A well-designed wash stall can make bathing your horse efficient, safe, and enjoyable for both horse and owner. This guide explores the essential supplies needed for a functional horse wash stall, ranging from location considerations to the finer details and supplies.

What is a wash stall for horses?

A wash stall is typically an area in your barn or outside the barn where you can tie or cross-tie your horse with access to a hose for bathing your horse and other needs such as cold-hosing legs, washing water buckets, or rinsing off supplies. There is usually a drain to prevent standing water. Wash stalls for horses can be designed to meet your basic needs or more elaborate with heaters.

Building a Functional Horse Barn Wash Stall

When building a functional horse barn wash stall, there are a few key elements that you need to decide on. Where it will be located, what size it will be, your drainage and lighting options, flooring, and if you will have electrical outlets or heaters added. From there, you can add accessories and wash stall supplies to suit your needs.

How big should a horse wash stall be?

If you’ve been wondering how big a horse wash stall should be, most wash stalls are at least 8 feet wide and 10 to 12 feet deep. This ensures both horse and handler safety, allowing the horse to move comfortably and the groom to access all parts of the horse.

What must you consider when building a wash stall?

Some of the most important features when building a wash stall are the materials used in the design. Choose waterproof and easy-to-clean materials for wash-stall walls. Concrete blocks painted with waterproof sealant or fiberglass-reinforced panels are excellent options. Avoid metal panels as they can rust, stay cold, and create noise when sprayed with water that may spook your horse.

Proper Drainage System

Proper drainage is essential to prevent flooding and maintain a clean environment. A one-inch per 6-foot slope is recommended to facilitate water movement without causing stress to horses' tendons. Install a grate over your floor drain for concrete floors to prevent clogs from manure and horsehair.

Non-Slip Flooring

The flooring of your wash stall plays a significant role in safety. Seamless, poured-rubber flooring with a nonslip coating or high-quality stall mats over a well-draining cement floor are ideal choices. These options provide a safer environment for horses and make cleaning and maintenance easier, reducing the risk of bacteria and mold.

Adequate Lighting

Install sealed, waterproof lighting enclosures on the walls rather than directly overhead to reduce shadows. Adequate lighting ensures visibility while bathing, especially when removing yellow manure stains!

Water Supply and Temperature Control

In cold climates, a frost-free hydrant is necessary. Invest in heavy-duty hoses, keeping them away from hooves to prolong their lifespan. Consider an overhead hose boom or a storage hook to keep hoses organized and out of the way. Adding hot water will make for more comfortable baths for your horse. Consider a tankless heater for efficiency and cost savings in the long run, or use a portable water-heating system like The InstaHot® unit for hot water when needed!

Safe Electrical Outlets

Safety should be a top priority in your wash stall design. Ensure that a licensed electrician does all wiring. You can also add heaters to your wash stall to help keep horses warm and comfortable.

9 Supplies You Need for Your Wash Stall

    Insta-Hot Pro Portable Horse Washing System

  1. Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Horse Washing System
  2. The Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Horse Washing System will allow your horse's baths to be up to 96°F warmer - no more cold baths! The Insta-Hot® Pro Portable Washing System allows you to give warm baths anywhere, anytime, and in just a matter of seconds! It's an inexpensive, easy, and portable solution for safer, stress-free warm-water horse bathing. The unit connects to your own portable propane tank allowing you to use it anywhere you have a water hook up!

    Kalglo Electric Radiant Infrared Heater

  3. Kalglo® Electric Radiant Infrared Heater
  4. Stay warm, and save energy, time, and labor with this radiant infrared heater that is perfect for wash racks and tack areas. With no open flame and a large heat pattern, this heather uses infrared rays to heat the space directly below it rather than the air around it. This heater comes ready to use, with no expensive plumbing costs or necessary routine maintenance needed.

    Easy-Up Wide Diameter Hose Boom

  5. Easy-Up® Wide Diameter Hose Boom
  6. This overhead hose boom mounts easily in wash stalls and has larger diameter tubing to be compatible with all standard-size hoses, and the boom arm adjusts and extends to meet the dimensions of most wash stalls. The hose boom swivels 180° overhead, so the hose is always safely off the ground, and the user can easily move to each side of the horse!

    Schneiders Heavy Duty Expandable Hoses

  7. Schneiders® Heavy Duty Expandable Hoses
  8. Our heaviest duty, hardest working expandable hose. The triple-ply latex core adds durability along with the tough, ballistic nylon outer with brass fittings. Both length options, 50' and 100', are easy to store in compact areas as the hose shrinks in size once the water stops flowing. You can toss this in a bucket to stick in your trailer without wasting much space!

    Easy-Up Utility Metal Hose Holder

  9. Easy-Up® Utility Metal Hose Holder
  10. A simple and easy-to-use hose holder. Use it at home on a wall or a pasture fence, or take it to shows to keep your hose off the ground. This is a must-have for every wash stall!

    Electro-Groom Vacuum

  11. Electro-Groom Vacuum
  12. Sometimes you may not have time to bathe your horse or wait for them to dry. This powerful vacuum will remove dirt, loose hair, dandruff, and odor leaving the natural oils in the coat for a beautiful, shiny look. You can also use this as a powerful blower to speed up drying time after bathing!

    Dura-Tech Deluxe Safety No Chew Cross Tie

  13. Dura-Tech® Deluxe Safety No Chew Cross Tie
  14. Discourage chewing and prevent rope damage with this safety no-chew cross tie. The exclusive design features a no-chew PVC pipe and unbreakable mountain climbing rope with adjustable slide hardware, which sets the length and offers enough give if the horse panics.

    Schneiders Power Wash Sprayer with Soap Dispenser

  15. Schneiders® Power Wash Sprayer with Soap Dispenser
  16. Speed up your bathing efficiency with this all-in-one hose attachment. It features multiple pressure settings, a removable soap dispenser to fill with your favorite soap or shampoo, and the ability to easily switch from water-only to soap with just the turn of a dial.

    Easy-Up Pro Extra Large Mounted Groom Room Rack

  17. Easy-Up® Pro Extra Large Mounted Groom Room Rack
  18. These heavy-duty mounted grooming rack baskets are strong enough to hold all of your shampoo and conditioner bottles, sponges, and bathing supplies, keeping them handy in your horse wash stall!

Elevate your horse wash stall with top-rated supplies. We have everything you need for a stress-free and efficient horse wash stall. Shop now for the ultimate grooming experience!