after the show!

  5. Sponsorship Banners - If you are a sponsored rider, displaying banners for your sponsors is a great way to give them extra exposure while adding credibility to your business or stable.

The Extras That Make Your Horse Show Set-Up Pop!

Once you have your main display area set up at your stalls, now comes the time to add in those little details that really make your set-up stand out and feel like a home-away-from-home.

  1. Decorations - Showcase your own personal style by adding things such as baskets filled with carrots, equestrian magazines, throw pillows, and photos showing off your horses/riders and their successes.

  2. Ribbons - Why not show off those hard-earned ribbons? Hanging ribbons from either your banner or having a string or twine draped across your stall-front or curtains is popular at horse shows.

  3. Coolers or Awards - If you have won prizes such as coolers, saddle pads, or trophies, this can be a fun way to display some of those as well.

Danny Moguel Horse Show Tack Stall

Danny Moguel, 5* eventer, proudly showcases her team tack room decorated with Schneiders products.

Tips for Horse Show Tack Stall Organization

So, you’ve made your stall entrance look beautiful and welcoming. What about the tack room? We all know what it’s like to wait around for your class to start and then have a mad-dash to get tacked up and to the ring. When minutes count, making sure your tack, numbers, and clothing are well-organized and ready to go are important. Here are some great options for affordable horse show tack stall organization:

  1. Saddle and Bridle Racks - Keeping your saddles and bridles organized and easily accessible is the first step to having an organized tack stall. There are a wide variety of portable saddle racks, saddle stands, and bridle racks that come in numerous styles and options that will work for any sized show barn and budget while being easy to assemble.

  2. Clothing Racks - Keeping your show clothes clean and up off the floor will help you maintain a professional look when entering the show ring. With clothing racks and shelves that are free-standing or can hang over stall walls, you can keep your clothes dust, dirt, and wrinkle free.

  3. Saddle and Bridle Bags - Make it easier to organize your tack while traveling with a saddle bag and bridle bag. These protect your saddles and tack while traveling, carrying them to the barn, or waiting to show.

  4. Gear Bags - Keep your riding equipment together in one place, clean, tidy, and free of dust and stains with gear bags designed to carry everything from saddle pads to boots.

Keeping the Horse Show Running Smooth

Having a pretty display area and neat and tidy tack room organization at horse shows won’t help if you don’t stay on top of the schedule or have your paperwork ready to go. These simple options can make your day run smoother and eliminate headaches on show day:

  1. White Boards - Use a dry-erase board to help you keep track of the show schedule and to-do list each day so nothing is forgotten between grooms, riders, braiders, and horse owners.

  2. Bulletin or Magnetic Board - Keep your show schedule, course maps, or patterns in one place. This way everyone knows exactly where to find the valuable information they need.

  3. Document Folder - Keep copies of each horse’s records such as Coggins test, health certificates, registration numbers, entry forms, and checks in one place will make your arrival day easier.

  4. Baskets for Numbers and More - Keep a basket handy for back numbers, hair nets, spurs, ear-plugs, boot polish, and those other small items you always need to grab in a hurry can keep everyone on your team ready at a moment's notice!

With these tips, you will be well on your way to having not only a great-looking horse show set-up but the ability to keep your horses, riders, grooms, trainers, and horse-show Moms and Dads where they need to be and on time! Good luck at your next show!